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hello dare! welcome to the House of Anubis (love story). i just had this idea in my head and besides, don't you think hogwarts could use a break? i know its pretty stupid but it would get better i promise

same rules apply from other quizes... ______ = your name in here you look kinda like Nina, long-ish caramel coloured wavy hair, hazel eyes, and kind of nina's personality but its still you

Created by: amazingfulyweird

  1. You got off the train with a weary smile and look for the taxi that's supposed to be picking you up. You set down your suitcase and look to the side. From behind you, you heard a beep of a car horn. Turning around you can see a man pulling up in a taxi on the opposite side of the road. This might take a little getting used to.
  2. The man stopped the car and stepped out. "_____ _____?" he called in a British accent reminding you even more that you are in unfamiliar territory. "Yes! That's me." You said in your American accent that you're sure will make you stick out. "Ah, so you're American then." "That obvious, huh? With the accent and all." "Well that and you have an American flag on your suitcase." You looked down and saw you did indeed have an American flag there.
  3. You ripped off the flag. "Well I guess that's not the best way to blend in." You get in the cab and drive down the road. "I can't believe I'm actually going to boarding school." You marvelled. "I feel like Harry Potter." Just then your phone beeps. You look down and saw it was a text from your Gran. "Your parents checking up on you?" the driver asked looking at you in the rear view mirror. "No, it's my Gran. She misses me already." You reply. "My Gran brought me up. I've never been away from home." "You want me to turn this cab around?" he joked. "No way. I'm finally here off to my new school. I'm excited!"
  4. "Ok _____ we're here." The driver said while pulling up to a big, fancy, old, beautiful building. "Where do you need to be?" you looked at the papers. "It says the House of Anubis." You pull up to the building and step out of the car. You look up at the building that takes your breath away. "Wow," you mutter, "Welcome to Hogwarts."
  5. You look over to the man with your suitcase and see him already walking towards the school. "Hey!" you yell. "Wait up!" you run to catch up with him when you run into some one, or three some ones. Looking back at them you see two girls, one with reddish hair with coloured streaks and a shorter one with brown hair, and a guy with short black hair. "I'm so sorry." You say to them then continue to follow the man.
  6. You follow the man to another section of the school. It looks like the school but smaller. You caught up with the man and paid the driver for the ride. The started walking back and you are left to look at the building. Faded red bricks and growing vines gave it an older feel. Two stories high it was a relatively small building compared to the school. In the front there was an archway and hanging in the middle was a sign that symbolized your new home. House of Anubis.
  7. im sorry this was really short
  8. and boring
  9. i just had this idea in my head and as i said hogwarts could use a break dont you think
  10. i hate to be one of those type of users but gkdgSGd

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