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This is suppose to be a part of "Drop of Secrets (1)" and "Drop of Secrets (2)" so if you didn't read that please do so and I will give you a treat (no I won't. Sorry.)

Warning:This story contains supernatural events and high school romance so don't read if not interested (please read!) comment. rate. Your awesome! enjoy!

Created by: ilovekittens
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  1. What is below is what happened in #2 if you didn't read it.
  2. After minutes of sitting there the bell rang.I stand up and wipe off my bottom. "Look out!" someone yells. I look at the front and see a boy running to me, looking at the other direction. Then, we both fall and notice that he was on top of me. He stares at my eyes and I stare at his. His eyes were brown as dirt. His face was close to mines, too close. Like he was going to kiss me. I blush and I tried to hide it with my hands. But I couldn't move. He IS on top of me.
  3. The boy crawls off of me and walks away to the front building of the school. I look at his arm and see a big scar with blood, spreading all over it's shirt. I cover my mouth with my hands. The cold dirt on my hands gave me goosebumps. I expected myself to stand up and forget everything that happened. But instead, I sat there. I have never seen that much blood in my whole entire life. I calm down and put my hand onto the ground. I look at my hand and see drops of blood. I stand up and head to class. There is no time to wash myself right now.
  4. I drop my purse onto the floor and unzip it. I grab the paper with my schedule in it and zip my purse back. I read my schedule. It said room 42, Social Studies, the worst class you could ever be in. I walk through the hallways, looking confused on where I'm supposed to go. I could feel someone tapping my shoulder behind me. I turn around and see the boy from this morning. I look at his arm. His arm is rapped with a white, clean towel. I blush again and turn around. I calm myself and turn back around. "My name's Drake. Drake Salmin." He says. "I'm Ana Leroyd." I reply. Drake looks at my bloody hand then closes his eyes. I wait until he could say something. Then he looks at my left arm, the vine. His opens his mouth. There were no words flying out.
  5. Drake looks back at me. "Sorry about the accident. I was running away from something." "It's fine." I say. "Need help finding your class?" "Sure?" I say. He looks at my schedule and says "Your in the same class as me, that's great." "Your quite an expert on finding things." I say We both walk to the same room and finally arrive. "Ladies first." Drake opens the door and I step in, pulling up my pants up as I walk in. I sit down to a seat and Drake sits all the way in the back. "Today I will assign your seat. You students were probably expecting me to leave you where you are were you?" My teacher says. "I'm Mrs.Clerk. If you have difficulty saying my name which is obviously no but if you do, call me Mrs.C."
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