Hogwarts [Your Turn 5 Pt 2]

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Hogwarts part 2 to year 4. I hope you enjoy reading and i want you to know that no matter what you get, your heart chooses the right thing not the quiz. Please rate and comment what you would like to happen and maybe i'll hold a character competition to add more into the story

So as the 4th year at Hogwarts begins to fade the triwizard tournament is also coming to an end. Who will stand on top and who will you be standing by at the end of the year?

Created by: DarkMindsReign

  1. "Hiya!" Neville had come over to me in the common room with his herbology books and sat next to me, we were both going to be studying for our assignment. Neville got all shy when he got near me and as he sat down he went to ask me something. "Iris, I was going to ask if you could come to the ball with me. I've been practising my dancing and I just wanted to know if you wanted to come with me?" I felt so bad having to turn down Neville, "I'm sorry I really am Neville, you're nice and all and I would have said yes but, someone has already asked me. I am sorry but I do know someone who will say yes" After telling him that Ginny would say yes he didn't seem too down about it after that. Ron's mum sent him some weird suit that look horrible. Dress robes. Later on we were with Professor McGonagall who told us all that the Yule ball was to be on Christmas Eve. She was going to teach us how to waltz and as Ron was talking she made him dance first with her. As she called us to dance, all the girls but I had stood up to get a partner. I didn't want to dance, I can't dance. None of the boys got up except Neville who was surprisingly good. Neville grabbed Ginny and all the girls grabbed a partner. One of the last boys was actually Fred so we grabbed each other and he helped me learn it. All he did was make jokes about my bad footing so I was constantly looking up laughing. That's what helped me get it. Not actually paying attention and just having fun. I owe Fred ten chocolate frogs for that though. The next day Harry and Ron were going to ask someone but again they had the same the same problem of actually asking them as they were all in groups. On the beach by the lake Krum was being followed by about twenty girls as they all wanted him to just turn around and ask one of them. He was fond of Hermione though.
  2. Ron and Harry were joking around that Neville hadn't got a date but he was probably going to take himself. We had to tell them that actually Neville was doing better than them. Ron was going to ask Hermione as a last resort and in fact when he did she told him that someone had already asked her, and she had said yes. The boys were stunned, I knew who she had been asked by. Fleur and I had been hanging out and Krum was the one who asked her. Hermione went off and as we were talking about those two being pathetic I got hit by Snape as the boys got their heads shoved to their work. Fleur and I were hoping to go get a dress but instead seeing as I was the same height and build she allowed me to borrow one as I didn't have one and had no money for one. The night before the ball, Fleur showed me the dress and it was perfect [no urls] before I could try it on, Cedric had called for me and I promised to meet him outside the Hufflepuff common room. "Hey, you wanted to see me?" I followed him as he motioned for me to follow him away from everyone else. "I got you something, if you don't like it then you don't have to wear it tomorrow but I would love if you did" Out of his pocket he picked out a small box and inside was a necklace, a charm of a silver swallow was linked on and it was beautiful, simple but beautiful. "Cedric, I... I'll wear it. This is simple yet just amazing" Wait, the charm reminded me of the locket I was wearing with the swallow flying as the picture inside. "Cedric?" I think he noticed I FINALLY caught on "Did you send me the locket when I was a first year?" Cedric then nodded "Did you really only JUST figure it out?" I was astounded that I never EVER gave it much thought. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist "Happy early Christmas" He was surprising me more by the minute I couldn't believe it was HIM. "I need to try on my dress with Fleur so I must go. I'll see you tomorrow. Just warning you I'm not amazing at my dancing still." He just laughed, let me go and watched me leave. As I got back I tried on the dress and it was a perfect fit. The charm looked good with it and I figured how I would do my hair, Fleur was going to help me all the way. I still had the locket on from when I first opened it.
  3. With my hair curled at the ends where the red dye started. My side fringe long enough to be put in a waterfall braid right round and already it was perfect, simple white eye shadow and a very small amount of blood red cherry chapstick to just tint my lips. Everything looked perfect. Into my dress Fleur put my necklace round my neck. I met with Hermione and Ginny who as well looked fantastic. Cedric was to meet me by where people were getting in the carriages. He looked just amazing, my very own prince charming. "Wow." He was amazed at how girly I had changed into. Usually being covered in mud from quidditch or just not in a dress was enough for Cedric to call me a tom boy when not in Hogwarts. He took me by the hand, kissed it and we made our way over to the hall.
  4. Cedric and I were called over by Professor Snape so we could join the first dance. "You look amazing, you know that right?" Cedric was holding my hand and staring into my eyes with his, sparkling grey. "Do you actually think so?" I turned to face him properly and straightened up his bow tie "HEY, haha yeah I do and look" he made me look around to see that people were staring at me and how some people didn't even recognise me. "I believe you look amazing, stunning, just down right beautiful, and so do they." I looked round to see Hermione coming down the stairs, "Yes but whatever you think, Hermione looks better" She looked amazing. "Hey, you know what, whatever people do say I think you're the best looking here" As I was at the right height for him to rest his chin on my head he placed a soft kiss on my head. I froze as I could smell his after shave lingering to me. We lined up for the precession and we went in. LISTEN TO SO CLOSE MY JOHN MCLAUGHLIN FOR QUESTION 7 AND IT SHOULD FINISH BEFORE THE START OF 8 :3
  5. PLAY So close BY John McLaughlin here: We were called into to take the first dance and every change in direction, every leap, I knew I could trust Cedric and I knew with his lead I'd be fine. Hours of dancing, jumping and shouting a song came on, a song that brought me closer physically and emotionally to Cedric. It started with the bells and the piano starting us off slowly as he took my hand in his and took me into his arms. It had seemed that to me all the world was gone, and the gentle music was only playing on for just us two. It started with the waltz going round and round, as the song played on and the lyrics pitched in he brought me close in. So close together and I could see just the blur of people dancing around me. Being the only two on the dance floor though but using so little space, I felt so alive being in his arms just being close with him. He would spin me round every now and then to catch me off guard. I would lean into his chest when I could and he would rest his chin on top of my head and keep me close as the music slowed down. I was watching as all life was going by and all I wanted was to keep living this dream. I was waiting for him to just say goodbye and that he only wanted me to dance with him because of some stupid reason. I was enjoying it while the night still lasted as he could be gone the next day, gone from the next trial or just he would stop talking to me. I never knew when he or Harry could be gone. I then started thinking how I could lose my best friend or Cedric, whatever Cedric was to me, but I did know all that I wanted for tonight was to dance with him. He seemed to just be wanting to hold me forever so close. Dancing here with him seemed so strange, I wanted to be held by him so close. So close to reaching our own happy end, at least for tonight and being beside him was just perfect. Believing this wasn't a dream, now beside him I could dance all night. So far we were both just enjoying our night. So far we were so close and just amazed. We both forgot about the people around us. He took me outside to dance, dancing in the night. We could hear the music outside the hall. Under the shining stars he danced with me as the music picked up. I was thinking of what it'd be like to just feel him and to be held by him. I was looking into his eyes and I could trust him so much I didn't have to wait for him to take me in his arms once more. All I wanted was to be held so close to him. The bridge hit in and I felt that being here with Cedric was just the right thing right now. The music picked up and he was spinning round with me as its pace picked up. He threw me into the air and span round while he held me up. Always looking down into his eyes I flung my arms back and looked up as he still span me around. As the bridge began to fade and the music died down he brought me slowly down as I placed my hands back on to his shoulders and into his hand. He held me close then we both began spinning and dancing along again. I didn't want to lose him, not now. The chorus again meant him just holding me close and taking me step by step. My own happy end was coming true and the Yule Ball was something I would never forget. I wanted to believe this dream could never end, and I wanted to never wake up. As I spun and danced with the wind picking up my dress from the floor once in a while, the waltz we had started was coming to an end. The clock started to chime as it hit Christmas morning. Still the only ones dancing and as the music hit a high, I kissed him and pulled away from his grasp "Merry Christmas Cedric" My perfect night had to end at some point, right?
  6. As I came inside I could see Harry and Ron sitting in the hall and Hermione had slumped down next to them so delighted with herself. Krum walked past me to get them both drinks and nodded as he passed me. I had talked to him before when he was asking what Hermione was like and how he should ask her to go to dance with him. I told him "Be straight with her, just ask her, don't get nervous she won't bite, unless you were Ron and you had pissed her off" He had laughed at it and thanked me then asked her that day. Of course she told me who had asked her and how she said yes. Ron and Harry weren't allowed to know because they would probably take the mick.
  7. Ron then started arguing with Hermione "He's a durmstrung you're both fraternising with the enemy!" with that he looked to us both and Hermione stormed out with Krum. "Hey come on what's happened now?" I walked over to Ron and Harry as they were still sitting down. They both looked in awe as they saw how I looked in my dress. They saw me early but they didn't even recognise it was me "Iris It was YOU dancing with Cedric?!" Harry's eyes seemed to be piercing mine, as if he cared who I went with. "Bloody hell..." Ron was just in plain shock he didn't even recognise me from before. "Urgh you two come on, yes it was me, what did you think no one asked me and left me up in my room?" Harry kind of nodded and Ron said "Well I thought like Hermione no one asked you so you were up there crying as I didn't see you all night. Thought someone would have asked you but then again I didn't see as you didn't tell anyone who you were going with." Ron had turned away from me and was now facing back to the front. "Well then. Thanks for that Ron. I'll see Hermione then I'm off. Goodnight." I couldn't believe how rude Harry and Ron were being tonight. Especially Ron.
  8. As the night was coming to an end I avoided Cedric for the rest of the night and didn't really feel like talking to him. I didn't want to ruin it. As I was talking to Cho, Hermione was arguing with Ron about her dancing with Victor and that she actually liked him. As Ron complained he carried on with "and he's way too old, like Iris and Cedric!" Why was he pointing that out? He was only two years older as I'm older than Harry who was born in July. I was born in February making me older by 5 months. Still only two years. Hermione was almost screeching to Ron and I had to leave Cho to go take her back to get her a drink rather than waste her breath on an argument they'll both regret. Ron then carried on the argument and Hermione told him how she felt about being his "Last resort" and that he should next time pluck up the courage to ask her. "Hey you two come on stop it, you'll regret it soon" Hermione just shook her head as she was about to burst into tears, Ron just scoffed at me almost making me want to punch him to just go. Ron muttered as he saw my look and his voice broke as he tried to explain something but Harry then came over as well. Hermione was so upset with the pair of them she sent them off to bed and then turned to me and shook her head and hugged me. I held onto her and told her to go enjoy the rest of the night and I'll make sure they do go to bed and don't muck about or cause any more problems. "Thank you" She walked away wiping her face as I chased the boys up the stairs. Ron then turned with "They get scarier when they get older" Hermione screamed and told him he spoiled everything and I went to hit his shoulder as Harry walked him away. Hermione sat on the stairs crying so I didn't go back to make the boys go, I stayed and held my arm round her shoulder as she cried into mine. "Hey ignore Ron, Victor isn't using you, he does really like you, I think Ron has just been a little off recently. I'll make sure he doesn't bother you about it again." She carried on crying as I rocked her back and forth.
  9. Hermione was on the walkway with Harry when I found them discussing the egg. Harry still hadn't figured it out, Hermione welcomed me over and then she was talking about how Victor was more of a "Physical being" meaning they didn't really talk. He had been watching her study. She then asked him if he'd been actually trying with the egg. "Look Harry, these tests are meant to test you in the most brutal way they're almost cruel. We're scared for you that's all" Harry looked into my eyes and he was smiling how I showed the sympathy and worry. I cared for him a lot and he was delighted to see that. Cedric came over and I hid away from him with Hermione. "What's gotten into you with Cedric around?" She was holding onto my scarf so I couldn't leave "Just that we're not talking...?" She was definitely not convinced "Come on tell tell?" She held onto my scarf till I told her that the two of us had kissed after the last dance we had. This was before I found the others in the main hall. "Oh... but what if he wants to talk to you?" She was looking over at Harry and Cedric talking in the corner. "I'll, I'll talk to him when he's done with Harry" Hermione nodded and let go of my scarf. "Cedric? Hey." I was able to catch him when Harry had finished talking to him "Was that you thanking him for the dragons warning?" Cedric nodded, "Why have you been avoiding me?" He went straight to the subject I didn't really want to talk about "I just... I'm sorry I just felt a little confused about the thing you know. That happened at the dance. I'm sorry I shouldn't have ignored you but thank you for asking me to go. It was amazing" Cedric was smiling and flicked his hair out of the way. "That's okay, meet me later? Where we were dancing?" I nodded and he gave me a quick hug before anyone saw.
  10. Harry came back from the prefects' bathroom and he walked straight over, "Look I found the clue, you listen to it under water!" Harry was handing the egg to me so I could take it myself. "Go on, give it back in the common room, it's amazing" I reluctantly took the egg and as I walked away he said, "Just like you" but so quietly I wasn't sure if those were his words. The song it was beautiful it was "Come seek us where our voices sound, We cannot sing above the ground, And while you're searching ponder this; We've taken what you'll sorely miss, An hour long you'll have to look, And to recover what we took, But past an hour, the prospect's black, Too late, it's gone, it won't come back." It was the merepeople in the black lake and now the only problem was how Harry and the others were to hold their breath for an hour. Fantastic.
  11. Me and the golden trio were in the library figuring it out when mad eye moody called to us and Hermione, "professor McGonagall would like to see you girls and you Weasley. Go now!" We were pulled away and headed off to her office. "What do you think she wants with us?" I was slouching behind the others. "No idea, but it's a very bad time seeing as we need to help Harry" Ron scoffed at Hermione as we were walking as we got to her office there was Fleur Delacour's little sister, Gabrielle. Realising what was happening I stopped dead in my tracks. "Iris, come in please?" Professor Snape was there as well, including Dumbledore. "I think I know what's going on." Dumbledore turned to me as well as the others "We're what they have to retrieve from the black lake aren't we?" Snape muttered then agreed, "How do you know?" I looked up and saw the links that we all had to the champions. "I went with Cedric to the Yule Ball, Hermione went with Krum, Ron is Harry's best friend and Gabrielle is Fleur's little sister, the song as the clue from the eggs told us they had taken something they would sorely miss." McGonagall looked quite shocked I figured it out but congratulated me. "That's exactly it. You'll be unconscious when under the water, as the champions retrieve you, when you hit the surface you'll awaken and if they do not retrieve you in time we will get you ourselves, no one will be lost to the lake and the merepeople". Snape handed round potions and no questions were asked. We all took a swig, finished the bottle and instantly Gabrielle fell unconscious. Then Ron went down into Snape's arms. Hermione grabbed my hand as she became woozy and fell into Dumbledore's arms. I was the last one still standing but out of nowhere even the professors were caught off guard I fell to my side on to the hard floor with a thud. Everything went Black.
  12. I woke up but I wasn't at the lake, I was in my room. At my parents' house. Something was going on downstairs. I got out of bed and clambered over to the doorway. The door flew open as a man in a hood walked straight into the kitchen where my mum was standing, her wand came out of her pocket and she was shooting flashes of lights everywhere. Running down the hall towards the stairs I came to a halt as my mother was tumbling up gesturing for me to go to my room and hide. I was hesitant as it was obvious she was in pain but I listened to her. As I went to go back round the corner the last words I wanted to hear were "Avada Kedavra". Flashes of green collided with my mother. I went to run to her screaming for her to wake up. The figure was hiding round the corner as he grabbed me and flung me against the wall. He held the wand to my face and went to say the words but the dream came to a halt.
  13. I woke up but I wasn't at the lake, I was in my room. At my parents' house. Something was going on downstairs. I got out of bed and clambered over to the doorway. The door flew open as a man in a hood walked straight into the kitchen where my mum was standing, her wand came out of her pocket and she was shooting flashes of lights everywhere. Running down the hall towards the stairs I came to a halt as my mother was tumbling up gesturing for me to go to my room and hide. I was hesitant as it was obvious she was in pain but I listened to her. As I went to go back round the corner the last words I wanted to hear were "Avada Kedavra". Flashes of green collided with my mother. I went to run to her screaming for her to wake up. The figure was hiding round the corner as he grabbed me and flung me against the wall. He held the wand to my face and went to say the words but the dream came to a halt.
  14. Bursts of light and I had awoken in Cedric's arms above the water coughing and choking on what I had breathed in. "Its fine it's okay I have you" He swam me over to the side as people were cheering and calling our names. People came to pull me out as Cedric helped me up to the platform. "Here" Neville handed me a towel then I passed one on to Cedric "Hey are you okay? I know you've been under water but I've got you it's all over. You can tell me what's wrong" I just threw myself at Cedric who embraced me into a hug wrapping our towels round each other. People were cheering at us as if we had done something so worth a round of applause, it wasn't the right time to celebrate. "My mother. I need to go home" Cedric was looking at me dazed. "Talk to Dumbledore when we get back inside. Harry still hasn't come up" As he said that Hermione came over soaked "Thank god you're okay, Krum saved me just after Cedric retrieved you" she was looking ever so frantic and I guess she was panicking that no one let her through to see us at first. Then Ron and Fleur's little sister popped up but still no Harry. Time was up, He wasn't anywhere to be seen but suddenly he flew straight over and landed on the platform, Fleur ran over with Gabrielle to thank Harry and Ron. She kissed them both on the cheek and went to keep her sister warm on her platform. Hermione freaked when she saw Harry giving him her towel to keep warm. She explained that Fleur never finished. Dumbledore announced that Cedric had won, Potter was to finish last but he was be placed 2nd due to saving two people. After the whole event Cedric was to celebrate so he went off and I was supposed to whisk over to tell Dumbledore but got caught up at Hagrid's with the others to take my mind off of it. Hagrid was telling us how when we all met we were a bunch of misfits but Ron told him how we still were. Hermione and I were walking along behind them. Harry was soon to be the youngest Triwizard champion ever. I was singing along with them when Harry wondered off. He had found Mr Crouch lying on the floor but he wasn't asleep he was dead. Harry went over to Dumbledore's office so I met up with Cedric to explain what I saw. "Go on, you know you can tell me." I pulled him over so no one could hear me. "My mother, killed. A death eater in our own home. She was making me dinner and then she, she just, someone came in. they were fighting for a while but then, he chased her upstairs and killed her. Right in front of me. He went to grab me, flung me against the wall then you woke me up. That's it. I was scared I don't think it was real but if it was I guess I would be pulled out of Hogwarts by my father to make sure I was safe." Cedric pulled me in to him and hugged me. "Nowhere except Hogwarts would be safe enough? I could help and make sure you were okay, I wouldn't let anyone harm you I promise." It was getting dark so we both left for dinner then I got away to bed as soon as possible.
  15. The final tournament was today. I found my way to Hermione and Ron and cheered on Harry and Cedric when they got to the middle of the pitch. Dumbledore was calling their names as to when they would be going into the maze. As I cheered for Cedric Ron looked back at me with a glare. Hermione didn't notice as we all cheered for Harry. Now was the time we would be scared the most. He gathered the contestants and was whispering a few words of advice for all of them.
  16. Time had passed and we grew worried of what had happened to all of them. Sparks were shot up and the first person pulled out was Fleur, something had stunned her body and she was apparently found by Harry who had shot the flare for someone to go get her. Krum was out next, he had been bewitched, and his eyes grey all over.
  17. Something was wrong. A port key was activated. Something like this wasn't meant to happen. "Hermione, a port key. Something has happened to Cedric and Harry." Hermione realised it too and so did Ron, somehow we got under the bleachers and Hermione was able to trace back the port key. "I can only send one person. I can't go otherwise I might not be able to get you back" Ron was too scared as to where he was going to be sent and I was the only one left. "I'll do it and quickly before we lose it. Now come on" Hermione set a port key onto my locket so when I grabbed the cup on the way back this would only act as a one way ticket there. I went off and landed in a graveyard. The locket was no longer a port key and getting to the cup was the only way back.
  18. Harry and Cedric were there as well. "Harry?! Cedric get back!" Cedric and Harry was stunned to see me and so was Wormtail. Something there... He ordered Wormtail to get "the spares" and he threw us off in different directions. I was pinned to the floor with Cedric nowhere near to me, still fighting to get up. Harry was pinned to a grave stone and Wormtail threw Voldemort into a pot with one of Tom Riddle SR's bones, flesh of the servant, himself, giving an arm and then took blood from Harry. It was terrifying, he rose and no one was able to talk. I was screaming for Harry and Voldemort took no notice in us two. The dark mark rose in the sky and death eaters form all over came down to the grave yard. Voldemort took the masks off and he revealed Luscious Malfoy. Harry was still pinned on the grave stone. All of us still pinned down Voldemort came over to us. "Ah such young lives lying here at my despair." He was hitting Cedric with his foot when Harry called back out "Don't touch him!" Voldemort left him alone and walked over to Harry. "I almost forgot you were here, but you are, standing on the bones of my father. I'd introduce you but words have it you're almost as famous as me these days. The boy who lived. Shall I show you what really happened? You see Lily potter saved you with love but now I can touch you. Things change." He placed his hand upon Harry's scar and he burst out in agony. I couldn't take it and was wriggling around trying to free myself and to grab my wand. He who shall not be named was enjoying it. "Well well well, isn't it little Iris, see your father and I go a long way back. I sent someone to go take flowers to your mother recently, too bad she wasn't home. For her sake at least." He was standing over me and crouched by my head. "Little Miss Rivers, I know what you saw in that dream. I hope you'll remember it" In shock I lost all words and my mind replayed my mother's death. "What are you talking about? How do you know I saw that dream?!" I called to him but he scoffed "You see he might be my son but he doesn't go with a half blood. Oh you see I only believe in pure bloods. She is not one. I believe she is also starting to go back on her promise. Tut tut tut we can't have her doing that now can we? She had her chance" and with that he went back to standing by Harry. He wanted to battle him so he ordered him to pick up his wand. "Dumbledore wouldn't want you to forget your manners" He forced Harry to bow. I was trying to get my wand to get us all out of there and to get back to the school. Harry and Voldemort were battling it out with a flare of red and a flare of green going at each other and as they were doing so, spirits were flying out. Harry's mother and father were there, Lily and James were telling him to let go and to get hold of us all to get back to the port key. We were able to get up without the rest of the death eaters seeing us then ran for the port key. Harry had stopped as his mother called to him "let go Harry" as he did he jumped for my hand and grabbed the trophy as we got back to the entrance to the maze everyone called and cheered as we landed with a thud. Cedric had passed out as he hit the floor and I realised I had fallen and blood was running from my face, I don't know what was going on it was blurry and at some point my eye was sticky and I could smell rusty iron. People were cheering but Harry was on the floor crying over us, the way he was acting made it seem he thought someone had died. Wait, Cedric? I couldn't get up to see if he was dead or just unconscious. "That's my son!" Amos was calling out to Cedric I pulled myself over to his side and held his hand, he didn't move "THAT'S MY BOY!" Amos was pushing past everyone and as I looked to his face I couldn't see any sign of life "Cedric? Please Cedric wake up?" Without a single breath his eyes still closed he squeezed my hand as I burst into tears praying he'd be okay. Amos reached us and as he saw me smiling yet crying he realised the sheer surprise he was still alive.
  19. Mad eye led Harry away to deal with his cut, that's when I noticed it, the smell of what he was drinking. Pollyjuice potion. He wasn't the same as he was yesterday. Dumbledore went off with Snape and professor McGonagall. "I'll be back, I promise. I'll be back" Letting go of Cedric's hand I stumbled after the professors who didn't even notice I was following them to Alastor's broom cupboard of an office. "EXPELLIARMUS!" Dumbledore called out as it hit mad eye flying into a wheelie chair. Snape gave him some weird potion and with that he started to ask him questions. Inside the massive chest was a large fall that led to the real mad eye at the bottom. This impostor started to change, his face shrunk as he shook.
  20. Barty Crouch Jr. In the flesh. Dumbledore found out that Voldemort was back. They saw me standing in the door way, "Miss Rivers?" McGonagall called to me. I didn't want to waste their time so as I almost fell from the dizziness I needed to talk to Dumbledore "I'm sorry I didn't mean to see all that but I need help. It's to do with you-know-who and my mother could be in danger." Dumbledore led me off with Harry alongside. First I had to see Madame Pomfrey and wasn't allowed to see Cedric or even Harry, that's when I was dragged to Dumbledore's office and I told him everything. What happened in the dream and what happened at the graveyard. He sent someone to get hold of my mother so he sent an owl to my father to find out if she was okay and an owl to the ministry to tell them of the protection needed. I was sent back and I bumped straight into Ron. "Oh.. hey," Ron still looked off and he was trying to avoid me. All I needed was a hug and right now, only Ron was here to do that for me. Over the years he had grown to know what I was like when I was down. No questions to be asked. Just a hug and maybe even a chocolate frog thrown in. He acknowledged this and hugged me tight. He smelt of light citrus but also like chocolate. Guess he wasn't feeling great either. My stitches were covered in some cream to stop any scaring and had the dressing over the top, even Ron tried to not hit my new cut.
  21. Dumbledore did a last call in the hall and he announced the return of Voldemort. Now was the time Hogwarts would be the only safe place for me. I was going to be going home with Ginny and the Weasleys but first I had to say goodbye to everyone, Fleur and her sister were going to write to me and she allowed me to keep the dress. "I will see you soon, promise, we err... haha my English is getting better no?" She hugged me and I laughed at her accent still clinging to her words. "I will write to you Fleur and Gabrielle, here." I handed her a small pendant of a merman. I found it and thought it was only right for her "You see you were really brave when your sister was doing all of this. I think you deserve it" She hugged me and took her bag to be taken to their ride home. Krum was giving Hermione his address so they could write and have the owls take them. Cedric was waiting to talk to me, "I wanted to" we both went to talk at the same time and burst out laughing "You first" I gave him the chance to speak first, "Iris I'll miss you over the summer you know that right? Look, you still have the necklace and I just wanted to ask if you wanted to visit and maybe stay for a week at mine? My father and mother will be leaving and we were going to be going to the Weasleys as Arthur thought it would be best. So, would you like to come?" Instead of speaking I wrapped my arms back around his neck and held tight as he span me around "Yes I would love to, write to me so we can sort it?" He agreed and then asked what it was I wanted to say. I thought it would be best for next time so I thanked him and just replied with "You made this year just amazing I'm so glad you're okay. You gave me such a scare that night when you were on the floor just not moving." Cedric gently pulled me into his side and rested his head on mine. "I'll see you soon, I promise" with that he kissed my forehead and left me standing as his aftershave from the Yule Ball lingered. "Wait Cedric?" He turned back to me "Yeah?" I couldnt tell him what i wanted to say so instead, i asked "Could i borrow a jumper?" He stared into my eyes questioning my own question "Your aftershave, it's just too nice, seeing as i wont be seeing you any time soon i need something to remind me of it all dont i?" He came back over took his jumper off and held it above my head "Only if, you kiss me first, AND make this official?" After years of being friends, of waiting for each other to fall into each other's arms we realised it was right. I reached for is jumper and e leaned in, kissed my soft lips with his and pulled me in with the jumper round my waist. With that his friends pulled him away as i held on to his jumper and smiled good bye.
  22. As the other schools left I found the golden trio and met up with them to say good bye. "Will we ever have a quiet year at Hogwarts?" Ron was climbing through the pillars "Doubt it" I replied as I came up and climbed over after him. "It's all going to change now isn't it?" Hermione seemed to be terrified of what was to happen next. Harry just replied honestly with a simple Yes and Hermione just made us all promise to write to her in the summer. Ron was joking around and they were both weren't going to bother. I watched my new friends leave as the sun shone through the British summer clouds. Next year was going to be hectic

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