Hogwarts is the New Paris Pt4

Ola chicas! Hey guys, I'm so so so very sorry that this release came out late, holiday brain has taken over, I hope you enjoy this release if not then please give me constructive if you think I need it. Comment and rate.

Hogwarts.....its a place...a big place with sooo many secrets waiting to be unlocked, some that could make overjoyed and others that could break your heart, Hogwarts is definitly a place worth keeping, but are you ready for the dangers that lurk within?

Created by: FireSoul
  1. Ok guys, I'm not gonna continue with the train ride or the great feast, I'm going start off with the next morning, ok?
  2. "Hey ______, you feeling any better?" you turn around and instantly smile, "Yeah, I'm feeling so much better, thanks to the choclate that you gave me, Logan" "Are you sure it was the choclate, it might have been seeing me?" Logan flirtasiously asked with a little wink, "Don't flatter yourself" you say playfully shoving his shoulder, "I'll see you later" "See ya!" ( Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that you were having breakfast in the Great Hall) You hear Hermione giggle, she was sitting next to you, "What?" you asked confused, "Isn't it obvious? Logan clearly has a crush on you" Hermione replied in a matter of fact tone, you were quite flustered, you felt your cheeks burn bright red so you hid your face in your hands, "Hermione, you know...like EVERYTHING! Your book smart and boy smart" "No, I'm just very observent, he was staring at you the whole of last night"
  3. At this point you looked like a ripe tomatoe, "Wow, _____, your face is so red" you turn around and see Ron, "You ok?" you look at Harry who was standing next to Ron, his face was almost as red as yours, "Umm..yeah I'm fine" you say feeling your cheeks, they were cooling down, "I'm alright", Harry seemed a little uneasy, maybe a bit irratable but you thought it was probably something he did not want talk about right now. "Oooh, good we're starting some new subjects today" Hermione said changing the subject, Ron looked over Hermiones shoulder to see her timetable, "They've messed up your timetable Hermione, look- they've got you down for about 10 subjects in one day, ther isn't enough time!" "Don't wory Ronald, I got it all sorted with Prof. McGonagall" "You've got Divination and Muggle studies at the same time. Blimey! How your going to do that?" "I told you! I got it all sorted"
  4. The Hall started to empty as people went of to their first lesson, "Come on Ron..we uh...better go to Divination" Hermione says taking Rons hand and leading him out of the hall, the Hall was completely empty except for you and Harry, you were curious about what was bothering him, you thought it might be good to ask him now, "Harry, you sure nothings bothering you" Harry smiled at your concern, he stared at the ground at looked back up to you, his face showed no emotion "*sigh* Its just this dementor attack has really gotten to me, I mean like everyone has seen them but the dementors have only attacked me" You tilt your head and smile, "Your not the only one" "What do you mean" "I also got attacked" "Did you faint" "No, but I nearly did, now come on, don't want to be late for our first lesson" you say giving Harry a reassuring smile.
  5. "Umm..yeah" Harry places his hands in his pockets and slowly walks towards the staircase leaving you behind, you suddenly think about how Harry must be feeling, hes scraed because of Sireus Black, freaked out by the dementors, confused why they seem to find him intressting and embaressed cause everyone is teasing him about the incident on the train, "Harry! Wait!" you start running towards Harry, you finally catch up with him completely out of breath,"Whats wrong, ______?" "I'm worried about you" Harry takes both of your hands and holds them infront of you, "Don't be" "But-" "Nah-ah, now come on, we are late" Harry holds your hand and leads you towards divination.
  6. You reach Divination with Harry, Harry appologises because he has to sit with Ron, you look around for a free seat and finally see one next to Hermione, oh boy, she's gonna be quite talkative, you quickly sit next to her on one of the fluffy cushions, "Tell me everything" Hermione asks eagerly, "Talk to you after class" "But-" "Nah-ah"
  7. "It is so good to see you in the physical world at last" a misty voice says, you turn around to see a rather thin woman whos eyes are magnified by her glasses, "I'm Prof. Trewelany and I shall be teaching you the fine art of Divination, books will teach you very little in this practice" you look at Hermione who was very starteled that books can not help her for this subject, "Now dribk your tea and exchange your cup with your partner so that they can read your destiney"
  8. You drank your tea and exchanged your cup with Hermione, "Umm...well you have a cloud... I think so that umm...means you will be very sucessful" you say to Hermione, "Umm...and that looks like a cross so thats trials and suffering and thats a feather so that means you'll find a soloution." "You have the Grim my dear boy!" you look towards Harry and realise that Prof. Trewlany was talking to Harry, "Umm..whats the Grim?" you ask confused. "The grim is an omen of death! Young child!" the Prof. replies, "Oh no! Class dismissed" everyone leaves the classroom in a hury
  9. The rest of the day went by quickly in such a buzz and before you knew it, it was Dinner time in the Great hall.
  10. It was dinnner time, you were sitting with Hermione and few other girls, you were all discussing your classes but most of you were trying to get Hermione to do your homework, "How do you expect to learn if I am doing everything....for..you" Hermione looks above herself, you follow her gaze and see a small black owl with a little package in its beak, the owl was flying around franticly but it finally stopped and dropped the package on your lap. The owl came near you and sat on your shoulder, you placed the package in your pocket and then played with the mysterious owl. Which of the boys do you glance at?:
  11. Hey guys, I'm gonna stop there, I'm sorry if this release came too late or if you found it quite boring but I will admit that I have been quite lazy, its the holidays right now, and for me holiday time is catching up on sleep time. Also if you want me to make a special moment with one of the guys, please do ask because I am running low on ideas. Please say who you want to have a special moment with. Last question, who stole your Hogwarts heart?

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