Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 2)

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Tell me what you think! This is my second quiz of this series so I expect it to be better than my first. What do you think? Your opinions mean the end or continuation of my series!

Tell me what you think! This is my second quiz of this series so I expect it to be better than my first. What do you think? Your opinions mean the end or continuation of my series! ~Perfection is impossible but we can try~

Created by: Pyra Potter

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  1. Author's note: We left you and your bushy-haired best friend discussing the possibilities of the Hogwarts Curriculum. (Rate and comment about my series and improvements, please!) NOTE: your answers do not count with Author's note. I'm revising the story a bit to go with improvement ideas that I have been given by fans.
  2. "I hope Hogwarts isn't a school for future street magicians. That would be extremely insulting!" Hermione laughed. "Yeah, with our 4.0 GPA, I would die!" You replied through a mouth full of sandwich. You suddenly remembered something the acceptance letter had said. Something about a place by the name of 'Dragon Eyes?', no, 'Diagonal Abby?', no, oh 'Diagon Alley!' "Hermione?" you asked timidly. She held up a finger, for her mouth was full. "Yeah?" she asked when she had swallowed. "Do you know of a place called Diagon Alley?" "No. Why?" "It's just the letter says we have to get our things from a place called Diagon Alley?" With that parting note you both stood and nodded. You threw the ladder down so you and Hermione could climb out through the window. You both headed towards the Liverpool Public Library.
  3. "_____?" Hermione asked. "Hmm?" You replied looking distant. "I need to tell you something." You stopped in your tracks, "Hermione Jean Granger, the last time you said that you needed to tell me that your dog 'harmed' MY library books," You said beginning to laugh. "No, it's nothing like that. I just wanted to tell you.....Happy two-year-anniversary," Hermione replied with smile. "Wait, today's the 27th?" You asked bewildered. When she nodded you went on, "Wow, I hate when I can't get the dates right. Anyway, Hermione, you too. I can't believe we have been friends for two years!" You said, thinking of how Hermione seemed to be a sister to you. After you arrived at the library and looked and looked for a single reference to a Diagon Alley, you remembered something.
  4. You dropped the world atlas in your hands, resulting in a dirty look from the librarian. You quickly apologized, put the book back where it was, you grabbed Hermione by the arm and pulled her to a bus stop. "Where are we going?" She asked bewildered. "To London, please." You stated handing the bus driver £2. Hermione began to ask what you were doing, but you cut her off, staring out the window, waiting for your stop. When you finally reached your desired stop you thanked the driver and pulled Hermione off the bus. You had stopped across the street from The Leaky Cauldron. "The night we got our letters I heard Jonathon talking to someone about a place called 'The Leaky Cauldron' in London, but Jonathon said that he had never seen such a place. Hermione, only people like us can see it. If we ask someone there how to get to Diagon Alley they can help!" You explained with a smile. Hermione reluctantly followed you into the Inn. She held up a finger, indicating for you to wait, as a man walked by. "Excuse me, sir? I have a question. What's that over there?" She asked as she pointed towards the Inn. The man gave her a look and said it was a field as he walked away. Hermione told you that you were right and followed you to the Leaky Cauldron. When you and Hermione entered you were approached by a hunchbacked man, who reminded Hermione of the movie 'Igor'. "How can I help you two young ladies?" The man asked in his deep, hoarse, voice. "Umm, actually we were hoping for directions?" You asked politely. "To Diagon Alley," Hermione finished hopefully. "Hagrid, could you show these young ladies to Diagon Alley?" The man asked a huge man in a huge moleskin chair.
  5. After Hagrid had shown you into Diagon Alley, taken you to Gringotts, and said, "I'll see ya at Hogwarts then?" he left with a black haired boy. Yourself and Hermione had purchased cauldrons first, so you could carry your smaller things in it. Then you bought everything else, other than wands and robes. Hermione stated she was going to the robe shop while you got your wand. When you walked into Olivander's you saw the jet-black haired boy in over-sized clothes in front of the counter. He wove the rosewood wand in his hand sending a red spark your way. You yelped and ducked while the sparks destroyed the vase that was directly behind you. Some of the glass cut your arms making you yelp again. The boy placed the wand on the counter and ran over to you. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?" He asked helping you to your feet. "Yes, I'm fine thank you." You said embarrassed. "Ummm, I'm ______ Blackwell." You said sweetly. "Nice to meet you ______. I'm Harry Potter." He said, upset all of a sudden. "Nice to meet you, too, Harry. Now don't you have a wand to buy?" You asked in your trademarked smart-aleck tone. Harry thanked you and went back to the wands. You sat by the window staring at the owls down the street. After Harry had left, you approached the counter, "Hello, sir," you greeted Olivander happily. He waved and bustled about his inventory. Olivander handed you a black wand with a strange handle. You waved the wand and sent Olivander's stores flying. You jumped and set the wand on the counter again. Olivander then handed you a golden wand with a teardrop handle. This time a table collapsed. "No, no, definitely not." Olivander stated as he returned to his shelves for a moment. He handed you a handsome brown wand with red engravings about the handle, you suddenly felt a warm and fuzzy feeling coming from your hand. Once you had paid Olivander the required seven galleons Hermione walked in. You told Hermione good luck while you went to purchase your robes.
  6. 8. You walked into Madam Malkin's Robe Emporium and saw another boy. He had designer clothes and bleach blond hair. You decided that he didn't seem too friendly so didn't introduce yourself. The boy walked away bumping into your shoulder, hard, he stopped long enough to sneer, "Next time you see a pure blood missy, I advise you to move." "Next time you see a person you should watch where your going!" You retorted angrily. "Do you need any help?" The boy asked fearfully. "Not from you," you replied sarcastically. The boy walked away, confused, so you approached the counter. "Hello, ma'am, could I have some Hogwarts uniforms, please?" You asked your temper back in check. "Of course miss, this way." The woman, you guessed as Madam Malkin, ushered you into a fitting room. Once you had paid and left the store, Hermione had texted that her parents needed her home. You told her to remember the letter she had gotten the night before. You stomped off to Eyelop's Owl Emporium to purchase a black barn owl, which you called Pyra, a cage, and treats. Once you had bought extra parchment and quills along with ink, you went home with your parcels.
  7. Finally it was August 31, one day before school started, and you had much to do. Your pale blue room had school supplies strew everywhere. Your white carpet had gone to a cream in places due to Pyra coming in and out with dead rodents. You stood up quickly, which was a mistake because your vision immediately went blurry and your knees began to buckle. You quickly sat back on your teal bed waiting for the purple fuzziness in your vision to go away. Once it did you slowly stood and began to tidy up. After you had showered and dressed in a black t-shirt hoodie, skinny jeans, and brown knee-high boots you began to clean. Your cleaning began with you forgetting to purchase a trunk so you quickly ran to Diagon Alley once more. When you returned with a leather brown trunk Initialed with __. B, you began to pack your trunk. You decided to only unwrap one of your robes so you could change on the train. You packed everything else into your trunk still wrapped in their parcels, you also shoved an olive green field bag, what you would use as your backpack, into your trunk. After you had neatly put everything, other than your wand and cauldron (which wouldn't fit), into your trunk you closed the lid and locked it. You then shoved the brown trunk under your bed, and continued with the rest of your room. You vacuumed and cleansed your carpet back to its original color and also made your bed. You did laundry so you would have muggle and casual clothes if need be. After cleaning your room completely you called Hermione to see if she was attending Hogwarts. She told you she was and would meet you at the train station the next day. You trudged downstairs at 6:00am and knew that Blackwell would still be asleep. "Well, it is my last day, until June. Better make the best of it." You muttered while going to the kitchen. You cooked Blackwell's favorite breakfast; bacon, toast, and eggs. You helped yourself to everything but the eggs. "Cousin Blackwell!!" You shouted at 7:00 when everything was cooked. He trudged out of his bedroom, lighting up like a Christmas tree when he saw the breakfast.
  8. Before you knew anything had happened, it was 6:00am on September 1. You shouted out the window to Pyra and waited for the tawny to return. You quickly showered and dressed in a red T-shirt hoodie, skinny jeans, and your brown boots. You ran downstairs and made yourself some oatmeal with strawberries. After eating it was 7:30 and you had only two and a half hours before the train left. You quickly awoke Blackwell after making him oatmeal and said good-bye. He complained that the oatmeal tasted awful and he dumped it in the floor. You left with these parting words, "If you don't stop acting like a selfish four-year old by the time I get back, I will do many, many, things." With that you gathered your things and left with a final scowl. You headed towards the train station and noticed that your ticket said 'Platform 9 3/4' You saw platform 9 and 10 no 9 3/4 you saw Harry having the same issue as yourself. "HARRY!!!" You yelled and waved as he waved back he muttered something and turned to follow a red-headed family. You decided to see what was up. You saw a set of, twins maybe, run through the brick wall. You also noticed that no one around seemed to notice two boys walking through a solid brick wall. You concluded that the brick wall was, once again, only applicable by witches or wizards. You texted Hermione 'At train stashun, waytng 4 u' texting was one of the few times you purposely misspelled things, mostly for speed. Hermione texted back 'wil b thr n 5.' You closed your phone and waited stroking Pyra. Your phone went off, Hermione again. This time the text read: 'car broke dwn go without me.' You texted back a :'( and went fearfully through the barrier. You began fussing with your phone, not paying attention to your direction, and ran straight into someone, "Oh, I am SO SO SO sorry miss. I wasn't paying attention." A red-haired woman replied saying it was fine. "I am _______ Blackwell by the way." You told the woman thrusting out your hand. "Wonderful name, ______, that is! I am Molly, but to you I will be Mrs. Weasley." You both shook hands, and you went to board the train. You first deposited your luggage to the luggage rack and searched for a compartment. You saw Harry and another red-haired boy sitting alone. You worked up the courage to slide door open. "Umm, hello, I was just wondering if I could maybe sit here? Everyone else is so cruel." They said it would be alright and you sat nearest the door. "Harry, wonderful to see you again. And I'm afraid I don't know you, but I am ______ Blackwell" You stated waving at the red-head. "Ron Weasley" he said waving back.
  9. You were worried. You were at Hogwarts, but hadn't yet seen Hermione. You checked your phone, "Ugh! No bars!" You exclaimed frustrated. You were told to go to the boats by Hagrid, and were extremely afraid. You have been terrified of boats for as long as you could remember. You had been boating for a school field trip and had been shoved overboard into the lake. If it weren't for your teacher you wouldn't have come back up. You had taken swimming lessons since then, which made things a little more bearable. Harry and Ron noticed your anxiety and ran over. "What's wrong _______?" Harry asked timidly. "Nothing." You replied with what you hoped was a convincing tone, it wasn't. "______, don't lie to us." Ron laughed. "Fine, I am ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of boats." Harry and Ron started to laugh, they thought you were kidding, but seeing the expression on your face they quickly apologized. "Why? You don't have to say if you don't want to!" Harry said quietly. "Ok, when I was seven my school went on boat rides for a tour of the island. A boy named Raphael pushed me overboard. I couldn't swim. I'm just so glad my teacher was there, unfortunately Raphael was the teacher's son, so she didn't believe he had pushed me over." You ended the horrible memory quickly. "It's all right ________, we understand now, but you can ride with us, we promise not to push." Ron swore his right hand in the air. You laughed and agreed climbing in between Harry and Ron, you felt safe between your new friends. You soon arrived at a beautiful castle. "That's Hogwarts?" You cried amazed. Ron, in front of you, nodded; speechless. When you walked into the entrance hall the blond boy made a reappearance.
  10. I left you at a cliffhanger! I'm so evil. Well Malfoy is appearing again. What do you think will happen? What blood-status do you think you have? Please rate/comment? In comments could you answer these questions? 1. What was your favorite part. 2. Least favorite. 3. What do you think so far. 4. How could I improve. 5. Any future ideas that I could use. Thanks! ~Perfection isn't possible, but we can try!~

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