How dirty are u

Theere are more dirty people than clean people in the world if you really think bout it I mean how many times have u went 2 someone's house and said dang they house could have been cleaner well dats what I be sayin when I go to some people's hose exspecilay people with roaches just creeps me out 4 real

Are you a clean person or not well depending on waht the results. Everybody sold keep a clean house no matter what the condition is keep yo hose clean wether you are having company or not keep yo house clean no body won'ts 2 go 2 a nasty house no matter ehat the condition is

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  1. Do u wash your toliet out with a rag
  2. Do you let your dishes pile up in the sink before washing them
  3. Do you sweep dust under your rug
  4. Do you blow your nose in the dish rag
  5. How often do you clean your toe nails
  6. How often do u brush your hair
  7. Do you sneeze and wash your hands in your pants
  8. How many times do u change your clothes
  9. Do you clean your trash can
  10. how often do you sweep your floor

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