My 12 Deadly Secrets~ I have told no one this.

I have 12 Deadly Secrets. Do you want to find out what the hell they are? You can take this quiz and find out. No, it's not a quiz but it's nice to confess...even though it's to the whole world.

Everyone has secretive things everyone now and then in their life. Well, I guess there's no stopping the human evolution. What. Anyway, I will be starting a new series called: "Good vs Evil". Or maybe the title with change. Whatever. That's for the future BookPony to decide lol :D

Created by: BookPony672

  1. Secret 1#- I have lied to my crush once to impress him.
  2. Secret 2#- I secretly curse a lot in my head.
  3. Secret 3#- I have s3x fantasies some nights in bed.
  4. Secret 4#- Being a cold, unsympathetic person on the outside, I am actually a warm and cordial person in the inside but I don't show it.
  5. Secret 5#- I try to follow God's ways, but fail. I still have a mind full of lust, no innocence or purity. I still have my pride and arrogance. But I try.
  6. Secret 6#- The Brony community told me to "Love & Tolerate" people who go against me. I can't do neither. Except for love. I can love my cat, Amy who is my life pretty well.
  7. Secret 7#: I created a Facebook account behind my parents back. They still don't know. That said, they don't even know that I have a GTQ account :/
  8. Secret 8#: I don't do online dating because I think it's pointless. You can never know who is behind that computer screen.
  9. Secret 9#: I've never had a kiss before :/ And I'm 12 so it's not bad but still, I get these urges O_O
  10. Secret 10#- I have plotted to kill people I hate once or twice. But even though the brilliant plan is plotted firmly into mind, I never get the guts to do it.
  11. Secret 10#- I have a crush on a 9 year old and I'm 12. Three years age difference... what's worse, is that I saw his profile on Facebook and kept staring at his pictures for at least 30 minutes! He lives in the same area as me, I saw him in town once or twice ^__^ Heh heh.
  12. Secret 12#: My only true idol is Jesus if speaking spiritually, but if not, then my following idol is Justin Bieber (Never say never! :D) and Applejack (Most loyal & dependable of all ponies!) and Rainbow Dash (it needs to be at least 20% cooler!)
  13. Before I go, I want to say one last thing: Haters gonna hate, but you need to learn how to ignore them. Don't give them the attention they want, they will eventually get bored and go away. I applaud Justin Bieber for dealing with haters! :) No matter how many haters they are, he is still living his dream. That's why I love him

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