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Okay.so.is great. I love typing in character like right now. Um...I made another part of Drop of Secrets so please enjoy. You smiling makes me smile.

Hello. I hope you like this so far. I know it is a little short so sorry about that...I am busy with other things and I really wanted to finish for you guys so...

Created by: ilovekittens
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  1. This is what happened in the last part of "Drop of Secrets" so if you already read it please skip..
  2. I get to Gym, my next period. I sit down on the brown bench where the boys and girls sit, and wait. Our teacher comes over with his denim shorts and red shirt. Our teacher looks at us at a strangely, mad way. "Wait. Boys, at the bench from the other side of the gym. Girls, stay here. I don't want any kissy kisses going on around here or any huggy hugs." I notice Drake walking to the other side of the gym with the other boys. It's strange that I always see Drake no matter where I turn or go. "Okay, today we are doing the pacer. I know...bad time to do this. But I wanna see what level you are. If we need to practice more or little. Girls, if you are wearing high heels, please take 'em off. Boys, if you are wearing high heels too, please take 'em off, Or if are wearing fancy shoes please take those off too." Everyone laughs besides Drake and me. Drake had his eyes on me the whole time. His Dark eyes hypnotize me, and I keep looking at him. I just can't look away.
  3. "Everyone stand up, and go to the black line at the back of the gym. DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE OFF HIGH HEELS AND STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. O.K? Oh wait...I forgot. My name is Mr.Gorge." Everyone nods and walk to the black line in the back of the gym. When the girls get to the black line they start taking of their high heels. I was the only one with black sneakers on. Mr.Gorge turns on the radio so we could start the pacer."The twenty meter pacer test is a fitness test..." The guy continues to talk in the radio. I make sure my shoes are tied tightly so I wouldn't fall. There was the first beep. I walk slowly so I wouldn't lose my energy. My hair flies around, covering my face. Drake looks at me while he is running, without bumping into anything. My hair swings back and forth, covering my eyes.
  4. I bite my pink lips, making it wet and soft. I look away and let my brown hair get in my way. I could feel the wind touching me, grasping me. I could feel my vine start growing again, becoming larger and larger in every second. It's strange because every time I could feel Drake looking at me my vine starts growing. I could feel myself running faster even though I am not trying to run fast.
  5. It has been twenty minutes and everyone is sitting at the bench with a bottle of water besides me and Drake. We were still running and how much did I run? I ran one-hundred and sixty laps. I never ran that long before in my life. When I go outside with grandpa I always ran maybe about 80 laps in the playground. I keep changing every time I am around Drake...it's just...weird. And Drake doesn't seem tired at all, neither do I. It's the vine that keeps me going. Wait no. It's Drake that keeps me going. He make my vine grow and the vine makes me feel stronger.
  6. Sorry. But that is all. I am always busy with homework and other things.
  7. On the last part, in my quiz, I said I was going to check to see if there were at least 15 or more people that would take it...
  8. On the last part, in my quiz, I said I was going to check to see if there were at least 15 or more people that would take it...
  9. 10. Close enough. Just a little less. But I still did it. Why? Two reasons.
  10. First Reason: I love to write.
  11. Second Reason: I am doing this for the people who do love to read this series. There are people who don't have GTQ accounts and continue to read these.
  12. Bye!

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