What Is Your Element?

Air, Earth, Water, and Fire--the four classical elements. Over time, certain personality types have become associated with each one: Passionate Fire, calm Water, steadfast Earth, flighty Air. Perhaps you already know which category you fit into.

Or do you? Often element type quizzes are just a little too obvious, and we choose the answers that fit our supposed type, rather than our true selves. With this quiz, I've made an effort to choose questions that aren't used as often, as well as some entirely original ones. Remember, don't think too hard about any of them--just choose the answer that immediately catches your eye. Have fun!

Created by: noralives
  1. Choose a color:
  2. With which of the following animals do you feel kinship?
  3. Which flavor type appeals to you the most?
  4. Which of these scents is most pleasant to you?
  5. How would you describe your temper (or how would friends describe it)?
  6. During which season do you feel most comfortable?
  7. When are you at your best?
  8. Imagine that you are holding an object. ~ Which of these is closest to what you thought of?
  9. Which hand are you holding it in?
  10. What is the texture of the object? Is it smooth or rough, soft or hard?
  11. What material is the object made of?
  12. What temperature is it? Does the object feel hot, or is it cool to the touch?

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