Heros of Olympus: The Lost Hero

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If you read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you know it's a great series! Well, the sequal is The Lost Heros Of Olympus. The fist book, The Lost Hero, is amazing!

How well do you know this book? I hope you know enough to pass this simple quiz! It's easy, but has some trick questions, but don't think I'm giving out answers here! Good luck, and GO!

Created by: Angie Patel

  1. What is the name of the sytar who tries to rescue Leo and Piper?
  2. In whose point of view is the first chapter in?
  3. Translated, what is the name of the dragon Leo rebuilt?
  4. Who is 'Mother Earth?'
  5. What is the name of Piper's half-sister?
  6. What is Piper's last name?
  7. Khione is a minor goddess. What is she the goddess of?
  8. Jason is a Roman Half-Blood. Who is his father in Roman form?
  9. Leo has a power, and calls it a curse, but his father says it is a gift. What is his 'gift?'
  10. Aphrodite is the goddess of Love, so all her children can speak the language of love. What language would that be?
  11. Who is Jason's sister?
  12. What does Leo do when he is nervous?
  13. After her talk with her mother, why is Piper so surprised?
  14. What did Leo's babysitter, Tia, call him?
  15. What power does Piper have?
  16. What is the name of the she-wolf who runs the Roman Camp?
  17. Percy Jackson readers know Percy saved Mt. Olympus and defeated Kronos. Who defeated the Titan Krios?
  18. What happened to Percy Jackson?
  19. What language does Jason speak, besides english?
  20. Why does Piper hide the fact her father is an actor?
  21. Which king, who should have been dead is back and alive?
  22. Which Princess and daughter of Hecate ran the mall underground?
  23. Sytars are Greek. What is the Roman word for them?
  24. What is the Blessing Of Aphrodite?

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