What's Yor Element?

People have inner elements, just like auras in the eyes, it's hidden, but there. And you can find out what element you are with this new quiz on elements.

Are you an element? Of course, no one needs to ask that, but the only real question is, What element are you? People have unique elements depending on the following questions.

Created by: Jordyn

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  1. How Much Time Do You Spend Outside?
  2. What Is Your Favorite Color?
  3. What Part Of Nature Is Your Favorite?
  4. What Animal Best Repersents You?
  5. If You Were Trapped In A Hole With Man-Eating Beats, You Would...
  6. Your Best Class In School Is/Was...
  7. What Weapon Reflects You?
  8. What Are Your Dreams Usually About?
  9. Do You Love Water?
  10. Do You Feel Like Your Life Is A Waste Of Time?
  11. Are You Clever And Smart?
  12. People Think Of You As...
  13. Do You Have A House Pet?
  14. If Your Friend Disapeared On The Jungle Tour and Now You're Left ALone, You Would...
  15. What Food Group Decribes You?
  16. If You Chose Junk,Why?
  17. Do Like To Buy Organic Food Or Regular Food?
  18. What Element Do You Think You Are? (No Effect)

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