Your Love Story Part2

Okay! Weolcoms back to Your Love story! There are three guys in this story...-Ivan, the badboy millionaire, Mikyle, the sensitive And understanding one, and Brenon, the countryboy that has been your friend for as long as you can remember..

Okay, so the story is formatted differently then some of the other choice love stories..please comment on how you think of it! Truly, I was getting sick and tired of only being able to type 1,000 characters... So basically, I wanted more writing room... Enjoy, KBlue

Created by: KBlue

  1. Story with Ivan, questions 4 & 5, Story with Mikyle, questions 6 & 7, story with Brenon 8 & 9
  2. _-_-_-_-_-Ivan-_-_-_-_- you smile, and follow him out of the airport. He leads you through the parkinglot, to a sleek black 2012 Pagani Huayra with butterfly doors. Your eyes widen, realizing-This guy is filthy rich!! You notice that you haven't moved from where you spotted it, and so did Ivan. He noticed you weren't following and turns his head to you, "c'mon, don't be shy." he said teasing you with another one of those smiles. You shuffle forward, and he takes your bags for you, and puts them in the trunk. He pushes a button on his keychain, and the doors open. You watch in awe, and carefully get in-afraid of breaking something. Ivan hops in, presses another button-that made the doors come down- and starts the engine. It brings back memories of the car races your dad took you to, the roaring of the engines, the smell of exaust, it was you and your dad's pastime when you were little. You are broken out of your daydream to the sound of Ivan's voice "hey, ---, I have to stop by somewhere before I drop you of, is that okay?"
  3. No matter which one you pick, you say yes. A few minutes later, Ivan turns on the radio, and starts to sing along. You watch him, absorbing his beautiful singing voice. For the brute he appeared on the outside-the ear peircings, tattoos, mohawk, scar zigzagging down his right cheek- he had an amazing voice. You listen, realizing that he hits every note and pitch just right-like he sings the song. After 10 minutes of Ivan's singing, and driving, he pulls up to a chain of music buildings-guitar stores, drum replacement, recording studio- and stops. He gets out, and tells you that you can come with him if you wanted. You say yes, and get out of the car, and start following him. Thinking he would go to one of the instrument stores, you slowed when you guys were in front of one, and got embarrassed everytime he didn't go in. Then, the unexpected happened. Ivan led you to the recording studio, and held the glass door open for you. You stop as you enter the building, realizing something. Ivan, not knowing you stopped, bumped into you again. "whoops sorry." he says and goes to pass you, but you gently grab his arm. Ivan squinted, "everything alright?" you nodd and reply "your Ivan Washington aren't you?" (end of Ivan part 2)
  4. -_-_-_-_-Mikyle-_-_-_-_- So, you wait and wait until the lunch bell rings. You rush out, and meet Mikyle in the parking lot. The two of you agreed to walk there-since it was just down the street. So, you two start your stroll together, an awkward silence hanging between you. You decide to take it down by asking an age old question,-" what's your favorite color?"
  5. Mikyle gives you a look that says -why the hell did you ask that?-, but he smiled a small smile "uhh I like purple." (purple yea!) you think, and smile. "umm, you?" he asks. You think and it strikes "I like purple too." he smiles "awesome" As you two approach the restaurant, he opens the door for you, and you head in. You sit at a booth, and flip through a menu. The two of you order, and the waiter brings your fold back 10 minutes later. As you eat your burger, you notice Mikyle picking at his (maybe he's not hungry..) By the time you're done -which took you a long time- Mikyle has barely touched his food "Mikyle?" you asked, "you okay?" he nods and pulls his wallet out. You put a hand on his "it's on me, don't worry." he nods his head again, and puts it away. The waiter returns with your ticket, you pay, and leave with Mikyle. As you two are walking Mikyle mumbles something. "what?" you asked. "---, I need to tell you something." he steps in front of you, making you stop. Your hand inches towards your purse, and grabs the pepper spray, you never knew, Mikyle could be a predator. "what?" you ask shakily. He hesitates, but grabs the front of his shirt and pulls the bottom to his chin. You gasped, wide eyed. Mikyle was all skin and bones. You could see the ribs clearly, and the starting of his hips. You also noticed that his face was extremely pale, and hollow. "m-miklye.." you stuttered "w-what happened to you?" (end of Mikyle part 2)
  6. _-_-_-_-_-Brenon-_-_-_-_- the two of you head into the restaurant, and grab a booth. You two catch up-it has been about 5 years since you've seen him. As you two converse, you take in his features-shaggy, shiny black hair that he had to keep flipping out of the way, light blue eyes with a dark ting around the irises, slightly tanned skin... You were interrupted by the sound of his voice "---?" he asked, "huh?" you reply, snapped out of your state. "you alright?" he asked. You nod, "yea, just tired I guess..." "that big trip wore you out, eh?" he asked, smiling. You nod, and he continues "I'll take you to my place then." you nod, an the two of you stand up, and go out the door.
  7. You two hop into his beatup-old-pickup and head towards his house. He speaks of the farmhouse that you had grown up in-it burned to the ground over last summer. You get a little emotional, but relieved when he says that he got your father out before he burned with it. He recites the whole story just in time to pull up in his driveway- He gets out. You hesitate, and also get out, running right into him. Brenon held you in a tight embrace (very rare for Brenon to give hugs.) After a few minutes of hugging, Brenon's lips tickle your ear "I missed you ---, please don't leave again." You pull back to look at your best friend "I won't." you whisper back, and he hugs you tighter. He ends the hug, looking into your eyes. "---?" he asks "yes?" you reply. "I've been wanting to tell you something for awhile..." (end of Brenon part2)
  8. So I hope you enjoyed Your Love Story Part2 story this time :) Part 3 coming soon!
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