Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 13)

Okay so this edition is going to skew further from the original story line than usual! I hope you like it and this story has been fit for the contest scene entry from the ever awesome writer of "The Girl Who Lived" (I know her name but it says it's gibberish)! Accio recap!

Recap: You got into an argument with Lockhart, were snappy with Lucius Malfoy. You started your second year at Hogwarts and noticed some new people. You saw Harry and Ron flying the Ford Anglia and had a strange day. Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. The next day was easy and flew by in a breeze of color, which might explain why you don't remember any of it! The day after was a bit more interesting. After classes there was a major uproar over Filch's cat. Apparently she had been petrified! No one knew exactly who did it because no one really liked the cat anyway. Although, rumors pointed towards Harry! "Do I have to say it again? Harry has been with me, Ron, and Hermione since the first day back," you shouted the next time it came up. "What about when you have to go to sleep? How do you know he didn't sneak out when you were asleep?" A nosy fourth year argued. "The Fat Lady will wake up if there's a mouse on the move three corridors down, she'd wake up if the portrait moved," you answered with a sigh. "That is a bit of an exaggeration," he mumbled. "If you don't shut up I'll show you exaggerated! I'll give you an overly large head if you feel brave enough to keep your mouth moving," you threatened. Apparently he knew you'd stay true to your word for the fourth year ran his chubby fingers through his dirty blond hair and slunk away.
  2. It was dinner time and Dumbledore seemed more grave than usual. Although, any hint of negative emotion on his usual happy features was considered grave. He stood with his arms outstretched and shouted, "SILENCE!!!!" You suddenly felt a bit afraid of what would come next for Dumbledore almost never shouted in such a demanding voice. "The teachers and I have been discussing the issue of Mrs. Norris and believe that it is best if, while the staff investigates further, all students-excluding those with detentions-go to Hogsmead village tomorrow. Also, for certain students *glances at Seamus Finnegan* Mr. Olivander had set up a travel wand shop for this year alone. Now that that announcement is out of the way I say: Tuck in!" He said. You smiled and began to eat. After a moment you heard something crack! 'Not again! Please, not again,' you thought as you pulled your wand from your back pocket. "Again!?" You sighed angrily as you noticed the wand was only holding together in one piece by a tiny splinter. "Ron, pass the spell-o-tape," you requested. Ron looked up from his mound of BBQ wings and tossed you the tape. You wrapped the broken area tightly with tape and was satisfied that it didn't blow up in your face. "Thanks," you slid the roll of tape back to the ginger. He nodded and Hermione scolded him for having a face full of BBQ sauce. You rolled your eyes and continued eating with your wand right next to your plate.
  3. And, now, @chopinssonata's scenes!!!!
  4. Before you knew it, it was time for the hogsmead trip. Classes had been relatively easy, even Snape's class. Although, you would've loved to have spent time with Hermione and the rest of the golden trio, but they were rather busy at the moment. Hermione had several tests coming up for her classes that, she claimed, she "needed to study for". But knowing Hermoine, she'd ace the next test without even cracking open a book. You had insisted she come with you on this trip, but even if you tried grabbing her legs and pulling her away from the desk with books so high they were toppling over, you knew that there was no way you would be able to separate the two. Harry and Ron had detention today, so you assumed they wouldn't be allowed near Hogsmead. Alone, you sat in the carriage, somewhat enjoying the silence. Ever since attending Hogwarts, it has been hard to have these little moments to yourself. A block away Neville could be seen running towards the carriage! By now, most of the others were probably full. Neville stepped inside. "Is this seat taken?" He asked. "It's not. Go ahead," you answered. Although the silence had been nice, Neville was one of those people that you could talk to and say almost anything. "Why did you bring your wand?" He slightly tilted his head which was probably filled with curiosity seeing that it had quite a bit of tape wrapped around the area that your wand had broken at. "I need to repair it. It kind of snapped in two," you answered "Really? That doesn't happen very often. How'd it happen? If you don't mind my asking," he said. "It's kind of a long story," you sighed. Neville looked at your surroundings. The carriage still hadn't left yet. "I have time," he smiled.
  5. The next people to join the carriage were Crabbe and Goyle, followed by Draco. Without asking, Crabbe and Goyle sat with Neville squished in between them. Neville stiffened. You had your suspicions that Neville hadn't been treated too well by them: he looked as though he were holding back a scream. That could've been because he was either scared, couldn't breathe (when I say he was squished, I definitely mean it), or Crabbe and Goyle smelled. They didn't exactly smell like flowers. It honestly could've been any of those, Maybe even all three. "Hello ______, it's been a while," Draco said. "Not really. I saw you yesterday," you said in no time at all. "Still as sharp as always, I see," He smirked as he usually did. Neville still appeared utterly uncomfortable and looked as though he were about to scream any second. His face had turned a couple shades of purple and pink, the smell had probably gotten to him. "Hey Crabbe, Goyle. I told Pansy she could sit with us. She's bringing healthy food, like celery and carrots," you informed. Nothing frightened Crabbe and Goyle more than Pansy and the sight of something healthy. They left with more speed than you thought they'd ever be capable of! "So much for your goons. Neville, are you okay?" You smirked. He looked a little more at ease, but he was shaking. He was eyeing Draco like they were in a predator-prey relationship. "Pansy? I hate that girl. She's so clingy and that voice... Why would you invite her? You hate her," Draco said in a disgusted tone. That couldn't have had been said more clearly. "You were just trying to get rid of Crabbe and Goyle, right?" He shoved. "Now you're catching on. Why is Neville so afraid of you?" You asked. When Draco glanced at Neville, he shrunk in his seat and scooted into the corner closest to the window. "I have no idea. We're best friends, aren't we, Neville?" Draco placed his hand on Neville's shoulder. He jumped from his seat and ran out of the compartment. In the distance, there was a faint sound of a girl screaming. 'I wonder....' you thought. Only then, did the carriage begin moving. The driver most likely got sick of waiting for the carriage to fill up. "Could you do me a favor?" You asked. "Anything!" Could you keep Crabbe and Goyle from bullying Neville? He's a good person even though he may be a bit of an introvert." The word "introvert" was definitely used lightly. "Why do you care about him? He's not.." Draco began "Not what? Not like those thugs who you call "friends" who cater to your every whim?" You snapped sharply. The carriage jolted to a stop.
  6. You had arrived at Hogmeade. Although the trip had only taken a matter of minutes, it had felt like a matter of hours. You rushed out of the carriage since you felt you had heard enough. As you left Draco behind, he muttered his answer, "He's not worth your time. None of them are." With your broken wand, you headed to the first place on your errand list: Ollivanders. It wasn't as busy as you thought it'd be. You finally had gotten the attention of Garrick. "What can I do for you Mrs. ____________?" He asked. "I need to have my wand repaired. There was an.......incident," you explained. Garrick examined your broken wand. "This looks rather critical. I'll see what I can do. For now, I'd suggest buying another wand." You searched around the shop, trying all the wands that could be tried. No such luck. No wand was compatible. You then decided to forget about all of the wand malfunctions and headed towards the Three Broomsticks, deciding that you could use a pint. Of butter beer, of course. You entered the Three Broomsticks to find several girls surrounding a table. After pushing several people out of the way, you found Harry and the infamous Gilderoy Lockhart apparently answering fan mail. "Need a hand?" You offered. Harry perked up when he saw you. "______! Great to see you. I have to answer all this fan mail while Lockhart gloats more about himself," the Gryffindor smiled. You sat down in the vacant chair at the table and began assisting Harry, even though he's in "detention" and shouldn't be receiving help. There couldn't be anything worse than being with Lockhart all day! To you, it was the ultimate punishment! The other girls swooned over Lockhart when he would do as much as lift a pinky. When sorting the fan mail into locations and which ones had been responded to, your hands touched. This would've made you blush a little. Unfortunately, you didn't have the opportunity to blush, as you were shocked as you normally would when you came into contact with Harry. This became a normally occurrence with the letter sorting.
  7. You began to notice something when you brushed hands with Harry: the shocks were becoming stronger at no gradual rate! "Perry, be a dear and get me a butter beer," Lockhart waved his hand towards the counter. "Harry," Harry said firmly. "What's that, Terry?" Lockhart asked. At the look on Harry's face, he had definitely given up. "I'll get the butter beer," you volunteered. With an almost overflowing mug of butterbeer, you were watching the mug more than your steps. This most likely caused you to trip on a loose floor board and trip. The butter beer, luckily, landed on the table without a single spill but you found yourself falling and caught in midair by Harry. This scene also would've caused you to blush, but the overbearing shock distracted you from this. The shock lasted longer as well. It felt as though you were an animal that had escaped the perimeters of an electric fence and the collar had been turned on the highest setting! A blinding white light soon came after. You saw images. First blurry, and then clearer. Images of your parents!
  8. Your distant memories now forgotten, all of them happy, except the last one. Your parents, several dark figures, and an unhealthily pale man with no nostrils. The memory ended with two killing curses and several screeches. Like fog, the memory cleared away and you were brought to your senses, especially when you heard the grossest thing ever possible! Lockhart stepped out from the crowd, "It appears she isn't waking up. Allow me to revive her." Your eyes flew open just in time. Lockhart began to pucker his lips. Using your foot you pushed him away. He began to kiss the bottom of your shoe, which you were pretty sure had mint gum stuck to the bottom! You assessed the room. It was the hospital wing in Hogwarts! 'But how?' You thought. 'I could've only been out for a couple of minutes. So how is it possible that there was enough time to bring me here?' You wondered. The others, including Harry, the twins, Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Draco had expressions that could only be described as frightened and worried. "______! You've been out for days. Are you all right?" Harry reached to touch your shoulder for comfort, but it only had the opposite effect. You shrank away from him, not wanting that to happen again and most certainly not intending to hurt his feelings. He looked hurt and kept his hands to himself. You hugged your legs as the memories flooded back in. Although surrounded by friends, never had you felt so alone. "No". You responded. "I'm most definitely not all right."
  9. Thanks!!! That's it and I hope you liked it! Comment, rate, thank @chopinssonata, polls, and quizzes! Bye! Accio lame results!
  10. Also: If, I mean when, I decide to have another contest the entries shall be submitted through messages on! My username: PyraPotter23. Thanks, bye!

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