Which oriental element are you?

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This quiz is basically about elements.Not the usual ones like air,fire,earth and water.I only used water but the rest are rephrased or completely different.

This quiz shows which element best represents you and not which is your favourite one.If you think it doesn't represent you,be my guest and take it again.

Created by: ameliaz

  1. Are you easily distracted?
  2. Hows your life usually like?
  3. Whats your music preferences?
  4. Whats your family like?
  5. Which word/phrase do you like?
  6. Whats your crush like?
  7. lsdfakghalkusdbycfgasoyb sfudsteh jbgascchkgjjbkcduybgfouiagye rhyfjkldugfisduygbfivusLRKUYEOUxbuouueoiquxtnyrgfef8uyererererererersuioyeruioy!
  8. do u like the quiz?
  9. If someone trips you,wat is your reaction?
  10. last question!!

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Quiz topic: Which oriental element am I?