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I love Hogwarts, don't you? Do you love...guys? Romance Novels? Magic? Adventure? Loooove? You do?!?!?! Great! Because this quiz is for you!! :D Next paragraph----->

Sooo, this is my first quiz! I hope you like it! I have this weird obsession for Harry Potter (Loove it!) I hope you like this quiz! Want more? Be sure to comment and rate!

Created by: TheCreativeFox

  1. You sat on the floor beside a barrier on Platform 9 3/4, waiting for your friends to come and the train to start boarding. It was your third year, yet you were still excited to go to Hogwarts and see everybody and learn new things!
  2. "_______!" A joyous voice suddenly cried out. "Neville?" You said, as you turned around. Neville ran up to you, beaming. "_______! Great to see you!" "You too! How was your summer?" You asked. "Ohh, I just saw my parents...and hung out with Gran, mostly..." "Great! That sounds really-HERMIONE!" "Hermione? How can something be Hermion-" Hermione ran up to us, smiling. I hugged her, she was my best friend! "Hi, _____! Hey, Neville!" "Hullo, Hermione!"
  3. "Oh, look!" Hermione said suddenly, "There's Ron and Harry!" You eagerly turned around and saw Harry's jet black hair, and Ron's flaming red hair.
  4. After a happy reunion, we boarded the train, and carried our luggage down the hall. Everywhere seemed to be full, except for the last compartment, which had a sleeping man in the corner. "Come on, everywhere else is full-" We all scooted in, and plopped down into the comfortable seats. As soon as we did, Neville stood up suddenly. "Oh! Hold on! Almost forgot to say goodbye to Gran!" He dashed out, which left you, Hermione, Ron, and Harry to stare at each other awkwardly. "You guys, I have to tell you something-" Harry started.
  5. "I-I think Sirius Black- the killer- is out to get me-" He stammered. Hermione gasped and Ron did nothing but stare in shock. Your mouth dropped open slightly. "Oh, Harry, you'll-" You start. "He'll be fine," Ron cut in, "He's survived worse than this- he'll-he'll be fine."
  6. You reach over and squeeze Harry's hand. "It'll be fine-" You say, "I'm sure-" The compartment door flew open, and Fred and George, Ron's older twin brothers, stood, grinning. "Hullo chaps!" They said together.
  7. "Hi Fred! Hey George!" You said cheerfully. Everybody greeted the twins cheerfully and started a game of Exploding Snap, during which the candy trolley came by, which resulted in a candy picnic/party. The game had started to get intense, when all of a sudden, a noise from the man in the corner made you all go quiet. He simply rolled in his sleep, exposing his weary face. You brightened. "Remus!" You cheered. "You know this guy?" Ron asked, unwrapping his tenth Chocolate Frog. "He's my dad's friend... He-he...raised me, before-" You stopped, embarrassed to say the rest. The others took no notice.
  8. "Your turn, George." Ron said, finishing up the frog. "Oi! I'm Fred!" The twin said. "Sorry, Fred," Ron said absently, picking up another frog. "Only joking, I'm George- Or am I?" The twin snickered, taking a pink bean from the bag of Bertie Bort's Every Flavor Beans. Ron grunted, and stuffed the Chocolate frog into his mouth.
  9. "I'll be right back," You said suddenly, "Bathroom." You quickly slipped out of the compartment door with your robes. You crept down the hall and into the bathroom, where you did your business, washed you hands, and nervously slipped yourself into your robes. "Hmm... a bit big..." You thought to yourself, "Geez, it's almost like I'm shrinking, not getting taller." You weren't short, but you weren't exactly tall. "I'm medium." You straightened your robes again and glanced into the mirror. You brushed your hair before sighing and stuffing your muggle clothes into your bag. You unlocked the door of the bathroom, stepped out, and closed it behind you.
  10. You trudged down the hall, when suddenly, the train stopped. "What the-" You said. The lights flickered off, and you stood in the dark, not knowing what to do. What was going on? Then, you saw it. A large, hooded figure at the end of the hall. Your blood froze and your hair stood on end. It suddenly got freezing and you saw your breath freeze in the air. The thing suddenly turned it's hooded face towards you, and raised a gnarly, twisted dead-looking arm. "H-help..." You whispered, not able to make any louder noise. The thing advanced, sucking the air from the atmosphere into it's horrid body. You screamed, and saw a compartment door whip open, and a flash of light from a wand make the thing float back. You crumpled, landing on a heap onto the floor. You slowly closed your eyes, but before you did, you saw the blurred outline of a person pick you up. You passed out.
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