Delinquents pt 9

Welcome peeps. Nice of you to drop by and read my story quizzes. They can be fun sometimes. Anyway, this one doesn't have much excitement or romance in it so I'll add some in in the 10th and make it twice as long.

Hope you enjoy reading my writing. I had fun writing this series. I still have to think up the ending for this one. I do have a couple ideas for the next story though.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. "You're a mix of every type of magical creature. They went extinct such a long time ago, how can that even be possible? You're the last heir to the throne of that species. You must be engaged and married immediately.". Said the judge with surprise in his eyes. "Wait, my parents are on Earth. I don't have any other parents. How am I the heir? My parents are human.".
  2. You said arguing. "Your real parents sent you away because a real war occurred here and they needed to give you a new home. You're royalty. We must prepare your engagement to one of the princes immediately.". He said without paying any attention to what you had to say. "What war? and who are these 'princes'? I'd like to have a little talk with them.".
  3. I said as I held up my fist and cracked my knuckles. "There are 7 of them. Once their name is called by anyone of importance, they always appear. Prince of Vampires, Prince of Werewolves, Prince of Shapeshifters, Prince of Ghosts, Elves and Humans. I command you to appear!". With the wave of his finger they appeared.
  4. The bad thing was, I knew 5 of them. Matt, Angus, Clarke, Hunter and a very pissed off Leon. There were two other guys next to them. One had bushy white hair with white eyes. He was an albino. The other guy had lengthy black hair with fading red streaks that was held back in a ponytail.
  5. He smiled a little more than Leon but not a bunch more. "Hello, brother.". It wasn't really a shock. There was some family resemblance. "I have no intention of marrying. I'm going to drop out.". He said as he walked out those antique doors causing a ruckus among us. "Silence!". The judge hissed.
  6. We were all sent to what supposedly was 'my palace'. I didn't need all that glitz and glam. What I really wanted was some answers. The guy who had bushy white hair and white eyes came up to me. Then I noticed it, he wasn't just albino, he was also blind. "Hello ___________. Nice to meet you. I'm Isaac.".
  7. He held out his hand. I held out mine and gave him a strong handshake and went to Angus who was curled into a ball in the corner. Poor thing, he was so frightened of a world he thought was a dream. I went over trying to comfort him. "Hey Angus. How are you doing?". "Not very well. There's this world that I always thought was just imagined but, it's not. It's all too real.". He said while shaking his head burying his head deeper into his knees.
  8. I patted his back and left him in his solitude. In my point of view, I've done a lot worse to comfort others in the past. Once I shouted at them saying "suck it up you big baby.". That just made that toddler cry harder. I shook that thought off about how I made a toddler cry harder, and decided to go talk to Sparky. "Hi ________! Did you know about you being the last species of your kind! I knew and so did the rest of us but, we didn't bother to tell you because we didn't want you to treat us differently! Even the squirt! In my opinion, he should've told you because we have a height advantage!".
  9. When he's 30 he's either going to lose his hearing or need a hearing aid. Out of no where Clarke appeared and started 'fighting' with Hunter. When I say 'fight' I mean that Sparky was walking away laughing rather loudly while Clarke hurried next to him while throwing punches, kicks and insults at him. Leon was leaning against a pillar. I went to go see what he thought. "So, what do you think about this whole situation?". He tilted back his head and closed his eyes. "Well, it's better being engaged to someone I know than rather some broad who can't fight or fit through a door.". His comments were so immensely rude but, they were true. "Thanks?". "I'm just being honest. You're a lot better than marrying some broad. I mean......... I would be okay if we got married.". Was that a compliment? Or a compliment hidden inside an insult? It could be both. "Thanks?". I walked away awkwardly.
  10. filler question.

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