What is your element?

Finding out what element you are can truly release you to be who you know you are. Not one certain element is bad although none are perfect. Don't judge on what you think you know about these elements.

What element are YOU?Are you fire,water,earth,or air? Do you want to challenge what you think you know about yourself and these elements? Well have I got a quiz for you!

Created by: kat

  1. Which of these most describes yourself?
  2. You see a sick homeless family on the road. You:
  3. You pride yourself on.....
  4. Happiness can't buy money but it can buy;
  5. Would you describe yourself as being short or ill tempered?
  6. When you paint what does it look like?
  7. Your friends are?
  8. When I say meadow you think of?
  9. You least describe yourself as.....
  10. You like the color....

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Quiz topic: What is my element?