Drop of Secrets (6)

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Read the rest of Drop of Secrets and you will get what is going on! If you already did then wait for more! I try not to take long!

This is Drop of Secrets (6) read the rest so you can understand what the heck is going on! I hope you like it! enjoy!

Created by: ilovekittens
  1. I feel something climbing on my arm, like a stem. I look at my arm and see nothing. I look at my black tattooed vine and notice that it was growing. My eyes turn wide and I hide the vine using my hand. Then the vine grow all the way to my shoulder. "This is how I will get my revenge until you turn him back to normal." The boy says "It was an accident." Drake replies. "He was in a different form and I didn't know it was hi-" "Well now you better fix it." What were they talking about? Did Drake do something bad that made the boy get mad? I look at my right arm and see no vines. I was scared and confused at the same time.
  2. that was the last part on "Drop of Secrets (5)" so skip if you need to
  3. I look at Drake...I could not believe my own eyes. I could see his feelings...how is feeling. I could see fire rising on the top of his head, and the boy...I couldn't see his feelings. Instead...I saw images. More like memories. I could see the fog surrounding the trees and grass and gray sky. But what was standing in front of them was Drake. He looked more different than what he looks like right now. More...pale. Then behind him...I saw a figure in the fog...walking up to him. Drake turns around and then everything paused. After seconds the boy covering me slid back like something was pushing him. But no one was there except me, Drake, and the boy. Drake looks at the boy...then me. He didn't look scared or shocked...he looked calm. I keep looking at Drake, my eyes wide open and mouth open.
  4. I ran. I ignored Drake, who was standing by the door. I run by him. My shoulder hits his but I didn't care. I don't care what I hit or see or hear or feel. I just want to go outside and be by myself for awhile. I run to the field by our school, which had a tree in the corner. I climbed that tree and sat there and waited. Rain drops land onto my head and rest there. Its raining now...I guess it came to cheer me up. No one went outside...besides me. I guess they hate the rain. I rip out a leaf from a branch and place it onto my vine, pretending the leaf on my arm became real. Am I dreaming? Spacing out? Is this real? The images I saw? I place my hands onto the branches so I wouldn't fall off. The branches fell scratchy and sticky, which made my hand start to itch.
  5. My clothes became wet like I went swimming in a river, but that didn't stop me from going down. I look at the front and see no one walking besides Drake. He sat down by a wall and waited. Drops of rain started forming onto the tip of his hair. Drake slides his hair back and licks his lips to taste the cold rain. He folds his hands and places them in between his knees. He was far away but I could still see him with my good eye sight. My eyes wouldn't look away. Drops of water form under my eyelash and I ignored it. It falls onto my cheeks and slides down onto my chin.
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