Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 12 New Year)

Hey peoples!!! I is back and active again! Yay me! Sorry about this edition, it's not as good as if thought it'd be! Sorry! Comment, rate, polls, quizzes, the usual! Accio year recap!

Recap: it was first year.You were sorted into Gryffindor. Hermione ignored you until Christmas. A troll broke your wand. Death eaters invaded your mind. You're a back-up Chaser. Voldemort said he'd kill your loved ones. Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Hey guys!!! I'm back, yay!!!!!!! Anyway the journey for second year should be a bit shorter than first year was! Our journey will begin at the book shop (can't remember the name right now!) Here we go!!!!!
  2. "There you are, Harry!" You greeted your soot covered friend. "Come on, they're worried about you!" You told him. "Harry, what did you do to to your glasses? Oculus reparo," Hermione sighed. After Harry's glasses were fixed you and Hermione dragged him into the book shop. "Gilderoy Lockhart!" A squat man with a camera introduced. "Mum fancies him!" Ron commented as his mum poofed up her ginger hair. Molly turned around and hit his arm playfully. "Don't see how," you muttered as Lockhart began to brag about his new book. "Great Scott! It's Harry Potter!" Lockhart said. You rolled your ____ eyes as the camera man pulled Harry up to Lockhart. "Nice smile, Harry. Together we win the front page," Lockhart pulled Harry close. You rolled your eyes once more as Lockhart said, "What a fantastic day this is! When young Harry here stepped into Flourish and Blotts this morning to buy my new book!" Every girl, besides you, clapped at this. "Miss. Yes, you in the front," Lockhart addressed you. "Yes, sir?" You asked, afraid that someone was writing down what was said. "You don't seem very happy. Why is that?" He responded. "It's nothing personal, sir. Famous pretty boys and I don't exactly get along," you explained. "I thought we got along!" Harry said. "We do. I said pretty boys, you don't fall into that category," you answered. Harry laughed as Lockhart said, "Perhaps I can change that. Come here, Miss." You walked forward slowly and stopped in front of him. "Miss, What is your name?" He asked. "______ ______," you whispered. "Well, _______, What have you always wanted?" He asked. "Mr. Lockhart, I really don't see how this is going to change my opinion," you said quickly. "Just answer it," he ordered kindly. "Sir, I really don't like this," you tried again. "What have you always wanted?" He repeated. "Mr. Lockhart, you can't buy my kindness," you tried again. "Miss _____, What have you always wanted?" He persisted. "Right now, I'd like you to drop it!" You said defiantly and stomped out of the book shop. "Don't mind her, she's extremely opinionated," Mrs. Weasley said as the door closed.
  3. After a few ice-cream filled minutes Draco and Mr. Malfoy walked out of Flourish and Blotts. "Hi, Draco!" You greeted him. "Hey, ________!" He returned. "Who is this, Draco?" Mr. Malfoy asked. "This is _________ ________. A rather good friend of mine," Draco gulped. "Well, Miss __________ I believe that your blood-status is sufficient? As well as your house at Hogwarts?" Lucius asked. "Depends on what you believe is sufficient," you answered formally. "A friend with an attitude! How unusual," he smirked. "Not exactly. Short tempered and expressive," you corrected. "Well then, nice to meet you," Lucius said in a falsely kind voice. "The pleasure is all mine," you smiled. Lucius nodded and swept Draco away with him. The Weasleys joined you a moment later. "______, as admirable as that was, try to hold back next time," Mr. Weasley said. "I tried. I gave him several chances to get out of that, but he didn't take them. However, I will TRY to hold out longer next time," you joked. He nodded and smiled. "That was awesome, _________!" Harry praised. "It was bloody brilliant!" Ron corrected. "Perhaps, but I'll bet a pocket full of galleons that will be in the Daily Prophet tomorrow," Mrs. Weasley said sternly. You nodded silently and asked, "What did Draco say to you?" "Said Harry is an attention hound. Then his dad called my dad a disgrace to the wizard world and said that Hermione's parents were a disgrace as well," Ron clenched his fists. "That little-! Well, I'm sorry about that. If it makes it easier I'll pop Draco in the face the second he says anything like that! Also, if he calls Hermione a you-know-what, I will personally murder him!" You clenched your fists as well. "I always knew you were awesome!" Hermione hugged you. You chuckled and hugged her in return. "Let's get home," Mr. Weasley clapped his hands.
  4. Skipping to train
  5. "Hermione, where's Harry and Ron?" You asked on the train. "I don't know. Are the Weasleys even here?" She answered. "Yeah, the twins are down there!" You pointed behind you. She nodded and just shrugged her shoulders. "Candy?" You asked as the train began to move. "Anything besides Chocolate Frogs, I feel so barbaric!" She cringed. "Alright, I'll get you something when she comes around. Although, you do realize they aren't real frogs, right?" You had a falsely worried look on your face. "Yes, I know. It's just a spell," she rolled her brown eyes. You chuckled and started talking about your summers. "What did you do over summer?" You asked. "It was alright, I guess. We didn't do much other than go to Spain for a couple days," she said sadly. "What's wrong with Spain?" You asked. "They're always talking about the slaves they've taken and the wars they've won! They are awful people!" She answered with a grimace. "How was yours?" She asked. "AWFUL! I didn't do anything because I was too worried about Sonya and Blackwell!" You whined. "Why were you worried?" Hermione asked. "Last year, when I went with Harry to get the stone, Voldemort said he would kill them if I didn't join him! I think I set him off when I said he was just a head!" You regaled. "What the?!" Hermione stared out the window. You looked out the window and gasped. Harry was dangling from a flying car! You opened the window and shouted, "Harry?! What are you doing? You're gonna get yourself killed!" "House-elf, barrier, tell you later!" He answered as he tried to grab Ron's hand. "Why don't you just land the car on the tracks and follow us?" You asked. "We tried that and almost got run over!" Ron shouted. "Do you two have any idea how many muggles could see you?!" Hermione shouted. "The invisibility booster isn't working!" Harry answered. "Yeah, we had no other choice!" Ron shouted. "You do realize, Harry, that you could have sent an owl to the school and have them get you?" You shouted. "I never thought of that!" Harry answered as Ron pulled him back in the car. "Anything from the trolley?" You heard. "Two of everything, in a bag please. And two licorice wands," you answered. The lady handed you a bag and the two licorice wands. You thanked her and whipped out your wand once she left. "Wingardium leviosa," you levitated the bag and told Harry to catch it. He took the bag and thanked you. "Prefect! Look out!" You told them. The car dove under the tracks and Percy walked past. "Put that window up! Do you want to loose your wand?" He scolded. "No, once was enough for me," you smiled and closed the window. Percy nodded, pushed up his horned glasses, and went to scold some fourth years. After five and a half hours of talking the train arrived in hogsmead!
  6. "Come on, let's get a carriage before the crazy people fill them up," you suggested as you pulled your trunk from the train. The two of you landed a carriage with Ginny! "Hi, Ginny! I'm-" you started but she cut you off. "______ ______. I was there with the Lockhart incident. Also, my brothers wouldn't shut up about you. Kept saying how awesome you are," Ginny said. "I'll thank them later. How was your summer?" You asked. "Alright, it was full of longing for Hogwarts until Harry got there," she answered. "Ooh! You've got a crush on the chosen one!" Hermione teased. "Shove off, Hermione!" She teased. "I was only joking!" She said. I now noticed a brunette sitting quietly in the corner. "Tatyana?" You asked. "Forget about me? I can only remember twice you helped me last year," she said grudgingly. "I didn't forget about you! I had other things to do! You still passed all of your exams with average or above-average grades!" You pointed out. "How do you know that?" She asked. "I had the professors tell me so I knew what you really needed to work on. As far as I can tell it's only herbology," you answered. "I hope you didn't plan on tutoring me again," Tatyana sneered. "FYI , I wasn't. No need to be snooty about it! Unlike you, I had my priorities straight," you snapped. "I had mine straight! School work then friends and adventures. I'm sure Granger can agree, she did ignore you for half the year!" She crossed the line. "You can rip on me all you want, Tatyana, but do NOT drag my friends into your petty issues!" You snapped as the carriage halted. "Sorry, Ginny. Your first day and you've already seen a petty squabble," Hermione said. "It is petty! It's not my fault my wand broke, or that Voldemort invaded my head!" You hissed. "True, but couldn't you settle it in the dorm?" Hermione whispered. You nodded and continued to walk as Hagrid swept the first years away. (Me: Sorry about that. First years aren't supposed to take the carriages but I'm at a massive creative lockdown right now!) "What the? Hermione, has that tree always moved?" You pointed to a willow. "It's a whomping willow so yes," she answered. "Hmm. I want chicken and pudding! You?" You asked. "Same," she answered as you walked through the doors.
  7. You watched the sorting while eating and saw Ginny get out in Gryffindor. You also noticed a couple of students, both of which are new. One was Stampy O'Connor, a first year ravenclaw, he stood out because he sort of looked like Neville and Harry. He was a bit chubby, already 5.4', dark brown hair, and he had green eyes. You could tell he was muggle-born by the way he nervously walked to the house tables as if he were completely oblivious! 'Should have read the books like Hermione ' you thought kindly. He seemed friendly enough. The other student was a girl. A Slytherin who seemed more friendly than not. Adela Starks you recall her name. She sort of looked like Stampy! Mysterious green eyes, Brown hair (except hers was mid-length and curly), she was average height so about 4.5-5' tall. Although her appearance want exactly what caught your attention as to the friendly glances she sent your way! 'I don't think I know her. Perhaps we could be friends," you thought as you shoveled mashed potatoes into your mouth. "_______, if your trying to eat enough for you, Ron, and Harry you're going to blow up!" Hermione joked. "Ha ha. I'm hungry!" You said.
  8. After dinner still no sign of Harry or Ron! "If they aren't here by tomorrow I will send an owl to the Dursleys and to the Burrow!" You said. "They're right there," Hermione pointed down the hall. "Where were you?" You asked them. "A house-elf took my letters, then he dropped pudding on my neighbor's head making it look like I did it, then Uncle Vernon put bars on my window. Ron and the twins got me in a flying car. The barrier closed and we took the flying car here. Once we got here we hit a tree that hit us back then we got in trouble with Snape and McGonnagle gave us detention," Harry answered quickly. "Eventful summer," you sighed. They nodded. "What's your detention?" Hermione asked. "I have to clean the trophy room muggle style and Harry has to answer fan mall with Lockhart," Ron answered. "Lockhart's working here?!" You whined. They nodded. "Okay then. Which of you will volunteer to shut me up during class? The spell is 'silencio' and counter it with 'finite' after class," you said. "I'll do it," Hermione answered. "Thanks. Wattlebird," you told the portrait. "Yes. Go in," she swung forward. "Not still cross with me are you? It was a year ago!" You walked in. "No," she answered simply.
  9. Thanks! Sorry about the results and the lack of length in this one! I have a massive case of writers block! Also, let's give a round of applause for @aadee and @stormwolf!!! @aadee created Adela and @stormwolf created Stampy!! Accio new results!

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