Secrets, Lies, and more Secrets

This is a weird quiz... and its the first one I've ever made. I'm hoping to make it into a series,but I need your help and advice to tmdo that. To help, just post something in the comments page. Thanks

I have been inspired by a few people to create tbis quiz. Thank you iLuvHollister, Firey_Soul, TheRecklessBam, WTF_NINJA, StarMaya and xxblutixx for the inspiration.

Created by: Lisa29

  1. It's a Saturday. The sun is shining, and Lizzy, your best friend, is meeting you in town. What do you wear?
  2. You arrive in town and see Lizzy hanging arou d outside the shopping center. You make your way over. "________! How are you?" Lizzy asked you, her normally bushy bleach blonde hair slicked back into a neat ponytail. She was grinning from ear to ear at you.
  3. Reguardless of your answer, Lizzy and you go around the shops. After a few hours, you begin to head home. "________, lets go the forest way." Lizzy giggled. At your protests, she calls you a baby. "I'm not a baby!" You retort. "Then come that way." Lizzy responds. Do you:
  4. Lizzy talks you into going through the forest, anyway. You both walk down the overgrown path. Thorns from stinging nettles kept snagging at your feet, so you had to be careful how you went; just to be sure you didn't trip. Suddenly,you hear a loud noise come from somewhere close to the path you were attempting to follow.
  5. The fact that neither you nor Lizzy could see what made the noise was startling. All you could hear now except frantic breathing - which you realise is coming from Lizzy and yourself - is the soft patter of footsteps. Wait, was it footsteps?
  6. The sound of feet comes closer. Or was that the sound of paws? Barely a leaf rustled, and the wind was as soft and silent as death.
  7. A shadow emerges from the trees, but it isn't the only one. Immediately, both you and Lizzy take fright, and run down the path as fast as your legs could carry you
  8. You speed through the undergrowth, trying to put distance between you and whatever is giving chace. Luckily for both you and Lizzy, you're both fast runners.
  9. You hurtle around a bend, and find yourself face to face with..
  10. Cliffhanger! Sorry, I had to end it there. What do you guys think? Please post it in the comments box for me to read, and rate if possible :)

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