Lost At Sea Pt 1

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This story is called " Lost at sea pt 1. " is about a regular teen-ager girl who gets in a fight with her mother and runs away from home. Something goes wrong on her escape plan and she ends up " lost at sea " - obviously.

Okay well first i just want to say that i may or may not make " Lost At Sea pt 2. " depending on the rates/comments i get on this one. i dont want to waist my timeon nothing.

Created by: D3signnFreAkk
  1. Characters: Cenesha ( Main Character ) Loading Info:■■■■■■■■■■â‡' 100% Complete. Cenesha Lynn White "”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"” Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Sex: Female Age: 14 ¾ Aylein Marie White "”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"” Hair: Brown Eyes: Black Sex: Female Age: 13.
  2. Cenesha (You) get this amazing invitation for this cool, blown out party from the most popular girl in school, Heather Ann Brobaee. Cenesha's mother is uptight and overprotective for Cenesha and her younger sister Aylein, when she read the line "Biggest Party Around Town" she immediately said "No." to Cenesha going. But, her dad so loving and kind forced her mom to let her go, so she did. Cenesha's mom left her only one very important task for her to follow- Be home by 9:00! Cenesha thought it would be no worries, but is that what really happens? Is her mom going to forgive her if she is late?
  3. Cenesha returns home at 9:04 p.m and when she walks through the large front door she notices her mother stand there in the doorway. Next thing you know there is yelling and punches being thrown. Aylein wakes up to the loud ruckus and creeps down the staircase to watch blood be scattered all across the light brown carpeting. Her dad comes down and commands Aylein to go back to bed. "STOP!" Yelled dad. Aylein in her bedroom crying hoped that the "STOP!" dad had screamed out would actually make the fighting stop. To her surprise, it did. Cenesha gets sent to her room with a black eye, broken nose and several lost teeth while her mother drives miles away with the car trying to calm down and find a happy place to stay for the night.
  4. "Psssst. Aylein. Are You Awake?" Whispered Cenesha. "Huhh...Now I Am. What Do You Want?" replied Aylein. "Im Leaving. Escaping This Place People Call Home. Are You Coming With?" "Run Away From Home? Cenesha, I Have A Whole Life To Live. I Cant Ruin It All Just Because of A Mistake Like Running Away From Home." "Fine Aylein, Suit Your Self. Have A Wonderful Life In This Place I Like To Call, Hell." "I Will Miss Youu Cenesha. Call Me If You Can. I'll Always Be Thinking About You, And You Are Always Gonna Be In My Heart." So Cenesha Wandered Off Into The Darkness Of The Night. Went Through Many Streets And Stopped At A Large Willow Tree In The Middle Of The Forest. She Sat Down, Made Herself Comfortable And Fell Fastly Asleep.
  5. With ropes tied tightly around her wrists and ankles, thick duct tape covering her mouth, and a gun to her head, Cenesha does not realize that she is being transfered to a red pickup truck by two large muscular guys with grey shorts and no shirt. As she opens her eyes she notices that she's in a truck driving through the interstate and see's the mens staring down at her. " You will be my slave." said the guy to the left. "Huh? Where am I?" Asked Cenesha confused. "Lets just say you are in a magical bus (Old Truck) going to royal castle (His Apartment)." Said the other guy.
  6. As they drive over a bridge that lays apon the wide pacific ocean the truck hits a large rock in the road. The back to the truck pops open and Cenesha slowly falls from the back. She hits the ground (BAMM!) and starts rolling of of the bridge and into the wide pacific ocean. Tied tighty and unable to scream, she pushes out her cheeks and pop! The duct tape came. She captured oxygen as quick as possible before her entire began to stay underneath the glowing waters of the night. Underwater she bites off the ropes that wrap around her wrists and ankles. She's free!
  7. She manages to get out of the water, but shen she's out, it's like she teleported from Phoenix, Arizona to some place in the middle of nowhere! But what she did not know, that WAS thr truth... "I am on a island...?" Cenesha thought to herself. She wandered through the tall palm trees and found a perfect one. She rested apon one, safe and sound for the night.
  8. It has been only two days since Cenesha has left, and Aylein is scared more then anything. On the other hand, her mom is relieved Cenesha is gone. So Aylein set of to try to look for Cenesha. Some time around, Those same guys came, picked her up, and she fell in the ocean by mistake.
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  11. Depending On Rates + Comments I May Or May Not Make Pt 2.

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