How well do you know Heros Of Olympus

There are many Heros of Olympus fans, But only a few Heros of Olympus experts. A fan who has an extrodinarily clever mind, knows all the answers to the world of demigods.

Are YOU that expert? Do you have enough knowledge to qualify for that title of ultimate super fan? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you can find out!!!

Created by: alyna
  1. who are the kids of Zeus?
  2. Who are the kids of Poseidon?
  3. What creature is Grover?
  4. In book one, the Lost hero, who are the characters?
  5. Who were the prators of Camp Jupiter before Jason disappeared?
  6. Who did Hera say that if Jason, Leo, and Piper died in Chicago, they would die by her/his hand?
  7. What had happened to Coach Hedge after the battle at the Grand Canyon?
  8. Who was/were the one(S) to free Hera from her cage?
  9. Who was the giant king who awoke when the three heros were trying to free Hera from her cage?
  10. When Percy Jackson was missing from camp half-blood, where was he?
  11. Who helped Percy when he went on his quest at the Roman Camp?
  12. Who is the god of DEATH
  13. What did Annabeth do when she saw Percy again in the Mark of Athena?
  14. What was Leo's warship called?
  15. Where did Leo first find the wings for Festus?
  16. What was Nico's big secret?
  17. What made the monsters appear from tarturas faster?
  18. what was the sacred item that would stop camp half-blood and camp jupiter from going against each other?
  19. What is the prophecy of the seven?

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