Night of fire: Lost and looking

This story is told from the future. But when it gets to the first day of summer camp, it's told when she thought and felt while she was there. Only three

And four are really told from the future. Okay so is about a girl called Isabella. (I love the name Isabella) who is paired up with a guy called Tim and they don't fall in love

Created by: HELLO
  1. The freshly cut grass sent filled my nose, the cold wind kissing my skin softly. I shivered and looked down at my tan arms, that has gone white and is covered on goose bumps. Others might of felt peaceful, happy, cold, angry or someother feeling but all I felt was like something was missing. Yes, something is missing, but who? I stare out at the flieds of yellow and green. The sun has just began to rise, making the sky full of colours. Soft lightly faded pink and yellow. A strong orange around the sun, with blue mixes up in it. Everything was still dark, but I look between a gap in the tree that blocking the sun. The bright green tree, looks elegant black. Its a trunk was tall and not very wide. A small tree, in the middle of a farm. I remember my father wanted to cut in down, "its getting in the way" he had grunted to my loving mother. She agreed with him, some of her blond hair falling into her face that was coved in make up. She held a coffee in her hand and packing our lunches for school. I had bitten my lip, too scared to say anything. After all I was eleven,.I wanted them to see I was growen up. They reminded me that I wasn't everyday. The only hope I had then was my little annoying brother. Ill save the tree, I had told myself. But fate had its way, I had forgot about the tree but also had my mother and father. I smile to myself as I remembered good moment's in my life. Most of them was almost dying, my best friend then was a crazy motorbike driver. But she left town, leaving me with no one. She moved away, She was a year older than me anyway. I also rember the good times with my older brother and my little. My frist kiss, my frist crush. My frist boy friend. I also remeber the bad times as well as the good. My frist arch enemy, my first fight, my frist bad cut, my frist break Up. Everything comes with a price. The roster crows, as the sun is shinning more brightly now. It shines down on the crops, hopefully they will be good this year. Not like ill be around, soon to be nineteen, I am going out to find my friends. Crystal, Tim, Ace and Cam. We all lost each other in the fire, a week ago. But ill find them and this time I wont take the easy way out.
  2. But my story didn't start how I planned. It all stared with summer camp.
  3. -The night before the camp- "Why a last minute meeting" I asked looking up at the dark shadow. No one knows his name or what he looks like. To us he is just a shadow in the dark. "Yeah" Tim chimed in, Tim and I hate each other. Though he is kind of cute, he has skater light brown hair with sea green eyes. Many girls like him, but me. "Because I have a mission for you two" The shadow said smiling. His bright red teeth shining out of the dark. He isn't evil, we aren't evil but we aren't that good either. "Ha no, no way am I going with it" Tim said pointing to me. It, IT?! I am going to kill him!! I could feel the range boiling up inside me. "It has a name, its Isabella. Anyway I don't want to go with his jerk" I pointed back to him, we were acting childish but that didn't stop me. "I have decied" The shadow bommed. He doesn't scare me but Tim stiffened. "You can't tell me what to do" I growled at him, it is true. I am stronger than him but somehow I have found myself taking orders from him. "Ill get Red onto you" He warned, now Red is someone I don't want to deal with. Red is evil and wicked. We go way back but I really didn't want to think about that. "Okay Ill go with the wearwolf to summer camp" I sighed in defeat. Tim sighed along with me, I don't know why we don't get along. Maybe it's because he is just a too big of jerk for me? Yeah that's it. "Also you have to be best friends" He added quickly. "What" Tim and I snapped at the same time. "Bye" He sid pushing us out the door. That's how Tim and I got throwen together, by Fate...
  4. (Okay This didn't turn out how I planned. So this is all why has happened and it might go on for a copule of quizzes or a lot. But Night of Fire does come in but later. I thought I should tell you)
  5. -Day of summer camp- My legs already achieve and I haven't even walked into the camp. Up ahead is the camp, everyone is around standing on the dry dirt. They are all smiling and laughing, I just hope they have a pool. I look around for Tim, I spot him talking to a pretty blond girl and a guy with golden blond hair. I make my way over to him, he is wearing a shot sleved t-shirt with a falme on it. Black jeans and a pair of old worn out sneakers. "Hey Tim" I said friendly, it turned out more friendly than I thought. "Hey Bella" He said back pulling me into a hug, he smells pretty good. It was a quick hug, then I turn back to the girl and the boy. The girl has long blond hair and green sarkling eyes. She is wearing worn out grey jeans, a blue T-shirt and blue runners. Her long blond hair is up in a high pony tail, she ia really pretty. Her face doesn't look hot from the suns rays, I think mine does though. "Oh this is Isabella, she is by best friend. Isabella this is Crystal and Cam" Tim tells me, I looked over at Cam. Golden blond hair with sparkilng blue eyes. His smile is perfect. He is.wearing black jeans, a grey t-shirt and good new runners. I fake a smile "Hey" I say, my fake smiles are very easy to believe. "Hello" Crystal said and did a little wave. Then her let her hand fall onto her jeans. "Hey" Cam says, he seems an easy going guy. Though I know they are shape shifers.
  6. "We should get to our cabins" Cam tells us, I nod my arms feel heavy from carrying my bags. "Yep I agree, I am cabin six" I tell them. "Cabin-" "I am cabin six" Crystal cuts Cam off. He looks annoyed, "as I was saying. Cabin two-" Cam goes on. "same" Tim cuts Cam off. "how many people want to-" "come on Crystal" I butt in. Crystal giggles and gets her stuff.
  7. "We should get to our cabins" Cam tells us, I nod my arms feel heavy from carrying my bags. "Yep I agree, I am cabin six" I tell them. "Cabin-" "I am cabin six" Crystal cuts Cam off. He looks annoyed, "as I was saying. Cabin two-" Cam goes on. "same" Tim cuts Cam off. "how many people want to-" "come on Crystal" I butt in. Crystal giggles and gets her stuff.
  8. Sorry I am going to stop it there. As I was saying Night of fire is the secdon or third part of this serise. So basically these parts is about what has happened leading up to the fire. Okay I'd you don't get that, don't worry. I didn't get it myself
  9. Just ignore question 3 and 4. That's just how I defied to start it. *decied
  10. More detail will be in the next

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