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Hi guys! I know...I took to long on making the next part...but now it's here! Yay! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I've been trying to think of what to put on there so...

Please comment and rate! Makes me smile (I have said that in like every quiz)! I'll try to make the parts longer and I will try not to take long to make it!

Created by: ilovekittens
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  1. "Silence please!" Nothing worked. "SIIILLEENNCCE!!" Everything became quit as if nothing happened and sit down on their desks. "Finally! Goodness! You guys almost gave me a hard attack! I hope we can do better tomorrow." My math teacher folds her hands and smiles. "Anyway, I am Ms.Claire! Your math teacher! I am so excited for having you guys here today! It makes me happy. BUT NOT WHEN SOMEONE IS CHIT'CHATTING IN THE BACK." Ms.Claire looks over at the two people in the back, chatting with each other. They both look at Ms.Claire and then they both stopped, clearing their throats. I look around but there is no sign of Drake. I guess he must be at a different period. Or maybe he is doing something else? Never mind. That is not important to me right now. But what is important is listening to Ms.Claire. I might get yelled at if I space out.
  2. 1 hour later: Math class is already over and now my next period is science. I wonder if Drake will be there. I walk around the hallways and finally find my science class. I walk in and everything was all quiet. All of the faces in the classroom look at me with their dark eyes. I sit down on a chair in the back of the classroom and set down my binder. I could hear someone's high heels clapping the floor with their heels. The teacher walks in with a big sheet of paper in her hand and cup of coffee. "Hi...I am Mrs.Lee, your science teacher." Mrs.Lee says as she puts her coffee onto her desk. She looks at me with a smile. "You wants some coffee?" Naaa!!! Just joking!" I make a fake laugh. "But really, if you wanna all make you one!" Mrs.Lee starts laughing. Her laugh sounded like she was going to do a prank on me.
  3. "Anyway, since it is the first day of school..you can do anything you want. But first...I need to take attendance. Imma call your names and you say 'here!'. Now let's start." She calls everyone's name and says "go." Everyone stands up and walk by their friends, While I walk out of the classroom and get to the bathroom. As I walk to the bathroom I see Drake standing there.
  4. "What are you doing out here?" I ask. Drake looks at me with his dark eyes. "I just need to take a break from everybody." Drake says. "What about you?" "Heading to the bathroom." "Why?" "None of your business." I look back and continue walking until a question just ran into my mind. I stop and ask Drake "And...why do you keep saving me from all of the bad things? Is it like my life is more important to yours?" Drake looks down then looks back at me. "I'm just trying to help you, Ana. And...you should be thankful that I helped you. If I wasn't there, you would've died."
  5. "Thanks, but I don't need your help. I can save myself." "By using your powers?" Drake walks slowly towards me but I stay there. "Look...I don't know where all of the 'power stuff' and all of the 'pushing someone using force' stuff. I don't know." He continues to walk towards me and I walk back. "Your lying." Drake says. I try to walk away from him but then he pushes me to the wall and blocks me with his hands. He gets close to me but I don't move a single muscle. My face turns serious as he gets closer. "I know you are."
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