Drop of Secrets (5)

This part is suppose to go with all the "Drop of Secrets" that I put on gotoquiz so if you didn't read those please go ahead. I hope you enjoy :) please :)

Warning: Contains supernatural events and high school romance so don't read if not interested in this kind of stuff (please read it's awesome like...me.)

Created by: ilovekittens
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  1. Just so you know, this is what happened in "Drop of Secrets (4)" So if you already read this please skip this question and continue with the story
  2. Drake and I sit on the floor in the corner of the room, where no one could see us. I put my homework onto the floor and put my hand down. Drake looks at my hand and says "You have drops of blood...on your hand." I look at my hand and see drops of blood resting on my cold and dirty hands. "Did you fall or what happened?" I looked at him then looked down at my hand. "I didn't do anything. It was from you." I say. Drake looked confused and kept looking at my hand. "How? When?" Drake asks. "From this morning." I try not to think about it but the memories just keep pushing itself into my brain. It's nonstop. "Oh." Drake clears his throat and looks away for a couple seconds. "Lets get down to work. Wait...why do they even give us homework on the first day? Isn't that too...weird. We haven't learned anything today." I look at him and smile. I just can't hold it in. "I know right?" I make a small laugh. "So, number one. What are the differences between now and what happened in 1789?"
  3. I looked into my Social Studies Book and read the pages, skipping lines so I can find the answer. I point to the answer and say "There it is. Lets write it down." We both write down the answer from the book and keep going
  4. It's lunch time and I am on my way to the cafeteria. I get to the cafeteria and head to the bathroom to wash my bloody, dirty hands. I had a hard time washing the blood away because it's already dried in my skin. I massaged my hand in the water and see blood draining away into the black hole. I walk out of the bathroom and see a boy blocking the door, looking at me. He had blond hair and dark blue eyes. He is wearing a white, plain t-shirt and some converse. I stop in front of the boy and say "I need to get through." I try to walk through the side where he's not blocking but then he blocks that side. "Is there something wrong?" I ask. He walks closer to me and I take a step back, making sure he isn't too close to me like this morning with Drake. He walks closer and I keep stepping back. My right foot steps on my left foot and I fall. He kneels down and continues to crawl towards me. I crawl on my bottom until I get to the corner of the wall. He comes closer and puts his hands on the wall, blocking me. His face gets close to mines and I turn my head to the other side. "Back off Evan." someone says. I look forward and see Drake standing there. "Just...don't...please."
  5. I feel something climbing on my arm, like a stem. I look at my arm and see nothing. I look at my black tattooed vine and notice that it was growing. My eyes turn wide and I hide the vine using my hand. Then the vine grow all the way to my shoulder. "This is how I will get my revenge until you turn him back to normal." The boy says "It was an accident." Drake replies. "He was in a different form and I didn't know it was hi-" "Well now you better fix it." What were they talking about? Did Drake do something bad that made the boy get mad? I look at my right arm and see no vines. I was scared and confused at the same time.
  7. I know it was short and I took long so please forgive me. Anyway...
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