which element are you

this quiz is mainly about about finding your inner element. whether it is a burning fire or a heartless wind, you will never know... until you take this quiz.

what do you think your element is? an endless ocean or a pit of mud? you won't know until you test yourself. ive taken some hopefully normal questions about yourself, you can find out.

Created by: xxbrokenfaithxx

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  1. you are talking with others in a club/class. one of them pisses you off, so what do you do?
  2. you are walking home when you see a mob attacking an elder. what do you do?
  3. when you get home one day, your really down, what do you do?
  4. your hangin with some friends and propose an idea, and your friends think its stupid, how do you react?
  5. when in a war, where would you be?
  6. what are your hobbies?
  7. what is your favorite color?
  8. are you for war?
  9. (this question has some answers that are MAJORLY exaggerated) what kind of clothes do you wear?
  10. if you could hang out in one place, where would it be?

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Quiz topic: Which element am I