Which element are you?

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Which element are you? Are you Air, Water, Fire or Earth? Well, now you can find out! There are 15 questions and make sure you answer properly. There are some pretty random questions, but don't be surprised.

Get ready to do this quiz! I hope you are happy when you get your results as that is my main quest! To make the quizzer the main priority is key! Take my advice and use it, people!

Created by: ShadowClawVIP
  1. How old are you?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Which of these is your favourite colour?
  4. How do you normally greet yourself?
  5. Which shade do you prefer?
  6. Which animal do you prefer?
  7. There is a fight going on outside, where are you?
  8. Which of these adjectives best describe you?
  9. You are in an abandoned house, your friend says that he was looking down the corridor and he saw something go into the room on the far left, while you are thinking about it, the door slams and your hair stands up on end - what do you do?
  10. Which of these lessons are your favourite?
  11. Do you give up easily?
  12. Do you like the concept of war?
  13. Do you have a unique talent?
  14. Pick your head wear?
  15. Which element do you think you are?

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