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This should be a part of "Drop of Secrets (1)" So if you read it you might be confused. Go back and read #1 Contains supernatural events and high school romance

This stuff was all in my head and I really wanted to share it with everyone so the only place I can share it with is gotoquiz! You guys are awesome!

Created by: ilovekittens

  1. This part is what happened in "Drop of Secrets (1)" if you look below so if you already read it skip it and go to the other question/part (P.S contains supernatural events and high school romance)
  2. (What happened on Drop of Secrets (1)) "Hon'," Grandpa says "What is it, grandpa?" I ask. He gives me a worried look, which made me look worried too. Grandpa continues. "I think you should go to high school. I can't teach you anything anymore." My tears form, and I try to hold it in, One drop slides onto my skin. I wipe it off and pretend I am not crying. "I understand." I say, turning my face to the opposite direction of where grandpa is sitting. "There is a school a couple miles away, so you're using the bus. "When does it start?" I ask. "It has to start tomorrow. That's when it's the first day of school." I walk back to my bedroom and lay on my bed. I'm not prepared for it though. I don't have any materials. I don't have any clothes. I have nothing. Tomorrow i'll go to the store after school. I don't feel like going today. I lay down and expect grandpa to come and support me. But he didn't. Besides, he can't stand up anymore because of his back pain. I look at my tattoo of a vine on my left arm and touch the stem of the vine. I then gently press the leaves on the vine, trying to entertain myself.
  3. The next day: It's morning and I am all dressed up for the first day of senior high school. I grab my purse that grandpa gave me on my 15th birthday. It's the only kind of backpack I have. As I walk downstairs I see grandpa watching t.v again, pressing buttons on the remote. He was probably waiting for me. He looks at me and turns the volume down. "Ana, you look beautiful!" he says. I look down and see myself wearing skinny jeans with a belt and an over sized gray shirt. Grandpa was probably saying that to cheer me up, so I make a tiny smile. "Thanks." I reply. I walk to the kitchen and make myself some eggs with bacon for breakfast. Then I make myself a sandwich with cheese, ham, and peppered tomatoes for lunch. I sat down to eat my breakfast. When I looked at grandpa he turned off the t.v and cleared his throat. "Um, I forgot to tell you that you are going to Jord Senior high school. It's a good high school. There is a lot of good things to learn there." grandpa says. I nod and continue to eat my breakfast. I go to the bus stop and wait till the bus comes. It's been quite awhile since the bus came.
  4. I climb into the bus and see people staring at me nonstop, like I was going to do something bad. I ignore them and try to find an empty seat around me. All of the seats were full except one in the back. I walk to the back and sit down on the brown, leather seat. I looked out the window and the sun came out but I still see some rain drops on the window, trickling down to the bottom. I sigh and lay back, looking at my left arm again. I press on the leaves hanging on the stem, then I count the small spikes on the stem. When I look around the bus, I see people reading books, playing on their phones, or just sitting there. Waiting. A couple minutes later a girl about my age slides next to me and drops her backpack onto the floor. "Hey." The girl says. I look at her. She had dark red hair and very blue eyes. "Hi." I say. I look back at the window. "My name is Kaitlin Mayg." She sticks out her hand, waiting for a hand shake. I look at her hand then her face. I put my hand in hers. It felt cold and smooth like a basketball. We both shake our hands and let go. I rubbed my hands together and tucked it in between my lap.
  5. We arrive at Jord Senior high school, the only high school in town. I walk through the crowded bus hallway and down the muddy stairs. I walk out of the bus and feel drops of cold rain land onto my head. In short minutes it starts raining again and everyone is now under roofs and trees. I was the only one without a roof on top of me. I didn't need a tree or roof, I loved the rain. The rain makes me happy and I should not hide from it. I sit down on the wet ground by a wall and wait until school starts.
  6. After minutes of sitting there the bell rang.I stand up and wipe off my bottom. "Look out!" someone yells. I look at the front and see a boy running to me, looking at the other direction. Then, we both fall and notice that he was on top of me. He stares at my eyes and I stare at his. His eyes were brown as dirt. His face was close to mines, too close. Like he was going to kiss me. I blush and I tried to hide it with my hands. But I couldn't move. He IS on top of me.
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