Life and Love at Hogwarts 3.5

Hey guys! So sorry for my lack of inactivity! I've been in a slump for a while and had writers block. I have also been busy trying to come up with original ideas for my Wattpad series "The Hogwarts Royal"! Well, I hope you like this and please comment!

Hey guys! So sorry for my lack of inactivity! I've been in a slump for a while and had writers block. I have also been busy trying to come up with original ideas for my Wattpad series "The Hogwarts Royal"! Well, I hope you like this and please comment.

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. I sat down between her and Cedric, much to his approval, and we talked about this that and the other. After a few minutes of careless talking, Parkinson just HAD to show up. "Oh, if it isn't the blood traitor, _{last}_, and the mud-blood Hufflepuffs!" She sneered from behind me. I could tell that Cedric and Hannah tensed up at her words and I didn't like it. Not one bit. "Go away, Parkinson, no one likes you," I sighed. "A bit low on ammo today, aren't we? Have the just Hufflepuffs gotten to you?" She smirked. "Don't hit her," Cedric told me as I stood up. "Only if she hits first," I answered. "What's the matter, _{last}_? Trying to hide the death eater in you?" She gave a false pout. The entire school gasped, either they were shocked by the information or that Parkinson would use it against me. "At least I've got enough guts to fight my own battles. Unlike you who has to cling to Draco for protection," I snarled. I could easily tell that hit a nerve. Parkinson tensed up, had fire in her brown eyes, grit her teeth, and clenched her fist as she grabbed her wand. "Draco, let me ask you something," I looked to the blond. "Shoot," he nodded. "Did the dementors go into your compartment on the train?" I smirked. He nodded once more. "Oh, I would've expected a no," I said. "Why is that?" He asked. "Because sitting with Parkinson must have been depressing enough!" I answered as if it were completely obvious.
  2. "You little- Levicorpus!" Parkinson snarled. I stayed completely emotionless as I was lifted seventy feet in the air. "Scared yet!?" Parkinson shouted up to me. "You wish!" Was my reply. She lifted me as high as the ceiling and then dropped me. "Oh, crap!" I said as I turned myself over. 'This way I'm less likely to die. I'll still die from this high up but oh well,' I thought as I continued to fall.
  3. {HARRY'S POV} She kept falling and I couldn't stand it anymore. I stood up and ran over to the Hufflepuff table. I jumped on the table and caught her. I felt my knees buckle from her slamming into my arms. "Can someone take her to the hospital wing?" I shouted out. Not even Cedric volunteered! The git! Although, before anyone could process what was going on..........Malfoy at the table! "Let me take her, Potter," he pleaded. Malfoy was a good friend of hers. I may not like the idea but it seemed to be best if he did. "Okay," I put ______ in his arms. "Be careful with her," I begged as I jumped back onto the floor. "That's a promise I'm going to keep," he swore and ran off to the hospital wing. No matter how much I wanted to deny it, I believed him. I believed every word. "What the bloody he** did you do that for?!" Ron shouted at me once I sat down. "You may be acting like a git but I won't!" I answered angrily. "I have my reasons for being cross!" He answered. "Yeah. Your reason is that she isn't going out with you," Hermione scoffed from beside him. Ron's ears went red and he was silent for the rest of dinner.
  4. {DRACO'S POV} Her comments about Pansy made me want to crack a few laughs, but I knew that wouldn't do me well. "You little-Levicorpus!" Pansy cast and lifted _________ I'll to ceiling. The fact that she could keep the fright from her face was enough to scare me. I was about to use my wand to help her, but Potter beat me to the thought. He ran over to the Hufflepuff table and jumped onto it just in time to catch her! It was easy to tell that ________ was out cold and that the impact was pretty hard because Potter buckled his knees, made a face, and asked for help. Her boyfriend just stared at her like she was insane, and didn't volunteer to help. I'll kill him! Before I even processed what I was doing I was at Potter's side, "Let me take her, Potter." He looked a bit wary, not that I blame him, and finally handed ________ to me. "He careful with her," Potter begged and leapt down beside me. "That's a promise I'm going to keep," I said sternly and took her to the hospital wing, stopping at the Great Hall entrance to give her boyfriend the finger.
  5. {MY POV} I woke up in the hospital wing the next day. Madame Pomfrey explained that I had passed out from shock, not that she blamed me. I heard white the commotion coming from outside, something about the sorting hat. "What's going on?" I asked and stood up quickly. "Go to the Great Hall and find out," Madame Pomfrey smiled. I was dismissed and ran directly to the Great Hall.
  6. There were all four house banners placed on the walls and the sorting hat was out! Did a student arrive late? I shook the thought and sat at the Slytherin table waiting for the ceremony to begin. I however did not except to be called up to the hat! "It seems as though the Sorting Hat has made a mistake. Will Miss ________ ________ come up here, please?" Dumbledore called. A stiffened and my breath was caught in my throat. Harry pushed me forward and I put the hat on. It didn't cover my eyes as it had on my first day. "Yes. You requested Slytherin based on family. It appears you have changed your mind on your decision," the hat called out. I slightly nodded my head. "You have new found courage. It wouldn't have crossed my mind to place you in Gryffindor when you first placed me on your head. Now, I cannot think of a better place for you," the hat said. The Gryffindor table erupted into cheers, but I wasn't as happy. "I am going to die," I said and took off the hat. The Sorting Hat didn't like that. "However," I put it back on. "You would fit well in Ravenclaw. That is where I shall place you." The Ravenclaws cheered and I felt much better. I sat down between Cho Chang, a third year that I can barely stand, and Luna Lovegood, a second year that people say is crazy.
  7. I ignored Cho and turned to Luna. "Hi. I'm _______ ________" I smiled. "Luna Lovegood," the blond answered dreamily. "Luna. I think we can be great friends," I said. She broke out into a huge smile and her blue eyes lit up. Chang turned to me. "Loony is one of the weirdest people here," she sneered. "At least Luna isn't an Asian slut with a bad attitude," I glared at her. "I'm used to it, ________. It doesn't bother me," Luna said and began to play with her radish earrings. "You shouldn't be used to it. I like your earrings," I turned away from an extremely offended Chang. "Thank you. They are dirigible plums," she smiled. "Awesome. Do you think I could share a room with you? I know I'm older than you, but I don't think I'll get along with some girls in my year," I glared at Chang mentally. "Sure!" Luna smiled. I thanked her and began to eat. We were both rather fond of the pudding and ice cream.
  8. I followed Luna up to Ravenclaw tower and the riddle was, "brothers and sisters, I have none. But this man's father is my father's son. Who is it?" "Would you like to answer?" Luna asked. I nodded and asked it to repeat the riddle. It did. "The answer is 'my son'," I answered. "Correct," the wall revealed a door. Luna walked in and I followed. The room had brick walls and bronze carpet. The furniture was blue and had a fire place. I smiled and flipped onto the couch. Luna chuckled and sat on the arm of the couch. I fell asleep on the couch, after an hour of Luna and I talking.
  9. Short, I know. I'm sorry! I've been drained of ideas for these series. I'm thinking of stopping one or two. It takes me FOREVER to update, and I have like no creativity left! Tell me what you think! I have been on Wattpad lately and I started a book on there. Although, you already know that. What you don't know is how good It's doing! I only have 20 chapters, but I have over 600 views!
  10. Bye! Comment/rate/the uze! Later! (You can skip the results, I have nothing good in them)

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