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  • 100%!!! My fav. charater is Joy. SHES JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BadBihh Feb 7 '13, 4:26PM
  • i cant belive nina is gone

    CATECO Jan 3 '13, 9:01PM
  • fabian is so cute

    CATECO Jan 3 '13, 7:42PM
  • Fabian is so cute

    CATECO Jan 3 '13, 7:37PM
  • y thank u i need to catch up on my hoa

    h20nicki Nov 10 '11, 11:37PM
  • I LOVE FABIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    omggirl4170 Feb 21 '11, 12:07PM
  • I know 0%. Well, obviously since I've never even heard of the show up to now.

    unicornscoffee Feb 13 '11, 11:43PM
  • i love house of anubis! its my fav show! i

    ilovejb123 Feb 13 '11, 6:33PM
  • i got it all right except the last one which shouldnt have counted

    pieiscool1 Feb 6 '11, 7:58PM
  • Fabian is awesome, but you can't trust everyone in the show...

    kat13 Feb 5 '11, 3:07PM
  • I love this show!!!!!! MY fav character is Fabian

    horselover15 Feb 4 '11, 1:11AM

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