Hogwarts Love Story Pt 29

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Umbridge is really starting to get on my nerves, how about you? I think this calls for, you know, a little rebellion? Well, how about it? You said you were up for an adventure, here it is!

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. Everyone gathered in the courtyard and watched Professor Trelawney cry her eyes out, while Professor Umbridge smirked at it all. Professor McGonagall suddenly appeared behind you and pushed you out of the way to go comfort Professor Trelawney. The conversation was barely audible to you but you can see by the color of Professor McGonagall she was furious, suddenly Professor Dumbledore exited the castle and by the veins on both Umbridge and Dumbledore it was a very heated argument. In the end, Professor Dumbledore made it clear that Professor Umbridge as allowed to dismiss teachers however she had no right to banish them off school grounds.
  2. After Dumbledore's announcement, Harry chased after him shouting his name, leaving you and everyone else. "Can you believe that troll?" Hermione yelled out, it stunned everyone because even though Professor Trelawney wasn't Hermione's favourite teacher, but she wasn't one to speak against a Professor. "I don't care what she says; we got to be able to defend ourselves." She quietly said, everyone looked at one another and blinked hard and wondered if this was really Hermione. "And how do you expect to do that?" Ron said out of shock, Hermione smile "We'll talk to Harry, if anyone is better qualified, it's Harry." She said, at first you didn't like the sound of it but she was right. "We'll...?" Ron muttered and in a distance dark clouds were coming closer. "Next Hogsmeade trip, you all meet us at Hog's head, it's on the outskirts of Hogsmeade not too far."
  3. The next Hogsmeade trip was here as well as winter; you were dressed in your winter attire and walked out of the castle. Everyone else have already made their way down to Hogsmeade, you watched as Ambrosia was now close friends with Pansy Parkinson as she walked with Draco's crowed. Draco saw you from a far and gave you a gentle smile; Pansy on the other hand caught aware of this and placed her arm around Draco. You laughed as Draco looked disgusted as she did so "__________"
  4. You turned around and saw Cedric fixing his earmuffs, you smiled at him as he walked closer, for now you and Cedric have been on good terms. "Fancy going to Hogsmeade together?" He asked as he flashed his smile, the thought of Cedric tagging along with you seemed absurd. Why? It's because you were about to go meet with Harry and the others about defending yourselves. "Actually, I promised Harry and the others I'd spend the day with them so..." "Well, if it's the lot of you, why don't I tag along? I mean it's been a while since I've seen the bunch anyways." Cedric flashed his smile once more, you were speechless and in the end "You brought Cedric?" Ron blurted out as you all were now in Hogs Head. It was an abandon bar, the total opposite of the Three Broomsticks. Cedric was off on the side talking to Harry. "Well, I couldn't just blow him off..." "So, you decided to bring him?" Ron protested "Shut up, Ronald! Cedric is qualified as an Auror, he told me one day of Prefect duty. He could really help." Hermione interrupted
  5. With Hermione's comforting words, a bunch of Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs and 2-3 people from your house entered the room, you saw Luna who gave you a charming smile. You watch as Cedric walked over confused "I didn't know this place was so popular." He laughed and examined the students; he knew a few Hufflepuff and gave them a high five as they past. The trio walked over to the front center, they mumbled to each other before facing everyone, Hermione cleared her voice which gave you unpleasant memories of Umbridge. "Well, you all know why you're here." Hermione nervously announced, Cedric looked around and took a sip of his drink that he was brave enough to purchase. "We need a teacher, a proper teacher. One who has real experience defending themselves against the Dark Arts" Immediately Cedric spat out his drink all over a bunch of Gryffindor girls, you questioned whether it taste bad or he was shocked about what Hermione had to say. You hoped it was the first reason. "_______, what does she mean by WE need a teacher." You could feel his eyes rested on you "______..." He said your name softly, you dragged Cedric away to the far corner as Hermione continued to talk
  6. "Don't tell me you're in all of this..." He began; you didn't say anything but sigh and try to find your words. He wiped his mouth and placed his drink down. "I told you that-""I know you told me, you told me a billion times. Just tell me why you're so against it!" You yelled at him in a whisper, he let out a "ha" and rubbed his neck "You can tell me all you want but unless I get a proper answer, I'm not listening to you." You said sternly, his face was distressed "Okay, fine. I guess I DO owe you that much..." Hermione was not done her introductory speech which you were glad; Cedric looked down at his feet then to you. "I'm leaving." He bluntly said; you were really annoyed "You're not leaving until you tell me why-""Not that leaving...I'm leaving Hogwarts, this summer...I graduate." He said in a soft spoken voice. You forgot that Cedric was two years older than you, for the longest time you thought he was your age and that you still had a long way to go before that comes. Oliver already left and now you have to hear that someone else, who's close to you, is leaving.
  7. You were left speechless, you didn't know how to react but "You're leaving?" As much as Cedric adored you, he blinked hard "Did I not make that clear?" You threw your hands around which gestured that you were a loss for words "Well...I still like to know why you leaving relates to me, not able to prepare myself." He sighed and rubbed his neck once again "Between you and I, I've been seconds away from death; you really don't know what you're getting yourself into. I mean it when I say this isn't a game and the thought of you going off to battle; I just want to know that you're safe when I leave. I don't want to constantly worry about you; I want you to be independent." Cedric's words touched you; you opened your arms and Cedric picked up his emotions as a thought of his words rewarded him for a hug. When Cedric decided to accept your hug, you immediately punched his arm. "What was that for!?" He yelled out "For being a git! It's sweet of you to think that but how am I going to be independent if I can't do things on my own? Let me do this, if you're concern about my safety, help us. You along with Harry know more about this than we do. We need your help." You smiled; Cedric was silent as he processed what you said in his thoughts. "She's right Cedric." Harry said from the front, you two weren't the best at having private conversation...well, private. "They need all the help they can get. You've been training for this, what do you say?" Harry asked with a hopeful smile. "Where do I sign?" Cedric smiled
  8. You all lined up to sign your name and make a commitment to these practices; you were the third to sign your name. When you got up to the front, you grab hold of the pencil but before the lead could touch the paper, Harry grabbed your hand. "_______, I just wanted to say thanks. Without you and Cedric, everyone here would have walked out on us." You looked up and stared into his green forest eyes, you didn't know why but you were speechless and your heart skipped a beat, Ron caught sight of your emotions and shoved Harry's hand. "I personally would like to thank you as well." Ron smiled as he held your hand, you laughed as you stared into his blue eyes. When Ron let go you wrote your name, occasionally looking up letter after letter at Harry. "What was that for?" Harry whispered to Ron, Ron didn't say anything but laugh. Once you were done, you waved good-bye to all of them. Cedric was talking with his Hufflepuff friends, so it didn't seem like any of you were leaving anytime soon. You weren't far from any of them but you couldn't help but to catch what Hermione had to say "_______ can't take her eyes off you, Harry." Your ears rung, were you actually staring? Harry turned his head towards you and smiled. You swiftly turned around and caught your breath
  9. Once everyone left, it was the trio and you and Cedric. "Well, this is everyone. Not much but it's decent." Hermione smiled as she looked at the list that had the names of people enlisted with the title "Dumbledore's Army" Harry grabbed the list and felt a bit nervous, although he was not alone to teach he still felt pressured. "Don't worry Harry, you and Cedric have this!" You smiled which lighten the pressure for Harry; Cedric stole Harry away to discuss teaching methods as well as what to teach. You, Hermione and Ron smiled as you watched the teachers at it. "Do you think we're going to get in trouble?" Ron said but Hermione laughed "Who cares? It's exciting isn't it? Breaking the rules!" You and Ron both stared at Hermione completed shocked "Okay, who are you and what have you done to Hermione Granger?" He asked, she punched him and the three of you laugh. The next issue was finding a place to have these sessions but that wasn't the main one, as the four of you returned to the castle, at the worst possible moment, a new law was being enforced. In front of the Great Hall had the 68th newly posted educational degree "All student organizations are henceforth disband. Any student in noncompliance will be expelled."
  10. You were walking with Neville as you made your way to the Great Hall back from Herbology, however Neville wasn't exactly focused. It seemed like after the meeting at Hogs Head, he out of everyone, wanted this to work out the most. "Neville?" You said from time to time as you walked by his side holding your textbooks. He had his head down, you were in the Hall of Hexes now the most deserted place in Hogwarts, it was eerie to be up there but it was a shortcut from Herbology to the Great Hall. "If you're not going to listen to me, at least say something..." You said as you walked past a bare stone wall. Suddenly, you heard crumbling and dust falling off somewhere; you and Neville stopped in your tracks and walked backwards till you were facing that bare stone wall which, magically enough, was replaced with an iron door. "Neville..." You said softly as your eyes were fixated on the door "Yeah?" He replied in the same tone with the same actions. "Do you see that?" "The magical door that appeared while I was thinking of a place to have practices?" "Good, then I'm not crazy."
  11. You gathered Hermione, Ron, Harry and Cedric; Neville was already inside inspecting the room. Hermione had the glow of euphoria surround her; Ron was impressed as well as the other two. "You found the Room of Requirements!" Hermione cheered as she walked to the center of the room, as usual none of you knew what Hermione was talking about but only Ron dared to ask. "The room of what?" "Room of Requirements, it presents itself to a person when it is in need and supplies everything." She smiled as she walked over to the iron target dummies. You walked over to a mirror that you have not seen before and stared at your reflection but quickly walked away from what you saw. "It's the Mirror of Erised. I haven't seen this in a while; you know it shows your hearts true desire." Harry said as he walked over to your side, you gave Harry a nod to show your understanding but didn't dare to go any closer after what you just saw.
  12. "Well, we found our classroom. Let's get everyone and start the lessons!" Cedric smiled as he was standing in the center of the room with his arms extended out. You all nodded and smiled. As you all exited the room and made your way down to the Great Hall, you saw Draco who you haven't seen in quite some while reading a letter. "I'll catch up with you guys." They nodded but only Cedric caught sight of you were aiming for but he didn't say anything. As they disappeared, you skipped over to Draco who was unaware of your presence. "Hello!" You said cheerfully which didn't do much to Draco except made him turn around. "_______!" He said, he folded up the letter and shoved it in his robes "From your Mum?" You asked, he shook his head and laughed "Actually, it's...a friend?" He said in a very questionable manner, to you, you knew who it could be from because the last time he mentioned a friend, Oliver showed up. "So, when is he coming? I haven't heard from him yet." You asked, Draco laugh because he knew he was busted "He wanted it to be a surprise but he'll be here in three days. " You nodded and laugh "What?" You shook your head and stared into Draco's grey eyes "It's funny knowing that you and the "incompetent Gryffindor captain" are now "friends"" You said halfway imitating Draco's voice "Do I really sound like that?"
  13. You shook your head and he smiled "I can hardly believe it but in the long way..." "You like Gryffindors, don't you?" You said in a teasing manner, he scoffed and laugh "Me!? Like the Gryffindors!? You're insane, I despise them!" Draco said as he tried to cover up, you let out another laugh and shook your head. You stared at the ground and reminisce the moments Draco done for you and you remembered moments you shared together. Oddly enough, Draco is the only guy who you've kissed more than once. "Well, you put that aside to do something sweet for me. You're cute, did you know that?" Draco's face lit up like a Christmas tree, he flipped his hair which you found odd since his hair wasn't that long. "Shut it; now go run off with your little posse before they start to suspect something." You bobbed your head and spun around and headed into the Great Hall "Whatever you say, softie." You said whispering in Draco's ear, he turned around and laughed "Shut up!"
  14. It all seemed like a good day but whenever things stared to get good, Professor Umbridge always managed to ruin the day. "All students will submit to questions about suspected illicit activities" "Those wishing to join the Inquisitorial Squad for extra credit will report to the High Inquisitors office." Professor Umbridge's voice flew throughout the entire castle. Whenever you thought you were once step in front of her, she always managed to catch up. Hermione and Harry ran up to you with Ron and Cedric straddling behind "We need to start training."
  15. The ideas for this flew out of my head! I hope you all enjoyed it! I'm really excited to write about the training you're going to go through, as well as the Inquisitorial Squad, I have some ideas how you'll be involve in all of that! So, I won't release Pt. 30 till after I announce the winners because those characters will be featured during the training sessions; the winners will be announced on the 20th of March which is in two days! I am still accepting applications, so get them in. I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you! Without all of you, I wouldn't realize my potential and etc! Well, this marks my last day of my holidays, pity. Anyways, stay magical x

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