Which element corresponds to your nature?

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We all have our own unique personalities normally classified into another variety of stereotypes to easily understand each other inn a way for it to be done without knowing each other for a long proud of time.

In this quiz, I decided to use elements as the stereotype instead of using social statuses which can be really indirect. I chose to put 9 different elements to make it more accurate and specific. I've also pointed out the flaws of each element without any intention of offending anyone but to know what each of us is lacking.

Created by: KitsuneKuramu42
  1. What is your outlook on life?
  2. Do you have any regrets in life?
  3. How many people are you truly close with?
  4. Do you actually put your plan into action?
  5. Serious or goofball?
  6. Friendly or loner?
  7. How much do others know about you?
  8. Do you have self control?
  9. Are you passionate about the things you do?
  10. How does your eyes look?

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Quiz topic: Which element corresponds to my nature?