Hogwarts, magic, and secrets Part 9

Hey guys! I can't wait to get to the events or even to the interview because I've got some things coming up! Thanks and Accio next paragraph!

Recap: Fourth year started, you almost died, Draco saved you, you told Hermione that you like him, the tournament was announced, and you yelled at Barty Crouch! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter
  1. The night after the shocking announcement two different schools showed up! The ladies from Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic walked in. They were all in sapphire blue tube dresses with a matching hat and they all had their hair in ponytails. They strut to the first two tables and sighed longingly as they reached out. They strut to the Gryffindor and Slytherin tables and did the same. You rolled your brown eyes as Ron let out a longing sigh as well. As they walked gracefully away Ron couldn't stop watching how they walked. You slapped him on the arm angrily and hissed, "Hey, there's a giant!" "That's a huge woman!" Seamus said in awe. A woman, about 12 feet tall, walked to the front. Dumbledore smiled and pressed his lips to her hand, as per the French customs. A moment later the Gentlemen of Durmstrang institute made a grand entrance. They had staffs and pounded them on the ground in sync. After a moment they put the staffs on the floor and did gymnastics! Some cartwheeled, some did back flips, and others just ran forward! You gasped but still thought, 'The whole lot of them are attention hounds!' The Beauxbatons stayed with the Ravenclaws and the Durmstrangs stayed with the Slytherins. "Hufflepuffs get no respect," you whispered as you ate.
  2. The night before the selection of the champions the twins had a *sarcasm* fabulous idea! They decided to make an aging potion in attempt to enter the tournament. "It won't work!" Hermione said in a sing-song voice. "Hermione, don't rain on their imaginary parade," you said jokingly. "Why won't it work, Granger?" Fred asked. "That's an aging line that Dumbledore drew!" Hermione scoffed. "So?" George prompted. Hermione shut her book and said, "So, Dumbledore isn't one to be fooled by something so incredibly dimwitted as a potion an eleven year old could make!" "You see, that's why it's so brilliant," Fred began. "Because it's so incredibly dimwitted!" George finished. "Just let them try! It'll be fun to watch them fail," you chuckled. "Thanks, Conners!" They smiled. "Whatever suits your fancy. Bottoms up!" You jeered. They drank the potions and jumped over the silvery line. Many clapped but you were watching, intent on seeing how Dumbledore had rigged it. They dropped their parchment into the goblet and the flame seemed angry! It shot the parchment out, along with the twins, and went back to normal. The twins, however, were a different story. They looked like tall, skinny Santa Clauses! The two brothers began to accuse each other and wrestled on the floor. "Where's Colin Creevey when you need him?" You laughed. Creevey is the Harry obsessed boy with a camera that is now in third year. After every Beauxbaton, Durmstrang, and legible and willing Hogwarts student entered the night was out.
  3. Classes passed by in a swirl of color for everyone was so excited to see who would be in the tournament. Even the teachers gave up teaching due to the fact of no students paying attention, not even Hermione! Dinner came in a swirl of colors and excited chatter. Dumbledore brought the Goblet of Fire and explained, once again, that if you were chosen you had to participate. "Seems fair. You enter you play," you whispered. "Yeah, but what if someone entered for you?" Hermione argued. You shrugged and nodded as Dumbledore said a spell. The normally blue flame of the wooden goblet turned red and it spit a frilly parchment that seemed like a flattened and burnt cupcake wrapper. "The champion for Beauxbatons," Dumbledore read the parchment, "Fleur Delacour!" As Fleur walked to shake hands with Dumbledore the other students of Beauxbatons were a bit sour to say the least. Another parchment shot out. "Durmstrang: Viktor Krum!" He shouted. A final parchment shot out and into Dumbledore's hand. "Finally the Hogwarts' champion is Cedric Diggory!" He informed. You clapped with the rest of the school as Cedric shook hands with Dumbledore and walked through the door. "These three students shall compete in a series of tasks. The three of them are blessed but only one will go down in history," Dumbledore began. Professor Snape cut him off, "Headmaster, the flame is red once more!" Sure enough, the goblet shot out another parchment! Dumbledore grasped it angrily and read it. He had to admit it to himself before the rest of the schools. "HARRY POTTER!" He shouted once he had confirmed the scrawl on the paper. Harry stiffened and Hermione shoved him forward. Harry walked clumsily into the room for the champions. The flame went red once more! "ESMERALDA CONNERS!" He shouted angrily. You stiffened and gripped your chair even more tightly with fear written across your face. You shook your head as Hermione tried to make you move. "CONNERS!" Dumbledore repeated.
  4. Hermione and Neville were eventually able to pry your hands from the bench. Hermione shoved you into the aisle and you stumbled forward singing, only audible to you, "I'm a be ok, be okay. I'm a be okay." You walked timidly through the door and sat on the couch near the fire. You abandoned your inspirational tune for a more probable set of lyrics. "I'm gonna die tonight! I'll never see tomorrow's light. Why do bad things happen to me?!" You sang quietly as you hugged your legs to your chest. "You're gonna be okay, Ezy. Besides, I doubt Dumbledore will even let us compete!" Harry consoled. "You might be okay, I won't. You have fought countless things over the past four years and I almost died on my first try. But maybe you're right. Maybe Dumbledore will just send us off," you said in a high voice. "You're really scared aren't you?" He asked. "Not scared. Not at all. That's just the tip of the iceberg! I am f***ing terrified!" You said in a voice that seemed crazy. "Calm down, Ezy," Harry whispered. "I don't feel like a Gryffindor right now. I'm falling apart right now!" You whispered. "You aren't falling apart. You are a wonderful Gryffindor. Calm down and face your fears," Harry told you. You took a deep breath and said, "You're right. I'm just being silly." He nodded and you now saw the fear in his face.
  5. Dumbledore, McGonnagle, Snape, Karkaroff, and Maxime burst in and immediately rounded on you and Harry. "Did you put your name in that cup?" Dumbledore demanded while looking at Harry. "No, I swear I didn't," he answered. "Did you ask an older student to do it for you?" Dumbledore continued. Harry shook his head and Dumbledore turned to you. "Did you?" He asked. "Absolutely not," you answered proudly. "I refuze to let thees hapeen! If Hog'arts gets three studintz why can't wee?" Madame Maxime asked. "Same here!" Karkaroff agreed. "Madame, I hardly think we will even be allowed to participate," you said. "That is for Mr. Crouch to decide," Dumbledore said. "The goblet seems to think that these two are capable of surviving the tournament, and rules are rules. They must compete," Couch answered. "Survive?!" Your eyes bulged in fear. "I demand zat zey be takeen out of ze tornameent at once!" Maxime ordered. "Perhaps, Madame Maxime, it would be prudent if Esmeralda represented Beauxbatons instead?" Dumbledore suggested. "Not at all! My school muzt be repreesented by my studeentz!" She argued. "We cannot add or take away students at this time ma'am. I'm afraid that the ranks must stay as they are," Dumbledore said coyly. "Zis is an outrage!" Maxime cried. "To you and me both," you whispered.
  6. You walked stiffly out of the room and back into the Great Hall. "SHE'S A CHEAT!!!" Rang out through the hall. "Deal with the ridicule just like you did in first year," you were talking to yourself. You shuffled back to your seat on the wooden bleachers. "Just ignore them," Hermione instructed. You nodded and Harry took the seat beside you. "This is gonna be fun!" You said sarcastically. "Yeah, a blast," he said in the same tone. You tried your hardest not to snap as everyone began to patronize you, especially the Hufflepuffs! "I just had to ask what this year's adventure would be!" You sighed angrily to yourself as you left the hall.
  7. "Just had to enter didn't you?" Ron was furious. "Did you NOT see Neville and Hermione pry me from my seat?!" You responded. "I don't want eternal glory, I have more than I want at the moment," Harry whispered the last part. "Whatever. The both of you are attention parts!" Ron scoffed and took off. "Well, that lifted my spirits!" You rolled your eyes. Harry nodded and the two of you walked to Gryffindor Tower. "Ezy, why don't you just look into the future to find out what the challenges are?" Hermione asked. "I would if Trelawny would let me in the classroom," you sighed. "If you can see the future why did you drop out?" She continued. "It wasn't exactly the class. It's the teacher," you answered. "How do you mean?" Harry asked. "The first day she claimed she could see the future, but she walked directly into a desk. Plus, she didn't believe that the future could be anything but bleak and depressing. I personally believe that everything will turn out okay and that the future can be changed if we prepare for it," you answered. "Although, I do think that certain people with throw out the rules for us so we don't die. After all: since when haven't they made exceptions for us?" You smiled. The two Gryffindors nodded and continued to walk along side you.
  8. That's it!! Thanks and I hope you liked it! Comment, rate, the usuals! Bye! Accio results.

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