Hogwarts Part 35

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* The Department of Mysteries battle continued in the last edition. You met both of your parents this time, and a little more was revealed about this "mysterious" past of yours. At this point, you probably think your mother is a complete nutcase and the quiz maker doesn't know what she's doing, but more will be revealed later on. :) Anyway, you made up with Draco (hopefully for good) and now you returned to your grandparent's house for the summer.

Created by: music826

  1. Much like a day three years previously, a tapping woke me up that morning. I groaned, tempted to ignore it and go back to sleep, but I swung my legs over the side of the bed and went to let the owl in. I was expecting a large Hogwarts owl there to deliver my letter for the year, but instead I was met with Ron's rather excitable owl, Pigwidgeon. It hooted happily as I let it in, and made quite a ruckus as it fluttered around the room. As I read the letter, which happened to be from Hermione, the little bird settled itself on my dresser beside Shadow's cage, knocking over a picture frame I had set there. "Whassat noise?" Arianna mumbled sleepily from her bed across the room. She sat up and noticed the owl, and then the letter in my hands. "Who's it from?" she asked curiously, getting out of bed and coming to sit beside me. "Hermione," I grinned. "We're going to the Burrow tomorrow."
  2. It didn't take long to get everything together in my trunk that evening. In hopes that someone would come to get me eventually, I hadn't let anything wander very far. After notifying my grandparents that we were leaving, who just went along with it like usual, Arianna and I impatiently waited the time out. After what seemed like hours, the doorbell finally rang. Well, I thought, at least they didn't just Apparate into the living room. Arianna and I jumped up and ran to the door, ready to leave in an instant. I threw the door open to reveal Oliver, Tonks, and a wizard I didn't recognize. I grinned at the tall Quidditch fanatic. "I should've known." Oliver grinned in return and opened his mouth to reply, but the wizard stepped up to the door and pushed him aside. "Right there, Miss, I'll be taking your luggage," he said, and made it disappear, presumably off to the Burrow. He held out his arm. "I'll be taking one of you. The other will be going along with Tonks here," he said, clearly all business. I looked at Oliver. "So what are you doing then?" I asked. He smiled embarrassedly. "I'm, er, I'm not exactly allowed to do anything after the whole...Ministry incident. I just wanted to come," he said, becoming decidedly pink by the end of his explanation. "Right insisted on it, he did," the wizard grumbled, and took my arm impatiently. "If you don't mind, Miss. This might be a bit uncomfortable," he said. Oliver waved and said "See you at Hogwarts!" just before I disappeared into the air. I just caught a glimpse of my living room for the last time before I felt like the air was being crushed out of my lungs.
  3. I started to panic a bit. After everything I had been through, I was going to die by traveling. Not by Voldemort, or my lunatic mother, or some freak accident on another one of Harry's adventures. By some Order member who obviously didn't know what he was doing. Just as I felt I was surely going to die of suffocation, I was finally able to breathe again. I collapsed onto the Weasley's lawn, gasping for breath. I coughed violently, but luckily I didn't have anything to cough up in my stomach. I got to my feet unsteadily after a moment, in a complete daze. "All right there, Miss? Right. I'll be off then," the wizard said without waiting for an answer, and then Apparated off the property. Then I realized what had just happened. I had Apparated for the first time. And I wasn't all that fond of it, as it turned out. Arianna appeared with Tonks just a moment later, in even worse shape than I had been in. Tonks was a bit more sympathetic regarding the matter, but she definitely wasn't as bubbly as usual, talking in dull, flat tones. Even her appearance just exuded a depressed air. She led us both inside and made an excuse to leave before Mrs. Weasley greeted us for breakfast.
  4. "Your Hogwarts letter has just arrived, dear," she said kindly, and handed me a rather thick envelope. "Your O.W.L. scores are there, too," she said, and I pulled out a piece of parchment, looking at the scores through squinted vision as if that would lessen the blow. Through my narrowed eyes, I first saw one O, and then another. I followed the list down. All Outstanding. I looked at it again just to make sure, this time with fully open eyes. "Well? What did you get?" Hermione asked anxiously, putting her own letter down. I wordlessly handed it over. "That's great!" she said a bit too cheerfully, clearly disappointed about the fact that she had received one Exceeds Expectations instead of all Outstandings. After enduring a minute or two of Ravenclaw jokes regarding the O.W.L.s, I was able to read the rest of the contents of the envelope in peace. The usual supply list was there, but it was much more specific considering we now had full control over what subjects to take. I had opted for the more general subjects: Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, and the like. I pulled out one last item and stared at it.
  5. "I thought she was joking," I said, holding my Quidditch Captain badge in disbelief. Ginny snatched it out of my hand and showed it to the others, grinning. "It looks like we've got a rivalry here," she said, holding up Harry's own Quidditch Captain badge as well. I met Harry's eyes. He also looked a bit stunned, but then smiled. "It looks like Gryffindor's finally going to have some competition," he teased, taking his badge back. I fingered my own, beginning to warm to the idea already. I smiled. "Yes, they will."
  6. I learned within only a few minutes of my stay at the Burrow that there was a new visitor there. The silvery-haired girl floated into the kitchen. "Cassandra!" she squealed excitedly. (Sorry, her dialogue is going to look like everyone else's. I don't know how to do French accents.) "Fleur?" "I was hoping to see you here!" she said, coming over to hug me like a long-lost sister. "Good to see you, too...why are you here exactly?" I asked. "You know Bill Weasley? We're getting married!" she announced happily. Next to me, Ginny rolled her eyes. Hermione had the same reaction, but was subtler about it. I could tell they weren't at all fond of Fleur. "That's great! I'm sure you'll be very happy together," I said supportively, and she beamed and went off to help Mrs. Weasley, who didn't look very happy to see Fleur either. She just wasn't very welcome in the Weasley household, at least not from the female side it seemed. Ron, on the other hand, was staring after her as always. I kicked him from the other side of the table and he snapped out of it instantly. I smiled at him smugly, but he didn't take the bait. I turned my attention back to my other friends, another attempt at getting him to talk failed. Ron seemed to be over the entire Death Eater incident since the Department of Mysteries, but he didn't seem to know exactly where that left us. It didn't bother me too much, though. I certainly wasn't apologizing for anything.
  7. Within a few days we went to Diagon Alley to get our supplies for the year. Hagrid accompanied us for extra protection given the amount of terror the Death Eaters were now inflicting on both wizards and Muggles alike. Harry, Ron, and Hermione went off to go get fitted for new robes at Madam Malkin's with Hagrid, and I went with everyone else, seeing as I hadn't grown much since the last time I got robes. When the trio came back to meet us, they looked thoroughly disgruntled. "Trouble with Malfoy," Hermione explained briefly. I rolled my eyes. "Big surprise." "He was acting kind of odd, though," she said thoughtfully, but then shrugged it off as we neared the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes shop. The colorful building looked quite out of place in the desolate area. Most buildings were boarded up and dark, and the few people there were ran about in frightened groups, refusing to talk to anyone. That wasn't the case here. They had a large poster that blatantly insulted Voldemort right in the front window. People were laughing and checking out the merchandise, and the Weasley twins were walking around, looking as mischievous as ever as they advertised their wares. They both greeted us and then returned to their business, allowing us to wander the shop. After looking over a few of the joke shop items, I noticed a cage of fluffy ball-like creatures called Pygmy Puffs. "Cute, aren't they?"
  8. I jumped as George appeared at my shoulder. "Yes. Very," I said curtly, giving him a small smile. Ever since his grand exit from Hogwarts just a few months ago, I hadn't been able to think of him in quite the same way. However, he didn't act as if anything had changed. "Pick one. It's yours," he said. "What? For free?" I asked in surprise. "Without you, this little guy" – he held up a bright blue Pygmy Puff – "wouldn't be here. Neither would this entire shop. Whatever you want is yours free of charge," he said, depositing the puffy little creature on my shoulder. "You bought me my broom. That was plenty. Too much, actually," I said, reluctantly returning the Pygmy Puff to its cage. "All right, then. Just think of this as an early birthday gift," he said with a wink, putting the Pygmy Puff back on my shoulder and leaving before I could protest. When he was gone, I had to admit it to myself. I really did want that Pygmy Puff.
  9. I browsed for a bit, quite captivated by the endless rows of items the twins had invented. It wasn't all joke stuff either. In response to Voldemort's new attacks on the wizarding world, they had developed a new line of self-defense items that had become quite popular. There were also love potions and fireworks and beauty products and plenty of other products to catch anyone's attention. As I wandered back towards the front, I felt someone grab my arm and pull me out the door. "What was that for?" I asked irritably, feeling a strong desire to get back to the shop. The gloomy street was a stark contrast to the cheerful atmosphere I had just been torn from. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were outside the doors, half-covered with the Invisibility Cloak. "Malfoy," Harry said, shooting a glance in Draco's direction. I just caught a glimpse of him as he disappeared down the street and into Borgin and Burkes. "If you're thinking about following him, I don't really want to be a part of it," I said, but all the same, I kind of wanted to see what he was up to. "All right, then don't tell anyone where we went. Mrs. Weasley would have a fit," Harry said, and then started covering up with the Cloak again. My curiosity won out and I caught the silvery material before they all disappeared. "Okay, I'll go."
  10. *music826* So, that's the beginning of sixth year! It was originally much longer, but I decided to divide it into two. I hope you enjoyed! Until next time :)

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