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Okay, it's safe to say that you made a safe recovery now. If you haven't noticed, the end of the year is upon us and it's already heart-wrenching to see that we will be saying good-bye to some people and we can see the plot thickens further in the year.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. Draco smiled kindly when you thanked him, you continued not to say anything after that. You and Draco spent the whole day talking, well; he did while you laughed along and smiled. You eventually drifted off to sleep with your hand holding onto Draco's. He watched over you and promised not to let go. "If only this moment could last forever..."
  2. A few days past and you were back to normal; however, you kept your distance from Ambrosia more often. "You must have had one hell of a nightmare if you're still avoiding Ambrosia." Fleur said as the both of you past by Ambrosia walking to the Great Hall. You adjusted your robes and nodded "It was okay but when Ambrosia came..." Shivers ran down your back once you relived it. "Well, the third final challenge is tomorrow. Are you excited?" You turned to Fleur; the next challenge was announced, they champions would go through a maze to find the Tri-Wizard Cup. The first one to find it wins. "No, it sounded amazing at first but after the Dragon and Grindylow attacks and failing to rescue Gabrielle, I just want to go home." Fleur complained. That's right, after the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Fleur leaves and goes home to Paris.
  3. You were quiet after she mentioned returning home. She knew saying goodbye to you will be heart-wrenching for the both of you. "It's sure going to be pretty quiet here without you..." "_______, don't make me cry." You started to get choked up as both of you were now in the Great Hall at your house table. "Sorry, it's just that...a whole year went by so fast..." "It sure did. Meeting you and everything here at Hogwarts was just amazing!" She smiled as she looked up at the candles floating above. "Now, who am I going to go to for advice and a shoulder to cry on?" "I don't know...Draco, Cedric or Oliver..." She stated. Your jaw dropped and laughed "I meant a girl." "Same people apply."
  4. You both stopped laughing and it seemed that Fleur had something she wanted to say. "But this won't be the last time you see me, you know your friend Ron?" She shyly asked "Uh-huh?" You said slowly "Well, his brother, Bill, is quite attractive and we..." "NO! YOU AND -" Fleur hushed you before exposing what she just told you. Fleur and Bill...together!? That's not something you see every day.
  5. "So, what about you and..." She teased as she knew as well as anyone else did that there were far too many guys in my life. "Shut up, it's not like that." You replied but you realized she didn't even mention a name yet and frankly, a bunch of faces came to mind. "Well, I wouldn't know if you would have made up your mind about a guy..." She bluntly said, you said nothing but stuck out your tongue. However, after the second challenge, all the boys were busy; with work, the challenges and with overdue homework (Draco & Ron) so you rarely got to see them. "Whatever." You rolled your eyes. You stared out the window and watched as the sun changed to dusk. "You should sleep; the challenge will begin tomorrow at sunset. You need all the rest you can get." You said, she nodded and headed back leaving you in the Great Hall contemplating your thoughts.
  6. Your life has changed drastically since the start of your third year. You met the greatest people you will ever know, some the complete opposite. You went on the most insane journeys and experienced things most people would never make it out alive. You found first loves, said good-bye to them, found new ones and now you find yourself at the intersection with several paths in front of you. Which one was the path to take? You sighed and let the top of your hands act as a support for your chin. Oliver, you could never forget him; he was your first everything. Draco, he turned out to be more than meets the eyes. Harry, everyone knew him but he only seemed to pay attention to you. Neville, your one and only best friend, he is always there for you. Fred & George Weasley, they can always turn your frown upside down. Ron, a jealous git but in his heart he means well and last but not least, Cedric. He was a very flirtatious, sweet, sincere and affectionate guy. There was no way you could choose. Not yet at least.
  7. You left the Great Hall shortly after and headed for your common room. You bumped into Harry on your way up who looked more distressed than usual. "Oh, _________, sorry about that..." He quickly said before completely passing by you, on the bright side, he acknowledged you. Nowadays, all the champions even the faintest hints from Viktor showed that this last and final challenge meant business. At least this time, you weren't going to be included in this challenge. It was horrible the past few days.
  8. You walked up the staircase and saw Neville staring at the sunset that peered through the window. It reminded you of yourself, you would always stare out the window when things were tough and there was no one there for you. You approached Neville who seemed deep thought. "Neville?" You said as you quietly approached him, he jumped but smiled once he saw you. "_________. Beautiful sunset isn't it?" "It is." You replied as you went to stand beside him "It's good to see you feeling well and talking." He chuckled as he continued to stare at the sunset. "Yeah...So, what are you doing here?" You asked trying to avoid any further discussion about how you were. What you said caught him off guard and made him quite reserved "It just seemed like a good place to think." He sighed as he looked down.
  9. You decided in the end not to pester him about his thoughts. There was a silence surrounding you but it didn't make you uncomfortable; you really don't know what's going through Neville's mind but the least you can do is be there for him. He let out a sigh and you turned your head towards him. "It's getting late." He said as he pushed away from the railing and headed upstairs. You looked up at the window to see that the sun had set and a full moon was shining down on you. "We should go to sleep. The final challenge is tomorrow." He said two steps above you, turning his head over his shoulder. You agreed and caught up to him; when you were standing beside him, he smiled as well as you. "________..." He said softly "Yeah?" "I can go to you for anything...right?" He asked as he turned his head towards you. Your eyes widen but you smiled yet you were more curious than you ever was. "Of course you can, why are you going to ask me such a question?" "I just want to clarify. Well, we should get ready if we want to cheer on everyone tomorrow!" "Yup!"
  10. Yes, I'm leaving it there. Yes, aren't I horrible? Now, Neville wants to tell you something now! I wonder when that will be...Oh wait! I do know! He'll tell you in Year 5. Oh, I'm evil. We're not even there yet. So, as you know, part 22 - 25 will be the final chapters of Year 4. After that, it will be year 5! I think this will be my second favourite part of Year 4, next to the Yule Ball, because Lord Voldemort will rise, Cedric will stay alive & hey guys, I made a rhyme! So, I found some great songs to start off Year 5. I'll be creating a playlist and uploading it onto the blog, so you don't have to go searching for it! I think I covered everything. Okay, it's time to work on Part 22. Just to let you know, the start of Pt. 22 will already be the start of the final challenge. I REALLY need to speed up Year 4! Okay, Stay Magical x

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