Hogwarts Love Story Pt 31

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It's practice time! The first ones are always the best and most memorable! Who knows,something bad or something good may come out of it, you never know right? But I have a feeling, something very unexpected will be the result of it all.

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle
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  1. The sun was at its highest peak which meant noon had hit and it was now a period away from free period which was replaced with practice, you, JJ and Ebony had Care of Magical Creatures along with some of the Hufflepuffs and one or two Gryffindors. The three of you bonded quickly as some of you found common interest with each other and that being, you all didn’t have a proper family. On JJ’s side, you learned that her parents were killed by Bellatrix Lestrange and that pursued her to join Dumbledore’s Army if it meant taking down any Death Eaters, her only wish is that she would get to avenge her parents. Ebony really didn’t want to talk about it, all she could say was that she knew what it felt like and you, you had your story. “You girls, quit yer’ talkin’ and get ovr’ er’!” Hagrid cried out, today’s lesson was by the Black Lake and your latest creature was a Plimpy; what seemed to be a Blowfish with frog legs. “Now, who would like to touch it’?” Hagrid looked eager around as he held the Pimply in his hands; it made a sound and didn’t look very pleased being handled. “C’mon, it’s completely harmless.” That’s what Hagrid said the last time when he showed you all Fire Crabs, at least 2-3 kids robes caught on fire because they found all the students a threat.
  2. No hands went up but a familiar Hufflepuff was already by Hagrid’s side. “Ah! Reese, glad you took my class again; always my favorit’ student!” Hagrid smiled as he slowly passed the Pimply to him, Reese was smiled which gave a shine to his forest green eyes “Haha! This is awesome!” He said in his American accent which some of the girls in the class except for the three of you, couldn’t help but chuckle at. “Just watch out now, he’s a slippery one!” Hagrid smiled as he looked at the Pimply; the Pimply seemed really annoyed and did something out of the ordinary, it forced its body up in the air and its legs tied itself into a knot. It slipped out of Reese’s hands and rolled into the Black Lake until it was submerged into the water. “It’s alright, easy to catch. Just go swimming and they’ll be biting yer toes!” Hagrid laughed and walked over to the class “Okay, now, I want all of ye’ to hand me a roll of parchment that describes Pimplies and what they do by Thursday!” Hagrid asked which was in two days but that didn’t work out for you. You raised your hand and Hagrid nodded at you. “Professor…Hagrid” calling Hagrid, Professor, after three years hasn’t quite sunk in yet. “We have an important Quidditch meeting, I’m sure Madam Hootch told you about it.” You said; in two days was the arrival of the Puddlemere United Quidditch Team. Hagrid lit up “Oh that’s right, that’s right! All right, give it to me on Friday!” Hagrid smiled. And that was one of the reasons he was your favourite Professor!
  3. “Alright, class dismissed!” Hagrid said as he brushed everyone off, Ebony seemed excited when you mentioned the important Quidditch meeting “Hey, don’t tell anyone but I overheard Madam Hootch say that those guys from the Puddlemere are coming to Hogwarts!” Your heart skipped a beat, you didn’t think anyone else at Hogwarts beside you and Draco knew. “Are they really!? I saw one of their games over the summer! They’re fantastic!” JJ smiled as she was now excited, you were the only one who wasn’t as excited about it, not because they were talking about them but because of the fact they knew about it. “Oliver is coming back! He was in my house, he was-“Ebony cut JJ off as she gestured to you; you caught sight of what Ebony was doing and laughed “Why are you pointing at me for!?” You laughed as you pushed Ebony gently “Nothing, I thought you would be excited since you and him were all…” She mimicked the sound of two people kissing which made you turn red “Oh yeah! You and Oliver dated!” JJ said very loudly “Yeah, why don’t you scream it out?” You laughed at JJ and Ebony’s comment “Okay, fine we’ll stop and we won’t go around saying anything, it’ll be a secret between the three of us!” Ebony winked and laughed, you began to walk up to the castle when JJ blurted out “He was cute.” She laughed and eventually, you all three did. “Are you talking about me?” A strong American accent rang behind them.
  4. The three of you turned around to see Reese by himself walking two steps behind you; he had his hands in his robe pockets and his textbooks under his left arm. “Don’t flatter yourself!” JJ said in an instant, he laughed and took a step closer. “It was a good thing moving to London, I didn’t realize there were such cute girls here.” He said as he made his way past but turned around and gave a wink to the three of you. “Don’t fall for it, he dated Ambrosia.” He cringed and laughed “That was for a day, once I spent time with her she really wasn’t…yeah, you get what I’m saying.” You laughed and stared at him “You dated Ambrosia? I got to give you some points for bravery.” You laughed and rolled your eyes; he smiled at your sass and said nothing. “Well, we ought to get going. Don’t want to keep Harry and them waiting.” He said softly as he gave another wink and headed up the castle. “Wait, we? You’re in…you know.” Ebony said trying to be careful “Yup.” He said loudly and disappeared into the castle, “He’s right, better not keep him waiting.” JJ echoed, you and Ebony both stared at her stunned “You too?” You said astounded, she nodded “Hey, I smelled an adventure” Ebony instantly smiled and gave her a high five “I really like you now!” She smiled
  5. You, JJ and Ebony made your way to the Hall of Hexes where the Room of Requirement was, Reese was just in short sight in front of you and you watched as some girls, surprisingly some Slytherins, smiled and giggled as they said his name, he gave a wave and a wink. “What do you make of him?” You asked as Ebony and JJ were talking about things they had in common, frankly it was more than just family; they’re both adventurous, they both hate anyone in Slytherin, Professor Umbridge and Snape as well as being the best of friends, they also each other’s enemies. Ebony hates how JJ is loud and at times arrogant but JJ counters as being the ordinary is dull. They turned their heads towards you “Make of whom exactly?” JJ said as she bounced her books to get a better grip “Reese.” You said as you suddenly looked down at your shoes, they shrugged “I don’t know I hardly see him around; this is the first time I’ve seen him for a long period of time. I’ve seen his sister though, almost a splitting image if he didn’t have that purple streak in his hair.” JJ started off, Ebony didn’t have a good feel to him “He’s turned down lots of girls though, claiming they’re just not…good enough. Other than that, I just see him by the lake all the time.” Ebony continued; there was just something about Reese that tipped you off, in the intriguing way.
  6. The four of you were now facing the brick wall when it slowly formed the iron doors, it slowly opened and you entered to see Harry and everyone else sitting around and talking, it seems like everyone was waiting for the rest of you. Reese went off to join Cedric, JJ went to go talk to Fred and George and Ebony walked over to a small Ravenclaw girl who was sitting beside Luna in the far left corner. You walked over to Neville who was staring into the Mirror of Erised which you dared not to face, Harry past by and told you “We start in a few minutes, in the meantime just get to know everyone.” He awkwardly said as he went around inspecting the rest of the people. “Hey!” You smiled as you tapped Neville on the shoulder, it seemed like you interrupted Neville who was deep in thought. He gave you a shy smile and resumed looking at the mirror where now on it was a picture of who you remember as the original Order. “Is everything alright?” You asked, he fiddled with his wand and looked into your eyes “My parents.” He pointed at the two smiling people on the far right; they showed resemblance to Neville but appeared more confident. This was the first time Neville ever mentioned his parents out of will.
  7. “Did you have a fight with your parents?” You asked as you shifted your eyes every now and then to the picture then back at Neville. He shook his head lightly but before he could say anything, Harry and Cedric asked everyone to gather around; before you could take your spot, Neville grabbed you by the elbow “I’ll tell you everything later.” He said softly before he let go and walked away. You got lost in Neville words as the sense of curiosity filled your mind, you shook it off and joined Harry and Cedric, who gave you a smile as he flashed his white smile. “Okay, well, hi everyone, I’m Cedric and this here is…” He slapped Harry on the back which throw him off balance “H…Harry.” He coughed as Cedric slapped harder than intended, Cedric seemed more enthusiastic than Harry despite his previous attitude towards all of this. “Well, first off, how many of you know how to arm and disarm.” Your hand as well as Hermione’s was raised, Ron was conflicted whether he knew how or not, Cedric rubbed his neck and whistled “Okay, how many of you know how to stun?” Harry continued and yet again, the same people with the addition of one confused Ron. You watched as Cedric made a side comment to Harry but Harry brushed it off. “Okay, everyone, two lines. I want one line by my left and the other one behind me.” Cedric said as he stood in front of the fireplace where Harry was setting up an Iron dummy with a target on his chest and wand in his hand. “Okay, uhm _______. Why don’t you start us off?” Cedric smiled, you were at the back with Ebony and JJ when Cedric called out. “Me?” You said baffled.
  8. You stared at Cedric with your arms crossed but your left hand rested under your chin. He nodded and you refused “Why me? Why can’t we have someone else take a shot at it, for instance, JJ?” You pointed randomly at her, she automatically refused but you were trying to convince her otherwise; so much for being adventurous. “I think it’ll be good, since you do know how to disarm an opponent.” Harry smiled as he added; JJ started whispering to you that she wouldn’t mind taking your spot. “Yeah, but I’m nearly not as good as you or Cedric!” You argued, Cedric walked over and held you by the shoulders and pushed you to the front. “Just do it! You have nothing to fear!” He said in a calming tone however, it wasn’t the least bit calming at all. You whined and grabbed your wand and turned it in your hands, you stared at the Iron dummy which strike you as a mixture between a Death Eater and a Dementor. “Simple disarming charm, that’s all.” Harry said from the side, you swallowed hard and swished your wand. “Expelliarmus!” Instantly, the wand flies out of the dummy’s hand and flies over to the far side. Instantly a roaring applause fills your ears. “Brilliant! See, that wasn’t so bad!” Cedric smiled as he placed his arm around you, you heard a few people behind you whispering. “Okay, now let’s have someone else take a gander at it!” You said as you rushed off to the back, Cedric smiled and watched you trotted off. Ron was next and he was disgusted by the look on Cedric’s face.
  9. You watched as the 36 members in front of you took their turn disarming the dummy, some were good and successful, some not so others. When Neville attempted the spell, his wand went flying to the back of the room, almost poking the second year, Nigel in the eyes. “Okay…well, I think we should work on the spells individually now.” Cedric said, at first you didn’t like Cedric’s demeaning tone towards Neville but as you watched Cedric further as everyone dispersed to practice “Neville, do you mind if I could help you out with the spell and all?” Cedric said as he pulled Neville over to the side, an instant cheer of glowed in Neville’s face “That would be amazing! Thanks Cedric!” Neville smiled, Cedric smiled which made his amber eyes glow and his cheeks rosier than usual. “It’s nothing! You just need a starting point and by the time you’ll know, you’ll be better than all of us! Trust me, my dad admires your parents; he said they were headstrong and kind…I believe in you.” Cedric softly said which made Neville’s ears turn pink, Neville walked away to go talk to Harry about his tutor lessons with Cedric; you took that opportunity to walk over to Cedric. “That was sweet.” You said; your words took Cedric by surprised as he swiftly turned his head and smiled at you with faint signs of blush.
  10. While the sounds of spell incantations being throw around the room, it felt silent when you were Cedric…for some odd reason. “I just want to do my part. With Harry, it can be tough…he seems to have so much more experience than me. I just want to be resourceful but I’m not lying about Neville. He has potential.” Cedric’s words were the one to catch you by surprise; to Cedric it seemed like a competition between him and Harry and from what you can see; Cedric isn’t confident with himself. “Cedric, you’re more than resourceful. You’re brilliant! Don’t even think for two seconds that you’re not.” You said as you crossed over your arms, he slowly smiled which made your heart flutter. “Thanks and look, I’m sorry about the whole…girlfriend thing…I really am.” You completely forgotten about that but at this moment, you couldn’t help to feel a little sympathetic but the issue was, if you were to cave in, what about everyone else? Draco. Harry. Ron. And probably a lot more people that you have yet to know.
  11. You smiled and moved your bangs away from your face. “I’m used to it and besides,” you decided to be a little mischievous at this point. “It’s not like you feel that way about me.” You walked away before hearing his reaction but he said as you were a few steps away from him. “But…I do. It’s gotten to a point where I can say that I lo-“You quickly turned around and walked to the far side of the room and grabbed Hermione, she looked at you with a questioned expression. “What’s wrong?” You shook your head violently, you looked as you left Cedric with a confused expression but he quickly moved on and went to help out Neville. “Nothing, let’s just…practice.” You said in a rush. The last thing you needed was someone to telling you that they loved you especially one who was about to leave.
  12. After practice, the idea of Cedric telling you that he loved you hasn’t completely left. Everyone was taking their leave, you told Ebony and JJ that you’ll see them at dinner, you watched as Reese walked out with Cedric who gave you a concern yet awkward smile. Harry, Hermione and Ron walked away but Hermione stayed for a second and asked if you were alright, you smiled to show that you were fine and with that, she took her leave, leaving you and Neville. You walked over to Neville who was back at the Mirror, he turned to you and smiled but he looked at you and studied your face. “What’s wrong?” He asked, it took you by surprise but you brushed it off. “Nothing, so are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” You said with your arms crossed, he shook his head and walked over to the window ledge and patted the spot next to him, you walked over and sighed. His arms were rested on the window ledge as he stood with a lean. “That can wait, besides, you seem like you got a lot on your mind.” Neville said softly, you didn’t feel right explain what was wrong with you when you were here for him but Neville was right at some point. You hesitated to say but he gave you a look that forced the truth out of you, you sighed and looked down before bringing your head up. “I think…Cedric was going to tell me that…he loved me.” You sighed; Neville straightened up and turned his body facing forward.
  13. He rubbed the back of his neck and you can feel the awkwardness, it was thick and you could slice it in half. He sighed and laughed “Well, do you love him back?” He asked as he crossed his arms, you jumped up on the window ledge and let your legs dangle in the air. “I like him but you know, Oliver, he told me he loved me, he left and I had too many people told me they loved me before they left. I guess; I don’t want another to walk out on me.” You said as you slowly remembered your dad who walked out on you and your mother; the same went for your mother when she walked out on you. Neville was sympathetic towards you as he stared at you and notices the pain in your eyes, he placed his arm around you and smiled, unlike the times when guys put their arm around you; it felt warm with Neville. You rested your head on his shoulder “Well, that won’t happen to me. I’ll never walk out on you and I’ll prove it!” He said as he smiled, you continued to rest your head on his shoulder; you heard him take a deep breath and exhale. He smelled like roses probably being around flowers and plants so much. “_____, I love you. I really do.” You smiled and you appreciated Neville’s console. Without your knowledge, Neville was looking rather sincere, was he doing that to prove a point or does he really do love you?
  14. Want to know what happens next? Well, you will but it won’t be from _______. Find out what happens next from Neville’s point of view! What? You think I was going to continue the story without knowing Neville’s thoughts? I’m going to do something similar to Draco, have his separate story and play it through so it goes nicely with the series. I hoped you all enjoy this! Toodles! x

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