Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 15)

Hey guys! So sorry for my lack of inactivity! I've been in a slump for a while and had writers block. I have also been busy trying to come up with original ideas for my Wattpad series "The Hogwarts Royal"! Well, I hope you like this and please comment!

Recap: you got crushed by a dinosaur skeleton and Ron piggybacked you to hospital wing! You made a new friend: Nikyla! AKA: Niki. Once again, so sorry I've been neglecting you awesome people's! You all is BO$$! Accio hopefully good quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. The day after the Hogsmead trip Olivander informed you that your wand was irreparable. You were angry at first, but then you crafted an American wand using Spruce wood and bowtruckle wing. It suited you rather well! It was the best at DADA, which would be awesome if there was something worth learning there, was 11 1/2 inches and unyielding. You had carved your initials into the handle and carved in some vines wrapping around it. It fit better than your first two wands! 'I swear if I break another wand I will kill someone!' You thought once you'd finished. The wood was a brownish blue color but also a bit sticky which, using Mione's wand, you fixed. (the stickiness, not the color)
  2. You and the rest of the Golden Quartet walked about three corridors down before you saw writing on the wall. It was written in blood! "The chamber of secrets had been opened, enemies of the heir............beware. it's written in blood," Hermione said with a look of fright on her brown eyes. A fright you hadn't seen some the troll attack. You looked to the side of the writing and burst into tears. Your black barn owl, Pyra, was petrified and dangling by a torch bracket! "Pyra............" You whispered and pet her frozen form. Tied to her leg was a howler! You opened it, seeing as the rest of the corridor was deserted. "_______, you are not in trouble. A howler was the only way I'd be able to show my urgency," it was Sonya. She actually sounded............scared! "I believe that Hogwarts is the most protected place at the moment. As much as I hate to do this, I need you home. Only for a couple days. I need you here, I need your help!" It pleaded. You now saw the corridor was full to bursting! "Enemies of the heir beware? You'll be next mudbloods!" Draco snarled. You, with tears in your eyes, whipped around and nearly punched him in the face. You would have if Hermione hadn't pulled you back. "Shove off, you great git!" You snarled. "Why are you crying?" Draco asked, genuinely concerned. Apparently you were the only one to hear it. "None *sniff* of your *sniff* business!" You said. "No, really, what's wrong?" He prompted. "Professor Dumbledore, I need to take a floo home," you handed the headmaster the letter. He nodded once he'd read it and told you to follow McGonnagle.
  3. You flooed home from her office and saw Sonya crying her eyes out while screaming. "Silencio," you pointed your wand to her. Her mouth was open but nothing came out as she writhed around on the floor. It stopped suddenly and a man with blond hair and a ponytail stepped from the shadows. "Oh, Miss _______, we were expecting you. Weren't we Sonya?" He said. Sonya cried silently and begged for you to leave with her eyes. "Oh shut up!" The man pointed his wand to her. She was out like a light, but still breathing. "What did you do to her?" You snarled and knelt beside her. "Only put her to sleep," the man waved it off. "Who are you and what the bloody h*** are you doing in my house?!" You spat. "Name's Yaxley. I'm here because you refused to be a death eater," Yaxley paced as he explained. 'Oh Merlin, I thought Voldemort was bluffing!' You thought panicked but kept a straight face. "I'll not be part of that ba*****'s army!" You stared Yaxley in the eyes. "Really? Well then, Crucio!" Yaxley pointed his wand at Sonya. She screamed in pain, but you blinked by the tears. "That b**** isn't worth my time!" You snarled. "No?" Yaxley lifted the spell. "I'm only here because I have to be!" You lied. You knew that the only way that Sonya would live any longer was if you pretended to hate her. "Avada-" Yaxley started. "Expelliarmus!" You cut him off and took his wand. "I thought you said you didn't care?" Yaxley gave a small smile. "I don't care. Every drop of magical blood spilt is a terrible waist. Now, get out of my house!" You snarled. The death eater dissapparated and Sonya returned to consciousness as you lifted the charm.
  4. "________! I'm so glad you're ok!" Sonya gasped as you helped her up. "I'm fine! Sonya, are you okay?" You asked, fear dripping from your words. "For the most part. That Cruciatus curse is a right piece of work. I think I'll visit St. Mungo's. Promise me something. Next time you get a letter from me telling you to come home; completely ignore it!" Sonya grasped your shoulders and stared into your eyes. You nodded and used the floo to take her to St. Mungo's. You explained the situation to the nurse and she swept your guardian away. You wiped your tears of anger, fear, and sadness and made sure that it was hard to tell you'd been crying before flooing beck to school. You headed first to Gryffindor tower, dressing what would welcome you.
  5. "Wattlebird," you sighed to the portrait. The Fat Lady swung forward and you trudged into the common room. The room erupted with questions about what happened. You went straight to the couch and dropped down in sobs. "________, please, what happened?" Hermione sat beside you. She put her arm around you and you laid against her shoulder. Ron sat on your other side hugging you and Harry knelt in front of you. "Wasn't bluffing," you sobbed harder. "Cruciatus curse!" You choked up. "Sonya. Hospital!" You cried even harder. "What?" Ron asked for he still didn't understand what was going on. "You-know-who want bluffing when he threatened to kill Sonya and Blackwell. Someone showed up at ________'s house and used the Cruciatus curse on Sonya. She's in the hospital now," Hermione elaborated as she comforted you. "How did you get that from that?" Ron asked in disbelief. You sobbed harder into her robes. "I've known her for three years," Hermione answered while shushing you gently. "H-He almost killed her," you whispered. Hermione gasped and hugged you tighter while Harry and Ron looked appalled. "It will all be okay," Harry promised quietly. "I wish there was a way that you could see what happened," you looked at the ceiling. A spot on Hermione's robes glowed red and you gasped. She looked down and pulled out the amulet you'd given to her for Christmas. "Maybe there is," she whispered and opened it. The four of you were pulled into it and you saw yourself come from the fireplace.
  6. "Got a sharp tongue, don't you?" Ron joked once he saw you call Voldemort a ba*****. You didn't respond because you still couldn't believe what you'd called her. Hermione caught the word with a gasp and a stern look toward you. "I had to say it!" You hissed as silent tears fell. She nodded and hugged you sideways. You smiled and the four of you were pulled from the memory and back onto the couch. "Well. That happened. Twice," you chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. "That was terrible!" Hermione squealed and hugged you tightly. "Bloody sick!" Ron agreed and joined in the hug. "Agreed," Harry joined, hugging tighter than the others were. "Thanks. Guys. Can't. Breathe," you choked. They chuckled and let you go. You laughed and the four of you went to bed.
  7. Next day!
  8. It was after classes and it was time for that dueling club Lockhart had been going on about. You didn't really pay attention, seeing as how it was Lockhart gloating about himself. You paid attention once his cloak landed on your face. "I don't believe I'm a coat rack, Professor," you smarted off and threw the cloak to a group of giggling girls behind you. You zoned out, once again. "Potter! Weasley!" Lockhart called you to attention. Professor Snape, his assistant, spoke, "Weasley's wand causes devastation with the most harmless of spells. Potter would be sent to the hospital wing in a match box." Ron flushed pink so you gave him a sideways hug. "Malfoy, you're dueling Potter," Snape said and threw Draco onto the stage. "Take your stance, bow, pace five times away from one another, and only disarm one another," Lockhart instructed. Harry and Draco faced in the center of the stage, wands pointed at the ceiling. "Scared, Potter?" Draco Sneered. "You wish," Harry responded and took his five steps. Draco did as well. The faced each other, wands pointed and malice in their eyes. "One......two," Lockhart counted. "Tarantellegra!" Draco cut him off. Harry was sent spiraling backwards and on the edge of the stage. you pushed him up and anger boiled inside you. Lockhart did nothing except repeat 'to disarm only'! "Rictushempra!" Harry sent Draco flying backwards and landing on his backside. Snape hauled him and threw him back. "Serpensortia!" Draco conjured a python in the center of the stage. Harry began talking to it! "Hisiah hassssseath," he repeated. You couldn't truthfully say you knew what he was saying, but everyone thought he was egging the snake to attack a Hufflepuff. You knew Harry wouldn't do that! You put your elbows on the stage, repeating what Harry had said. The snake slithered toward you and bowed! "Vipera evarasca," Snape caught the snake on fire, and it disintegrated. You stood on the stage, glaring at Lockhart.
  9. "Is this how all of your lessons are going to be?!" You shouted in his face. "You and your pretty boy attitude let bad things happen while you stand to the side! What kind of defense against the dark arts teacher are you?! Your job is to help us defend ourselves, practically and theoretically! Not repeat rules and make a fool of yourself when they don't work out!" You were right in his face now. "Well, Miss ________, you seem in a fighting mood. Why don't you duel?" Lockhart suggested. "I'd love to," you said with an evil smirk. "I'll duel you. I want you to try!" You snarled. "Now I can't do that," Lockhart stuttered. "Why ever not?" You asked falsely offended. "I'll harm you," he answered, eyeing your turtle shell. "But aren't teachers supposed to be living experience?" You smiled innocently. "Very well," Lockhart gave in. The two of you duel and you won in the first minute. Of course he denied it, but he was on his but in a crowd of gawking witches. You smirked, twirled your handmade wand, and pocketed it as the hall erupted into cheers from Lockhart haters and boos from Lockhart lovers. You took a bow and followed the Golden Trio back to the Common Room.
  10. Sorry again that I haven't been updating!!! I've been really focused on my Wattpad series as I have much more freedom on there. Comment/rate/fan/the usual! Bye! Accio lame results because I used all creativity on this!

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