How clean is your house?

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This is basically a quiz for fun but can be a wake-up call too if it applies to you. Take this quiz to see where you stand where housekeeping is concerned.

Do you have what it takes when it comes to cleaning your house? Or are you a disgrace to the human race? Are you able to proudly show off your house to anyone or do you have to hang your head in shame? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: naitesha silas
  1. Your idea of a clean house is
  2. If you are tired but have a sink full of dirty dishes you
  3. You have unexpected guests who pop by, you
  4. If your water heater broke and now all you have is cold water, you
  5. A dirty refrigerator or microwave
  6. Your kids gets dirty hand prints all over the walls and you just cleaned them,you
  7. Dirty socks and underwear proper place is
  8. If you discover that you have roaches, you
  9. Linen should be changed
  10. If you discover a moldy piece of cheese in your fridge, you
  11. A bottle of Pine-Sol in your house usually lasts
  12. The last time you cleaned your stove was
  13. When I hear the word "Tide", I instantly think
  14. When guests enter your home, they
  15. Cleaning up to you is

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Quiz topic: How clean is my house?