The House Of Anubis Quiz

Do You Watch House of Anubis? Well If You Do you should take this Quiz, And see what you really know about House Of Anubis and if you really pay attention to what really goes on in the show.

If You think you know about House of Anubis then take this quiz and see if you really know what you think you know about house of anubis :D and even if you dont really like the show still see what you know about it.

Created by: Cierra Waz Here

  1. What is Nina's last name?
  2. Who did Mick date before he dated Mara?
  3. Who did Rufus keep trapped in an old building?
  4. What is the name of the Old Woman that Nina talks to?
  5. How many times did Nina say she would knock on the wall if it wasn't safe for Alfie And fabian to come out of the celler?
  6. Who was the most recent person to find out about the secerts of the house?
  7. Who is starting to like Mara?
  8. Whos birthday numbers awaken the voice of the house?
  9. What falls from a shelf when Nina goes into the attick after she Awakens the voice?
  10. Who was the only person who was being nice to Nina at the begining?
  11. Thank You for taking The House Of Anubis Quiz :D Bye

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