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I made another part of "Drop of Secrets"! Are you impressed? I hope you are because I worked hard on this one. Really hard...

I hope you enjoy this part of Drop of Secrets! I worked SUPER hard on this one so please smile before you read it. I hope you like it and have a good day :)

Created by: ilovekittens
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  1. this is what happened on the seventh part of "Drop of Secrets"
  2. Then he stopped smiling and dropped me. He clears his throat while covering his pink, smooth lips. "Sorry 'bout that." Drake says. He holds out his hand and I grabbed it,pulling myself up. His hands felt like icicles from a freezer. I wipe my bottom of and walk away but Drake suddenly grabs onto my hand. My hair blows forward because of the wind, who was forcing me to keep going. "Let go." I say. I try to pull my hand away but he was just so strong. "Let go." I pull harder but my hand stayed still. "I'm not letting you go." Drake says. I look back at him. The drops of rain wet his clothes and mine. Drake didn't even look like he was pulling my hand back. "I don't know what happened over there okay. I don't know. Now please let go-" "I don't want to know what happened over there." Drake waits patiently for me to reply. "What is it then?" I ask.
  3. I could hear the thunder roaring, and I could feel the rain increasing itself. "I need to talk to you." Drake continues to hold my hand. "Say it now. Then let me go." "Somewhere private." I could feel the stem squeezing my arm like a snake, growing it's spikes and leaves. "I need you to let go." The bell rang. Drake stood there and dropped my hand. The stem got shorter and it stopped squeezing my arm. He looks at my arm, then walks away. Drake didn't even look like he cared about my arm, like he knew it before I knew. I walk back to class and sit down onto my new seat. Drake sits there beside me, looking at the front, ignoring me. I wonder what he wanted to tell me, what he wanted to show me. "Okay, I'ma go take attendance and we will get to work." Mrs.Clerk says. "Mr.Handsome? Mr.Handsome?" Drake looks at Mrs.Clerk in an uncaring way. "There you are Mr.Handsome! Okay...let's keep going." Everybody laughs while covering their mouth. I don't get how this is funny at all.
  4. "Ana? Ana?" Mrs.Clerk looks around the class. I raise my hand up. "Here." I say. Mrs.Clerk looks at me and says "Oh! there you are sweetie!" and continues to call names. I play with my pencil and make marks on the desk, then I erase the marks with my eraser. From all of the things I have gone through in my life, this is the worst thing that has happened to me. three bad things happening in one day is not good at all. What am I going to tell grandpa now? Someone fell on me this morning and almost kissed me? I pushed a person away from me using some kind of voodoo magic? I almost fell and died from falling of a tree in the rain? Grandpa would move me to a different high school if I said that! But I always tell the truth to grandpa. I never lie to grandpa. We are friends, best friends. "Alright, What I want you to do is read The Civil Rights Movement on pg.60 to yourself while I pass out worksheet." Mrs.Clerk starts passing out a sheet of paper to everyone then goes back to the front of the room. "This is due Friday. I expect you to bring this on Friday."
  5. I get out my book from the desk and find the page that talks about the civil rights movement. I take a peek at Drake and see him already working on the worksheet. I look back at my book and notice Drake looks at me. I blush and cover my cheeks using my wet hands. Goosebumps starts rising, and it started to itch. I get to page sixty in my book and started writing. I first decided to write my name on the top right corner of the paper.I could still notice Drake looking at me. "CRACK!" My pencil broke, and I could feel something squeezing my arm again like a snake. I look at my arm again. The vein was growing again. Drake looks at my arm then back at his worksheet. I look through my backpack to see if I brought my sharpener. But it wasn't there. I could see a classroom sharpener in the corner. I walk to the classroom sharpener and see Drake following me. I get to the sharpener and Drake gets behind me. "You go first." I say. Drake hits my shoulder and I blush. He sharpens his pencil he touches my hand and continues to walk back to his seat. I look at him then I look back at the sharpener. I sharpen my pencil then get back to my new seat.
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