what type a element bender are you

there are certain people who know what element they are but there are some people who dont, are you one of them, one of the one's who doesn't know, well don't tell me i cant hear you

well do you want to find out what element bender you are or not, fire water air or earth just take a couple of minutes and you, yes you could finally find out

Created by: cleow90

  1. what animal do you like the most
  2. when you lose in a game you....
  3. wich best discribes you
  4. what is your favorite color
  5. how do you think you'll die
  6. how well do you get along with your siblings
  7. wich of these people from avatar the last air bender do you think you are
  8. wich do you think is the most relaxing scean
  9. what element do you want to be
  10. what did you think of the quiz

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Quiz topic: What type a element bender am I