Hogwarts is the New Paris Pt3

Hey guys! Ok soo, you all must be wondering who won my charecter contest so drumroll please *drumroll*.........Nauthleegayle! Congrats! Thanks so much for helping me out of my little writters block Nats. My creativeness is back to normal :). For all those who entered, I loved every one of your entries but saddly I could only pick one winner.

Hogwarts is a maggical, scarey, flazin, amazing, romantic, sad, dreadful, annoying place, where you will share happy moments, first love, heart breaking times and at times you may just want to runaway from it all. Will you survive?

Created by: FireSoul

  1. Before I start the story lets all give nauthleegayle a round of applause. *applause*. For those who do not know, nauthleegayle won the charecter contest and she has also helped me get out of a little writters block. Guys, I greatly recomend her quiz series " Hogworts Love Story". It is absoloutly brilliant. If any of you are writting a series ,I would love to hear about it.
  2. Recap: Oliver hugged you, you think your friends ditched you and your STILL on the train. Take part 2 and 1 if you haven't
  3. You smiled at Oliver and he returned it with famous I'm worried but I know you'll be alright kind of smile. His soft eyes seemed to look into your soul, stare right into you, trying to find hope and happiness that seems to be lost forever. You suddenly had the urge to use the washroom. "Umm....Oliver..I-I'll be right back...I-I just..umm need the w-washroom" you were lost for words when you stared into his gentle eyes. You exited the compartment and made your way to the washroom.
  4. While you were in the washroom, washing your hands,but then you heard.....nothing, no train movement, no laughter just silence, wait there was a noise crackling and soft, you could hear frost,the kind that you can only hear in horror movies, frost quickly growing and covering the windows. The light started fading and you were plangued into sudden darkness. "Hello?!" you shouted. This can not be happening. We can't be at Hogwarts so soon? "Lumos" you whisper enlighting the tip of your wand, its not bright but it will do. You exited the washroom. Mummering to yourself, "Its just a...power malfunction? This has happened before right?" You could only hear yourself breathing, your heart thumping in your chest, ready to jump out and runaway.
  5. You could feel something staring at you, looking at you, you looked up and standing before you was a cloaked creature, its face was hidden inside its hood, you stared away from its face and then you saw it, a hand, scabbed and decaying, like something dead. Your stomach churned, is this a zombie. The hand seemed to reach for you, you were about to step back but you were not quick enough. The creature held you against the wall, its hand was holding onto your neck pushing you upwards. The creature took in a deep breath, you could feel coldness sweep over your body, into your heart and into your soul. Didn't know what to do, you were helpless, it was if the creature was sucking all the life out of you. 'This is the end' you thought to yourself.
  6. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" you heard an unfamiliar voice shout. You saw a bright light shoot towards you, it knocked the creature away from you, since it was holding you up you fell to the ground, panting heavily, you felt weak and cold. The zombielike creature was knocked out through the window. You still couldn't breathe properly, your vision was blurry. "Are you alright?", you felt a hand on your shoulder, you looked up and saw a boy who was about your age, brown eyes and spiked dark brown hair that compliments his face. You nodd slightly, "Come, I think we better find you a compartment"
  7. You struggled to stand up and ended up falling on your butt. The stranger extended his hand for you take. He pulled you up and you were back on your feet. "Here", he gave you a piece of choclate. "Trust me, it helps ALOT" You munched on a bit of the choclate, you felt a bit warmer, less weak and not so scared to talk
  8. "Thanks" you say taking another bite. "I didn't get your name" "____________, and your name is..?" "Logan, cool name." "Thanks, what was that creature-zombie-dead-but-alive-thing!" "The dementor? Oh its a creature that feeds on your happiness, it takes away your happiness until your only full of depression so that turn into one of them. Their creepy aren't they?" "Very creepy?" "Extremely creepy?" "Utterly creepy?" "All of the above?" You laugh at your little joke
  9. "Here, I think this one is empty" "Well it was nice meeting you Logan" "Nice meeting you too, catch ya later" Logan gives you small wink and walks away. You could unsettled butterflies fluttering around inside your stomach. You blushed bright red and waved him goodbye. You slowly open the compartment door and then sitting there is the boy who has teased effortlessly, making your life a misery, sitting there was Draco Malfoy. "Oh hell! Not you!" you say outloud. Wait Draco is alone...? Usually he is with Pansy or Crabbe and Goyle. But now hes alone? "Hey Draco" "____________? What are you doing here?" "Dementor attacked me and this was the nearest compartment" "Oh" Draco replyied, obviously confused about dementors. "Draco is something wrong...? You seem more umm...nice?" "Oh, I'm fine, you know I'm not all bad" you raise an eyebrow in disbelief. The guy who has ruined yopur Hogworts life is...nice? "If you are so nice then why does everyone know you as Malfoy and not Draco" "My father pays Crabbe and Goyle to make sure that I live up to the family name" Wait... Malfoy is confessing to why he acts like a total git?
  10. You sat on the seat opposite to Draco, you could'nt believe what you were hearing. "And why are you suddenly confessing, and why to me?" Draco nevorsly rubs his hand on the back of his neck, you could tell this was not easy for him. "I-I want to make a new start, but yeah if dad finds out, I-I....I'm dead meat" "Draco, don't be such a drama queen! He's not gonna kill you!" "You'd be suprised" Draco gives a nervous chuckle stare out the window, you can see that the train is nearing Hogwarts. You wondered if you would see this side of Draco more often. It was a definit improvement from the cockroach.
  11. Wow, I am taking really long with year 3, I'm still on the train ride! Sooo....you met Oliver and his gorgous eyes, Draco and his new side, new boy Logan, daring Harry, the adorable twins and Mr hard-to-get Ron. So who stole your Hogwarts heart?

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