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puzzles are life and life itself will always be a puzzle as well, in order to understand others we must learn others' characteristics and what it is the like or dislike. we must learn whethetr or not we respect this.

you are a genius as is everyone, even if you tend to disagree with this. you will learn that there are more than just 1-2 different personalities outside of your own little world.

Created by: may

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you feel is your strenght?
  2. what do you feel is your strongest of feelings?
  3. what is your greatest feared kind of animal?
  4. what is your favorite activity?
  5. what kind of pet would you want to have?
  6. if your child misbehaves, you...
  7. when you're angry, what do you ussally do.
  8. if your friend turns on you, what do you do.
  9. what do you feel is the best way to fix a situation that requeres a fight already going on?
  10. out of these, which is your favorite kind of element?
  11. if you could have a dragon, what size would it be.
  12. what is your favorite color?
  13. what kind of technology would you want.
  14. what do you think is fair?

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