Secrets, Lies, and more Secrets part 2

Hi everyone. This is part two in my Secrets, Lies, and more Secrets series. I advise you take part one before this one, if you haven't already. The easiest way to do that is to click on my name(Lisa29) and click on the quiz. So what are you waiting for?

Before you begin the quiz, I would like to say that the results don't count for anything. I would also like to say that I'm open to any plot ideas or character ideas you have. I'm also open to critisism, but please keep it constuctive; it takes me ages to get these typed up. If any questions about what happens comes to mind, and it is still lingering by the time you finish my quiz, please do not hesitate to post it in the comments box and I will try to answer them the best I can.

Created by: Lisa29

  1. *Recap* You are running down a forest trail and hurtle around a corner to see...
  2. ...A massive house that's all dark and gloomy. It is about thirty meters high and 100 meters long. The house seems to be made of very old brick, but it is holding. Lizzy charges ahead to the house. You hesitate, not wanting to get too close. That is, until you hear a mad howl from behind you. You have two choices: go to the house and hope everything will turn our okay or stand your ground and face whatever it is that's chasing you. Lizzy has entered the house ahead of you. What do you do?
  3. *Read if you chose to enter the house* So you chose the house. You scramble quickly inside the front doors and shut them behind you. You sigh in relief as you slide down the door to the floor. You are quite happy to know that you are behind a brick wall, even if it's an old one. If you chose to stand against the creatures following you, just click "Didn't happen".
  4. *Read if you chose to stand your ground* So you decided to stand your ground? Okay. A few minutes after you reach the house, they appear. They almost seem to have grown from the very earth itself. Turns out it was a pack of vicious werewolves that was chasing Lizzy and yourself. The pack formed a circle around you, parting to let their alpha through. The alpha almost seems to be leering and sneering at you at the same time. The pack raise their hackles as an offensive gesture towards you. Suddenly, the alpha attacks. He moved so fast it is almost impossible to see him move. He knocked you to the ground and bit you. You are changed into a werewolf and are taken away by the pack, never to be seen again. If you chose to enter the house, click "Didn't happen".
  5. *You can still carry on with this quiz if you chose to stand your ground. Okay?* You look around your surroundings. There are numerous suits of armour lining the walls. There were torch brackets too, between every few pairs of armour. "Lizzy?" You call softly, looking for your friend. There's no answer. "Lizzy!" You say, a little louder. When there was no answer to that, you shout her name. But, you immediately regret it. It seems like the house has come alive. The door locked itself and some of the torches went out.
  6. You stand up, trying to be brave. "What's going on...?" You ask yourself quietly, looking around. It's very dark now that many of the torches went out. One second, nobody's there. Then the next, you have a semicircle of six people around you. They're obviously the residents of the house. Lizzy is still nowhere to be seen. "Where's my friend?" You demand, trying to be bold. It isn't quite working. One of the people from the semicircle grins. "She's perfectly safe." They spoke in a light, gentle way. The voice belonges to a male. He steps forward so he can be seen properly. He has a messy mop of brown-blonde hair and dark blue eyes that somehow managed to sparkle, even in the dim light. "I'm Jay." He smiled, introducing himself.
  7. "Uh... hi?" You try. "I'm-" "We know who you are, ______." One of the others say. This voice also belongs to a male. He had a light Australian accent mixed with a Scottish accent. He doesn't move from where he was standing, though. "I'm Mark." He tells you in response to your puzzled look. "Wh-Where a-am I?" You stutter, fear gaining control. "You'll see. Just don't go anywhere." Jay grinned. He was so friendly
  8. "Where's my friend?" You ask. You have to get a grip. These guys didn't seem to want to harm you. They'd had plenty of time for that. "Not telling you." Mark answeres, a little rudely. Jay shoots him a look. Mark and the others in the group nod so slightly that it was barely noticable before turning and taking their leave.
  9. Jay turned his attention back to you. "Right, _____. Sorry you had to see that. Mark doesn't particularly like strangers." He says softly. "I noticed." You reply with a nod. "What now?" "Now, ______, I show you where you can stay the night. Just don't wander off."
  10. "Why?" "Not for you to know." Jay grinned playfully. "Humph." Is your response, which is followed quickly by a sigh. You miss home. You're sure your parents will be worrying about you. Jay shows you to a bedroom, and lets you in. "This is your room." He says softly. It's perfect! It looks how you've always dreamt it would be!
  11. You go to the bed and find it is dressed with lovely silk and satin sheets. The closet is full of different types of outfits... it's all so beautiful! "I'll just leave you to settle in." Jay tells you, then left; carefully shutting the door behind him
  12. That's where I'm leaving it for now, everyone. Please comment and rate. I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

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