Drop of Secrets (7)

This is another part of Drop of Secrets! i hope you enjoy! comment and rate if you want more!

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Created by: ilovekittens

  1. this is what happened in the 6th part of "Drop of Secrets"
  2. My clothes became wet like I went swimming in a river, but that didn't stop me from going down. I look at the front and see no one walking besides Drake. He sat down by a wall and waited. Drops of rain started forming onto the tip of his hair. Drake slides his hair back and licks his lips to taste the cold rain. He folds his hands and places them in between his knees. He was far away but I could still see him with my good eye sight. My eyes wouldn't look away. Drops of water form under my eyelash and I ignored it. It falls onto my cheeks and slides down onto my chin.
  3. Was he waiting for me? No...it can't be. He probably just wants to go outside and be by himself too. A drop of rain lands onto my nose. The cold wet touch reminds me of the morning. How can I get this terrible memory out of my stupid head? I could think of other things but that's not going to help get it that memory out of my mind. I let go of the branches that I was holding onto and fall. I closed my eyes and kept them close tightly. I open my eyes and notice Drake was holding me...tightly. His hands wet and cold, His gorgeously blond hair slid back. His skin so pale like snow. I couldn't stop staring at him. I keep looking at Drake and he smiles at me. His face was close to mines and I move my face back.
  4. Then he stopped smiling and dropped me. He clears his throat while covering his pink, smooth lips. "Sorry 'bout that." Drake says. He holds out his hand and I grabbed it,pulling myself up. His hands felt like icicles from a freezer. I wipe my bottom of and walk away but Drake suddenly grabs onto my hand. My hair blows forward because of the wind, who was forcing me to keep going. "Let go." I say. I try to pull my hand away but he was just so strong. "Let go." I pull harder but my hand stayed still. "I'm not letting you go." Drake says. I look back at him. The drops of rain wet his clothes and mine. Drake didn't even look like he was pulling my hand back. "I don't know what happened over there okay. I don't know. Now please let go-" "I don't want to know what happened over there." Drake waits patiently for me to reply. "What is it then?" I ask.
  5. that's all
  6. sorry that it was short. I'm kinda busy.
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