What is your element?

The four elements fire, water, and earth were what the Greeks thought everything was made of. By the time people realized this was not the the case the Greeks had had everything sorted out. What percent of the four elements everything was and now it seems that all that hard work was lost. But now the four elements are used to determine prooked personalitys.

Are you fire, a cave dwelling being. Are you water, an oceanic being. Are you air, a dancer among the clouds. Or are you earth, a natural being, caretaker of animals. Take this quiz and find out

Created by: Kiria
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  1. Your favorite color is
  2. Yor friend invites you to come to a big bonfire party you
  3. Your friend asks if you want to go sky diving you say
  4. Your friend asks you if you want to go on a boat over the ocean. You say
  5. Your friend asks if you want to go for a walk through the woods. You say
  6. Your friend gives you a lighter for your birthday. You
  7. Your friend gives you a free swimming pass for the summer. You
  8. Your friend gives you a free sky diving pass. You
  9. Your takes you to a farm you
  10. Random Question: who are Firestar's daughters (from Erin Hunters warrior cat books)This doesn't count!

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Quiz topic: What is my element?