Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 5)

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Will you get your Hogwarts Best Friend? Take this quiz to find out! My apologies to the lack of drama, but keep in mind you are only 11!!! Anyway comment, rate, take the rest of my quizzes, and take my polls!

My apologies of the time period. Things are a little more modern than when Rowling wrote the original stories. I hope my fan-fiction is good any way!!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Author's note: When we left off you had bought a talking, Cornish pixie from the twins, you punched Ron for insulting Hermione, and heard Harry say it was better off not to be around you. Tip: I have had some people say that they can't distinguish thoughts from speaking so here is a key- 'Hello all you people' is a thought, "Hello all you people" is spoken, "Hello 'all' you people" is spoken with all in air quotes. "Hello (hello) all you people" is spoken but the (hello) is someone interrupting you or talking at the same time as you. Hope this helped! Comment/rate/take my polls/ take my other quizzes! :-)
  2. You were at dinner and Harry, Ron, and yourself were, unfortunately, not on speaking terms. "Neville, are you alright? You've been listening to Gryffindor Gossip all morning!" You laughed. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just listening to see what's up with Hermione," Neville whispered, sending a pink tinge to his cheeks. You nodded and returned to eating your dinner sweets. It was Halloween. The Great Hall was decorated in orange, purple, and black, had dancing skeletons, floating jack-o-lanterns, and candy on every plate. You gorged yourself with candy corn and other things. "Hey, where is Hermione?" You heard Harry ask. "Parvati Patil said she wouldn't come out of the girls' bathroom. Said she'd been in there all afternoon," Neville regaled. "Thank you, Neville. Now I must be going!" You left. You walked towards the girl's bathroom to go find Hermione, when you saw Professor Quirell run past you. You heard him yell that there was a troll in the dungeon, you found it odd that the professor knew about the troll considering he didn't work in the dungeons and you found it suspicious that he wasn't at dinner. You decided to shake your suspicions and go warn Hermione of the troll. When you reached the girls' lavatory, you realized that Hermione didn't need to be warned.
  3. "HERMIONE!" You screeched. She walked out of the stall, wiping her eyes, to see the huge troll. She almost screamed but you ran to her and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Maybe, if we be quite it will go away," you lied through your clenched teeth. Hermione nodded silently as you both edged towards the bathroom wall. "Uh-oh," you said as the door opened. Harry and Ron came bursting through the door. "Hermione, ______, MOVE!" Harry shouted. You and Hermione ducked as the ugly beast swung its club, barely missing your head. 'Where is it? Where is it? I can't have lost it! I just had it!' You thought, panicked. You heard Hermione tell Ron something as he cast a spell. Before you knew what had happened, you heard a thump and heard Harry make a retching noise, "Troll bogies! Uck!" You saw a glint of wood under the troll's feet as a group of professors rushed in. Professor McGonnagle was furious with Harry and Ron, until Hermione claimed it was her fault. No one seemed to notice you until you gave a loud sigh, "Of course! This stupid troll broke my wand in half!" Hermione tried to use the repairing charm. It didn't work. So Ron offered you his roll of Spellotape, "It won't work quite right, but it'll be fine until the holidays. Then you can get a new one." At that, the professors left. "Thanks Ron! Um, is your arm okay? I didn't break anything, did I?" You asked. He told you it was fine. You hugged him, then turned to Harry. "Do you still want me to stay away?" You almost cried. "You heard that?" He asked, shocked. "I'm sure that Professor Snape, in the dungeons heard it. You didn't exactly 'whisper' it!" You explained. "I'm sorry ______. As long as we figure out why we shock each other, I'll keep you around!" Harry joked. You punched him playfully on the arm, and you both shouted, "Ow!"
  4. You attended classes, almost normally, for the next few weeks. Your wand did everything that it shouldn't! It made things blow up instead of fixing them, made things pink instead of levitating them, and your wand turned roses into snakes instead of daffodils. Luckily, the holidays were drawing near, so you could buy a new wand. You were tempted to sign up for the list of students to stay, but you couldn't stand to have a messed up wand for the rest of the semester. "Bye, guys!" You said as you hugged each of your friends. "Tell me what you find about Nicholas Flamel. And Harry, don't dwell on that mirror too much, you know it will just make you upset," you whispered. Harry nodded, both of you were ignoring the small electric shocks being sent. Until it was a high voltage shock, "OOWW!!!!! What the bloody heck was that?" You and Harry screamed. You both laughed, "While you guys are researching Nicholas Flamel, I'm going to try to find out why I can't touch Harry without shocking him!" You whispered. Everyone laughed and wished you luck. You returned the gesture and boarded the Hogwarts Express. "I'll send you guys your presents!" You waved. Your friends said they would do the same. You waved until your friends were out of sight and went to find an empty compartment. Once you did you instantly drifted off into a slumber for the ride home.
  5. Once you had awoken you realized that you were still in your school robes. You went to change, on your way there you bumped into the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain. "Hey, ______! You don't have to bump into me to get my attention, you know," Oliver laughed. You nodded and apologized. "When can I play in Quidditch? I mean, when's the next Quidditch match?" You asked. "Saturday, after break." "Yeah, sorry that I couldn't make the first match, I was busy trying to fix my wand. A troll snapped it in half and now it doesn't work," you explained. "Yeah, we sorta had to sneak Katie out of the hospital wing, but I'm glad we did. We crushed Slytherin!" Oliver celebrated. You nodded and walked to the bathroom to change. You returned a couple minutes later to see King's Cross right around the corner. You walked back to your compartment to see Oliver. "Oliver? Can I help you?" You asked, surprised. "Oh, just wanted to see where the pretty chaser spent her ride," Oliver smiled. "Ok? You've seen it so good-bye," you responded in your smart-aleck tone. Oliver stood, nodded, and left.
  6. When you arrived at King's Cross Train Station you were surprised to see Jonathan waiting for you on the other side of the barrier. "Blackwell? What are you doing here?" You asked. "Just wanted to see how the young witch is fairing," Blackwell said sarcastically. "Just needed to buy a new wand! A troll broke mine," you said truthfully. "How did a troll-" "It's a long story that I don't have time to retell," you stated quickly. Blackwell nodded and led you to his car. You walked with Blackwell to a dark blue Dart and sat in its felt seats. "New car, Blackwell?" You asked as you sat in the passenger seat. Blackwell nodded. "So how is school so far?" He asked. You were confused by his sudden change of character. "Alright I guess. Hermione is ignoring me, we got attacked by a troll, my wand broke, one of my best friends almost died because a professor jinxed him during a flying game, you know the usual every-day witch's routine," you sighed. Blackwell laughed. "How was your year?" You asked. "Awesome! I have had the house to myself and I met a really cute girl down in Little Whinging!" Blackwell smiled. 'So that's why he's happy! He met a girl!' You thought. After about 10 minutes you were at the house.
  7. When you walked into the house, you noticed that the kitchen was a light blue instead of the previous deep red. You then noticed a large mahogany table where the old white table was. You saw three plates on the table filled with something you could eat! Chicken, macaroni and potatoes. "Blackwell, who redecorated and cooked?" You asked, amazed. "My new girlfriend, Sonya!" Blackwell smiled. "So is Sonya eating with us?" You asked. Blackwell nodded. "As long as she keeps you from yelling at me," you said, nonchalantly. Blackwell suddenly got red in the face, "Just mind your attitude and if I see any of that hocus-pocus you people call magic, I will ship you off to the first orphanage!" "I'll watch my attitude if you and Sonya do. As for the hocus-pocus, I can't guarantee anything, so try to hold your tongue!" You hissed. Blackwell glared at you and told you to at least pretend to be nice. "Fine, but I'm not going to lie! And, if you want a girl to like you, the best thing to do is be yourself," you explained. Blackwell just grimaced and sat down at the table. Blackwell instructed you to make a good first impression. You knew all about first impressions, and that they didn't always last long, so you went to go change. You dressed in a red t-shirt, black skinny jeans, your boots, and brushed your hair.
  8. A few minutes after you had returned to the table, a lady, about in her mid-twenties, walked through the kitchen door. She had her auburn hair curled, her tan face primped, a purple short sleeved shirt, a black skirt, and flats. You saw Blackwell just gape and you kicked him. He gave you a what-was-that-for look. You returned with a look that said just-knock-it-off. Blackwell suddenly became a gentleman. He took Sonya by the hand and pulled her chair out for her and served the food. Blackwell didn't say much, he was too busy drooling, so you decided to, for once, listen to what Blackwell had said. "Hello ma'am. I'm _____." You started off. "Oh, hello _____, I'm Sonya Taylor. I've heard a lot about you. You don't seem to be as much of the know-it-all that Jonathan described you to be." Sonya laughed. You heard your phone go off. It was Blackwell. It said 'Just go along with it please!?' "I can be, when I want," was your smooth response as you began to eat. "Well how often are you like that?" Sonya asked. "Well, not often. Honestly I'm more of a smart-aleck than a know-it-all," you replied without looking up. Sonya nodded as an owl flew through the kitchen window and landed on your chair. Sonya looked shocked, while Blackwell looked furious. "Aren't owls nocturnal?" Sonya asked, petrified. "Yes, but my friends have trained certain owls to sleep at a non-specific time, and send letters when it need be," you explained while untying the small letter from the owl. "Blackwell, may I be excused?" You asked for your dinner was gone. Blackwell nodded, and you ran to your room with the small owl.
  9. It read, '_____, I hope you aren't angry with me, but yes, I have been avoiding you. Although, I have my reasons. I've been ignoring you because I know something that I fear you would be mad if I told you. Although, now I realize that you'd be angrier with me if I didn't tell you. So, I've been avoiding you because I was afraid that I would let it slip that your father murdered your mother. I have been reading the Hogwarts' library and found that everyone on your father' side of the family have been death eaters, followers of You-Know-Who, while everyone on your mother' side where members of something called the Order of the Phoenix. I guess that the Order was a group of Aurors? Anyway, I will tell you more when you return to Hogwarts. Sorry if this was extremely upsetting! -Hermione.' You broke down crying, throwing everything in reach, not caring if your guest heard. You stopped at the quill and parchment on your desk. The snowy owl that had delivered the letter had gone now, so you called to Pyra from the window. When the black barn owl returned you began to write. When you had finished you had a short message that read, 'Thank you Hermione. No, I'm not angry with you, you had a good reason for doing what you did, I just hope that when I return to Hogwarts we can talk freely again. If you have anything else to tell me, let me know upon my return. I am angry, although not with you, but with my father. Have you found anything about N.F? See you in two weeks. My best wishes to you all! -______.' You sent Pyra to deliver the tear clustered message, and broke down once again. Sonya quietly opened your door and sat beside you on your sky blue carpet.
  10. How was this? I managed to work in something for Hermione. Also you learned a deep secret about yourself. Comment/rate/ take the rest of my quizzes/ and take my polls! Thanks to all of you awesome people who read this!! In the comments please include the usual, what did you like? What did you hate? What can I add to make this better? What can I do next time? And please include instructive criticism. Also, which would be a better way to write this, second person (the current format), third person, or first person? ~perfection isn't possible! but we can try~ BYE!! See you next week!! ✌️

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