What Element Do You Control?

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Ever wondered what classical element you would control? This quiz puts you in the Avatar world and gives you a meaningful element based on your answers.

You might already have an idea of the element you'd like to control - whether it be Water, Earth, Fire, or Air. But you might be surprised by your results. Your expectation isn't always what your true personality reveals.

Created by: Amon
  1. When looking for answers, you prefer to confide in:
  2. Which quote do you most closely live by?
  3. Which of the following is MOST important to you?
  4. When I see a woman beaming with happiness having a great time, I wonder:
  5. I dislike:
  6. Looking back on my life 5 years ago, I:
  7. Talking about feelings is:
  8. Out of these personality types, I am mostly:
  9. Within a group of close friends or family, I:
  10. Dreaming to me:

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Quiz topic: What Element do I Control?