Hogwarts Is Such A Complicating Place... Part 1

Hey guys, this is a Hogwarts romance story so I hope you like it. This is my second quiz series so check out Love Complications Part 1 and 2. I'm so sorry for any spelling mistakes and the results may add more detail (depending who you get) than is actually on the quiz. Thanks so much I love you all (as a friend).

This goes from year 3 to 8 because 1 and 2 is way too early to date or get any good material. ______ means your name and _____ ______ means your name and last name, Ms. _____ means your last name. Mmmmk? You look like whatever you want to look like. Anyway hope you like it. You can get Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter, Ron Weasly, Fred & George Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Oliver Wood and Draco Malfoy. Enjoy.

Created by: Bluebird
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  1. It's your first day at hogwarts! YAY! Who doesn't love this school? Anyway, Read the top, I write it so you can read it.
  2. 'My third year. Transfering to hogwarts. Yay... I hope I make heaps of friends,' you think to yourself as you walk into the train station. You look on your ticket. Platform 9 3/4, what a wierd name for a platform. Anyway you walk to platform 9 and 10 and run through. Finally the train. The Hogwarts Express. You hop aboard and look for a place to sit. Your thoughts...
  3. You're one of the first people on the train so you choose an empty carriage. You pull out your ipod and listen to any song of your choice. *This doesn't count I just want to know*
  4. Anyway, you're listening to your ipod when some people knock on your carriage door. You pause your ipod and put it away in your pocket. "Yea." They opened the door, "Can we sit here? Everywhere else is full." "Yea, sure." In come... *drum roll* Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. You might not know anyone else here but you know Hermione. She's a family friend and a good friend of yours. "OMG! Hermione." "Oh my god! ______!" You got up and hugged each other but fell to the floor as the train started moving. You both laughed. You got up and sat on one of the actual seats. "It's nice to se you again Athena." "You too Euterpe (pronounced: yu-terp. Well I think that's it)." You too laughed again. "What's so funny and what are those names?" "Isn't Athena the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy and Euterpe is the muse of music." You turn and see Neville Longbottom at the door of the carriage. "_____ this is Neville Longbottom, Neville, ______." "Hey." Said Neville. "Someone knows their greek mythology." Was all the reply you gave him. "What does that have to do with Hermione and ______?" Ron asked. "Well obviously I'm very smart and ______ loves music. We chose our nicknames as greek goddesses and muses because we thought they would be unique and we love greek mythology." "I bet you do Hermione." Said Neville, "Anyway I got to go. I'll see you guys later." So Neville left.
  5. "I'm going to go get changed into my robes." "Ok, we'll be here when you get back." Says Harry "K." You say as you walk out of the carriage. You change into your robes and as you are walking back to the carriage two people come out bombarding you with questions and sentences that aren't questions, "Hi," "How are you?" "Where are you from." "How come I haven't seen you before." "Do I know you from somewhere." "You know George I've never seen someone like her before." You interupted them, "Who are you?" "We're Fred and George Weasley." "You're sitting with our brother Ron on the train." "And Harry Potter." "nd don't forget Granger." "Ok, I'm going to go now." You say trying to fit a word in. "Ok." "Bye." "See ya later." You walked of while they were still talking and walked back to your carriage.
  6. You walked into your carriage, "Your brothers talk a lot Ron." "Yea... wait how do you know my name." "Oh they told me and you Harry right." You said looking at guess who... Harry. "Yea that's me." "You don't look like a first year." Said someone as they passed. You realized you were blocking the hallway cause you weren't actually in the carriage but you had your head poking in. "I'm not." You say turning around. Suddenly you're face to face with Cedric Diggory. Or at least that's who you thought he was. Everyone was talking about him at the train station.
  7. "Then why haven't I seen you before. You look like a face I would remember." "I bet." Said Ron from inside the carriage. "I'm a third year transfer." "Oh, that explains it. So what house do you want to be in." "I don't know. I figured if I didn't pick a house I wanted to be in if I didn't get the house I wanted I wouldn't be dissapointed." "Fair enough... Anyway I got to go back to my friends. I'll see you later. And I'm Cedric Diggory." "See ya I'm _____." Then you hoped into your carriage. Time to face the rest of the train ride.
  8. So you got off the train and went across with the first years because this was your first year at Hogwarts technically but you are a third year. So you arrive and enter the Great Hall (or whatever they call it). All of the first years get called up and are put into their houses and you go last. "_____ _______." Called Professor McGonagall. You went up and someone shouted. "Hey we got a transfer!" Then someone else shouted, "Where from?" "This is _____ _______ and she transfered from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic." "Oh fancy!" Someone shouted out. "Let's get this over with already." Said Hagrid from the professors table. "Yes yes we shall if Ms. _______ would come up here please." So you walk up and sit down while the hat is placed upon your head. "Hmmmm... You have the attributes of all four houses but the one I'm going to put you in because I think it suits your ambitious attitude is... Slytherin!" The Slytherin table ceered and all you said as the you went to join them was, "What?"
  9. You were shocked but you walked over anyway. You sat down in a corner of the table and look at your friends in Gryffindor. They're looking at you in disbelief and when they see you looking they turn away and whisper among themselves. All except Hermione. She mouthed, 'I'm so sorry.' And turned back to her friends. You silently ate your dinner with everyone whispering about you and you just get sick and tired of it so you sneak off to the common room. You're sitting in the common room reading a book when Pansy Parkinson walks in, "Oh, hey _____. Nice to meet you." she said extending her hand. "Nice to meet you too." You said nervously and shook her hand.
  10. "You're sharing a room with us so I was hoping we could get to know each other." "Yea, sure." So you guys talked for like five minutes before Pansy said, "I need to get some beauty sleep. You coming?" "Na, I'll stay out here for a little while." "K, see ya in the room." As soon as she left Draco walked in. "Hey ______. Didn't expect to see you in this common room." "Either did I. What do you want Malfoy?" "Oh so we're not on a first name basis, ok ______ (last name)." "Can you just please go away." "Ok. But you do know you're stuck in slytherin forever." He said. "I'm not like anyone in Slytherin." "You keep on telling yourself that. Whatever floats your boat." He said as he walked off. You'd just had enough of this so you decided to go to bed.
  11. The next day you had a few classes but I'll skip to potions cause that's where it get's interesting. (me:mwahahahaha. let's see whats in store)
  12. Ok, so Potions, ok. So you walked in the door just in time and sit down next on an empty table cause it's the only one left. Then in comes... Professor Snape and a late Draco. But he doesn't get in trouble! So unfair! Anyway, he sits down next to you and Snape starts the lesson. You're making a potion when you hear muttering behind you. You listened in to what they were saying, "I heard _____ is friends with Parkinson and that Slytherin is fitting her like a glove." "I bet, who new she would be in Slytherin. What a freak." After that line you just had enough, you turned around and saw Ron and Seamus. Ron was the one who called you a frak so guess what you decided to do. You punched Ron in the face and broke his nose. He deserved it. Then you stormed out of the room (and earned a detention later).
  13. You didn't want to walk back to the common room so you decided to take your fury out on the quidditch pitch. You got your broom and mounted it riding higher and higher until you were in the clouds. You were going to come back down because you couldn't breath but you just started falling and falling and just as you got your breath back you landed in Draco's arms. "Thanks." You say. "Shouldn't you be in class?" He laughed a genuine one at that. "Class finished and I came to find you and your welcome." "Why'd you come to find me?" "Because I knew you'd be doing something stupid like this." This time you laughed but you don't know why.
  14. You just realized something. Draco Malfoy just saved your life! "You just saved my life." You whispered. "Not really, you would have only broken a bone or two or... maybe all of them." "Like I said, you saved my life." "I guess I did." He said looking up at the sky. "Where's Draco and what have you done with him?" You ask. He laughs, "I'm still me, but different I guess." "I thought you were supposed to be the bad guy. You know the one from Slytherin." "That's what everyone seems to think and most of the time it's true. But the real me. I'm not one of those stereotypes like Parkinson." You realized this was going to take a long time so you lay in the grass and he joined you. "My father's not the nicest person you'll ever meet. I act like he wants to make him proud because I'm just a failure any way else and because as soon as people knew he was my father they just expected that of me, so I guess I... just lived up to my reputation." You sit up and he follows suit. "You know this is the Draco that I want to hang out with. This is the one I like. You should be him more often. You turn to face each other and this was just a time where nothing needs to be said. You both lean closer and...
  15. You kiss. It's soft and gentle and like fireworks on the 4th of July. It's just... Wow... Suddenly you hear a whistle blow in the distance and you two break away. Unlucky though. The gryffindor quidditch captain was there, 'what was his name... oh yea Oliver Wood. Oh great he's going to spread it to the whole school.' you thought as he stood their in shock and... envy? You stood up and grabbed your broom. "I'll see you later Draco." You slowly walked back to your common room but just before you got in the door you decidedd to go see Hermione. You found her by the lake with Harry and Ron. "Hey guys." You say as you walk to them. "Hey _____." Says Hermione but Ron and Harry just get up and leave but before they can Hermione puts her hand on Rons shoulder and pushes him to sit down. "I don't want to talk to her." "Her has a name you know and you deserved it you called me a freak!" Your anger just burst out and showed why the hat put you in Slytherin. "But you didn't have to punch him in the face." It was... Hermione that said that! "Just because you're a Slytherin doesn't mean you get to punch people." Said Harry. "You're right and I'm sorry but..." "But what? We don't want to talk to you or be seen with you." Ron said as he got up and walked away and so did Harry and... Hermione. "Hermione I thought we were friends. Who's side are you on you know I didn't mean it. You know what happened in my past." "You're right and I'm sorry ______ but these are my friends. I don't believe everything they say about you but they are still my friends." "What and I'm not!" "You are..." You cut her off, "Yea just go hang out with them. I know your embarrased to be seen with me." Hermione walks up to you and whispers in your ear, "I know what happened with your father was horrible and I don't blame you for anything and you are my friend so I'll tell you something. They're just dissapointed you're in Slytherin because they like you and they saw you sitting next to Draco in Potions and that's were it cracked. And when I say like I mean like, like. Just remember that." "What?" You whisper as they walk away. You fall to your knees and waited for night to come.
  16. Sorry guys I'm gonna leave it there. Hope you don't mind me by saying this but natuhleegayle has the best quizzes and she was the one who inspired me to right this, so I hope you liked it. Thanks so much. Comment & Rate 10!

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