what is your avatar element

you watch avatar but have you wondered what element you are here is a quick 12 question test you can do in a seconde what to tell you what element you are

do you think you are water , earth , fire , air well test and see then test your friends are you rivals or best friends or somewhere in between (from the tv show)

Created by: maye

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. where do you wish you could travel
  2. what is you favorite dull color
  3. where is your favorite p-lace to eat
  4. what is your favorite birds
  5. which is your favorite art
  6. what is your favorite musical
  7. you have $200 what do you spened it on
  8. you going to decorate for your party whats is the main thing
  9. your setting up a gingerbread house what does it look like
  10. what is your favorite smell

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Quiz topic: What is my avatar element